Subject Matter Experts vs Learning Experts: What’s the Difference?

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Meet the Subject Matter Expert. Our clients are usually experts in their field or have easy access to others on their team who are considered expert. These individuals are subject matter experts. Meet the Learning and Performance Experts. What is a Learning Expert?

Expert Advice

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Many people mistakenly think that learning group advisers need to be the extreme experts in their field. People are often inclined to look for the top expert to answer their questions, but this overlooks an entire middle area of advisers who might be a better fit.

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Accessibility Expertise: Determining Where It Belongs in Elearning Development

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Building accessible online courses requires specialized skills—but do all accessible elearning development skills reside in a single role? Do I need an expert? You might not expect a subject matter expert to have a grasp of the intricacies of instructional design.

Expertise: Why The Odds are Stacked Against Novices

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I continue to plow the literature on expertise and find it most exhilarating and inspiring. Gladwell’s 10,000 Hours to be an Expert - No Short Cuts In Outliers , author Malcolm Gladwell writes that it takes 10,000 hours to achieve mastery.

The role technology plays in the knowledge creation process


The following is part two of an excerpt from a knowledge brief by Aberdeen Group : the brief discusses the role that technology plays in the knowledge creation process and the ways in which Learning 3.0

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning - Part 4: Their Role in Corporate Universities

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They will expect and demand to learn differently -- social, mobile and cloud will play a big role. This post, as the title says, is about Corporate Universities (CU) and the role of MOOCs therein. The world has gotten complicated.

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


” Critical new skills are scarce – and their uneven distribution around the world is forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people, develop capabilities, and share expertise. They will expect and demand to learn differently — social, mobile and cloud will play a big role. This post, as the title says, is about Corporate Universities (CU) and the role of MOOCs therein. The world has gotten complicated.

Role of Community Management in Workplace Learning Today

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This requires anyone playing the role to wear multiple hats. In my post, I want to explore some of the "hats" a community manager needs to wear to execute her role. They will split into teams and groups driven by many factors from functional areas and interests to roles and projects.

Why Learning Leaders Are Perfect For HR Roles

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But increasingly what once required a singular focus on and deep expertise in learning and development strategy has morphed into a complex role with touch points on some areas that were once solely HR’s province. There are many similarities in the roles.

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The future of MOOCs

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There’s nowhere to hide on the global stage, and cutting-edge expertise will be one of the few aspects that a university will have to distinguish itself from the others. The role of the teacher will evolve. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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The future of MOOCs

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There’s nowhere to hide on the global stage, and cutting-edge expertise will be one of the few aspects that a university will have to distinguish itself from the others. The role of the teacher will evolve. MOOCs get a bad rap.

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I Believe in the Many Emerging Roles for Learning and Development Professionals

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That leaves the question of what, if anything, should L&D do to facilitate the over 90% of learning that takes place outside of its traditional role. I learned quickly how to increase my value by focusing on things important to the organization and where my expertise was most valuable.

An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training

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Learning leaders need to stop trying to derive an ROI from their efforts, and instead look at what I call ROLE: a return on learning effectiveness. A Learning organization for almost any size of enterprise should have learning analytics expertise. “This is my web home.

The Client’s Critical Role in Custom Elearning Development

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It turns out that the client’s role is pretty critical in making that happen, particularly at certain stages. The Client’s Role: Indispensable Ways You Contribute to Project Success.

Help Your Sales Reps Become Experts with Cloud-Based Content


It’s not enough to be an expert on your company’s product: your reps need to be experts on the customer’s needs and the solutions to those needs. It’s time to train your sales force to demonstrate that they’re trustworthy advisors, armed with valuable expertise to supplement their budding partnership with each prospect. The role of the sales rep is evolving, and it’s no longer enough to merely sell.

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Digital Assets Creates New Role for L&D Pros: The Content Curator

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“Curation will play a major role both in the way we teach and in the way we educate ourselves on any topic,” adds Robin Good, who has a chapter in the ATD Press book. The volume of information being created is increasing faster than we can make sense of it.

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Tips for blends 2: Try to stop the subject expert and the client dictating the solution

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A subject-matter expert should be your friend and partner, but he or she should not be your master. Their role is to ensure the quality of the technical content; yours is to ensure that the learning objectives are achieved. Of course the SME may be able to provide you with valuable insights into the best ways to communicate their expertise, but they are not ideally placed to offer this advice.

The Role of Training in the Wider Productivity Puzzle


We lack the expertise in the subject to know what we don't know. How does this evidence of a lack of focus on training tally with its key role in increasing productivity?

The role of SMEs in e-learning – cooking up the perfect course


For instructional designers this can prove a nightmare as they have to make sure everything they put into a course can be backed up by either science, statistics or the educated opinion of an expert. If somebody is an expert in something, they must be passionate about it.

Working with your Subject Matter Expert

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When it comes to developing great curriculum for the humans in your organization, finding the right subject matter expert (SME) can mean the difference between elegant content simplicity or complexity in motion. Our SME has a different role.

An Interview With An Expert: Our Chat With Brian Westfall


But it’s not often we hear those thoughts validated from a third-party source with particular expertise. From this role, he connects with LMS users to see what features they’re looking for and what they like and dislike about their current system.

Web-Based Authoring Tools for Scalable eLearning Development: The Time Has Come

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Truly scalable development requires an authoring tool capable of effectively leveraging the collective skill and expertise of large, dispersed teams. Yes, but no blogs or chat. · User and role management used. The era of web-based authoring systems is here.

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How to Turn Your Resident Experts Into Star Trainers


One of the great debates within the learning professional circle right now is whether subject-matters experts (SMEs) can be used as effective trainers. If you can, download Vic Passion’s article, “They’re Experts, But Can They Be Trainers?”

The SME Role in Course Development

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What Does a Subject Matter Expert Do, Anyway? Subject matter expertise can be part and parcel of instructing. What role does a subject matter expert play in a formal course development process? Distinguishing the SME Course Development Role from Other Roles.

The Real Truth about ROI – the Learning Performance Model

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the environmental downturn, demographic change, individualization, digitalization and technological convergence (Hay Group, 2015) play a big role in the changing economy. L&D plays an essential role in increasing employees’ competences. Expert opinion

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Learning Styles as Fortune Telling

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Monday, May 21, 2007 Learning Styles as Fortune Telling My research into understanding the role of learning styles in e-Learning continues. I would also add that learning styles may change from topic to topic and level of expertise.

How to Connect Training to a Company’s Digital Culture

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Therefore, it’s important that each one feels involved as a key stakeholder in the project, which requires their cross-disciplinary expertise. Therefore, it is important to identify any possible external providers who may be able to provide some integration expertise. Expert opinion

Getting the SME to Share Expertise for eLearning: Understanding “Type”

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" My blog post on handling subject matter experts back in January also seemed to stimulate discussion. dissertation proposal on contributing factors to expertise-sharing between the SME and the design team. The development team member bonding with the SME starts with a better understanding of the types of expertise. In the book Expertise in Context , edited by Paul J. Labeled an Expert: an expert by virtue of being labeled as such.

Benefits of Scenario-Based Learning

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They can increase motivation and accelerate expertise. Accelerating Expertise with Scenario-Based e-Learning – The Watercooler Newsletter : The Watercooler Newsletter : Ruth Clark on how scenario-based elearning accelerates expertise and when to use it.

The Role of Training and NASAs Cassini Spacecraft

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It took expert knowledge across a dizzying array of science and engineering fields. While there was no way to formally train for these dilemmas, the combined training of those involved allowed them to innovate on the fly, creating new expertise seemingly out of thin air. Each person is the culmination of years of skill development and knowledge accumulation, and their expertise aligns to the goal of the company they work for in one way or another.

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What Does an eLearning Consultant Do?

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One of my colleagues once wrote an excellent article about the role of an instructional designer and I wanted to write something similar about my role. I knew it would be a role in eLearning - that was never in doubt.

Broad and Deep Instructional Design Skills

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How much project management falls under the role of instructional designer? The range of roles and responsibilities is pretty wide. I would argue that anyone who isn’t creating learning experiences isn’t an instructional designer; they’re working in a related role.

Great Training Starts With Asking Great Questions


Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) aren’t much better in this regard. They often think that their “expertise” means they must have all the answers to students’ questions. See also : How to Turn Your Resident Experts into Star Trainers.