Some FAQs about Adobe’s announcements yesterday

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s House, Facebook on BlackBerry, WatchESPN etc. From the horse’s mouth, so to speak. What is it that Adobe is announcing? Adobe announced to increase its efforts on HTML5, use of the Flash Player for applications (packaged with AIR) and specific desktop browsing use cases including premium video and console-quality gaming. As a result, Adobe will no longer develop Flash Player for mobile web browsers. See this Flash Platform blog post for more details: [link].

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Microsoft An Experiment In Social + Search + Learning

Upside Learning

” I haven’t yet spent much time with it myself but here are some very rudimentary thoughts based on what my initial reaction and what I’ve been reading on the web, including’s FAQ page. Is it the next Facebook?

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#TK11 Keynote: Google’s Karen Wickre and Ann Farmer

Learning Visions

Facebook – a consumer marketing platform – great for promotions, contest, activities, feedback on naming things, civic and community involvement Communicate with an educational mindset. Example – organize FAQs for the performance management guide Problem: sorting through long lists of FAQs. Solution: tag each FAQ – link to job roles.

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Local Business Video Marketing – 2020 Guide, Strategies, Statistics


More than 500 million internet users are consuming video content on Facebook every single day. • Instructional & FAQ Videos • If you run a business that sells complicated products like software or unique gadgets, you can leverage instructional videos to showcase how everything works.

A Little Learning is …

Web Tools for Learners

join Facebook and. I even read the FAQs and tutorials. Facebook a dang’rous thing&# , at least according to Alexander Pope. He declared that we should “Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring.&#

Utilizing Social Learning for Workplace Learning: What Can Learners and Managers Do?


Their personal networks of friends, peers, forum users, Twitter followers or even Facebook friends often provide a rich source of knowledge gathering. Social media is here to stay.

5 Examples on How to Use Explainer Videos in Marketing


The social media platform Facebook announced that they will be focusing their efforts on creating more meaningful social interactions through video experiences. A report published by Digiday showed that nearly 85 percent of all videos existing on Facebook are viewed without sound.

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants in L&D: 4 Use Cases to Pilot in 2018

Bottom-Line Performance

For example, the posts you see more of in your Facebook feed or the types of songs you hear the most on Spotify are driven by machine learning. Think of it as an easy-to-use FAQ that allows you to make it more and more useful over time.

If the User Experience Annoys, Fix It.

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Or you may want to add a “Help” or “FAQ” screen to the course itself. Share this on Facebook. I had a bad user experience (UX) at a dollar store a while back. I’m not talking about customer service, but actual UX design. I swiped my card into the card reader to pay.

Discover the Best Way to Incorportate Livestreaming into Your Training


With everyone streaming live on Facebook and Instagram to connect with their friends, couldn’t a similar approach work when attention spans are waning during training?

Smarter Uses for Social Media

Association eLearning

Try creating an event page on Facebook that members can “join”. Try posting FAQs to social media channels in advance of the event. Share this on Facebook. Did you know someone joins LinkedIn every second?

Going Mobile for Enterprise Learning: Trends & Statistics

Origin Learning

On the contrary, micro sized learning aka micro-learning ‘nuggets’ such as reminders, word of the day, podcasts, video vignettes, updates, FAQs, etc. Did you know that the average smartphone today is more powerful than the PCs that took two astronauts to the moon in 1969?! We bet you didn’t.

The Smart Worker : relies on a trusted network of friends and colleagues

Jane Hart

For many people, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Google+ have become important parts of their personal and professional lives in this respect. Tweet.

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Top 5 PowerPoint Design Tips for Trainers


So we put together our own go-to FAQ section. Or a Facebook banner? It’s indispensable, it’s maddening. It’s revolutionary, it’s boring. It’s every training designer’s best friend and worst enemy — PowerPoint.

Impact of informal learning: output learning #LCBQ

Challenge to Learn

We do this it in Twitter, Yammer, Facebook, Blogs and all other social media, we don’t do it enough in a corporate environment. If someone has new information (a new FAQ item or best practice) he has to add that to the system.

Training in the gig economy


Shipt, a grocery shopping service, offers their shoppers access to the Shipt Shopper Lounge , a closed Facebook Group where shoppers across the U.S. The length and quality of those materials varies — some are detailed FAQs, such as t he informational pages offered by Amazon Flex.

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11 Types of Videos You Can Make Right Now

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You can even repurpose these videos on your company’s FAQ page. In fact, Facebook Live videos can really boost your content marketing efforts. Video is now one of the most popular ways to communicate, and video consumption and video creation are both on the rise.

Top 10 ‘Must Have’ Blended Learning Tools


FAQ cards. FAQ cards is another great blended learning tool. What you can do is role play with your team and each card of the FAQ app can present a challenging situation. Employees often sift through personal Facebook or Twitter accounts so why not make them part of training? Try posting a poll on a Facebook page on what training employees would like to see in the future. You want to schedule a meeting with your sales team.


Jay Cross

Make it easy for me to connect with friends, like Facebook. Let me learn from YouTube, an FAQ, or linking to an expert. Give me single sign-on, like using my Facebook profile to access multiple applications. You can’t afford to replicate Facebook or Google behind your firewall.

WebTools For Teachers 10/25/2008

Web Tools for Learners

edmodo | faq. Seth Godin gives a very sensible explanation of how and when social networking, such as being on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy » The Making Of …. This is all about composing a message by linking sources and commenting on why you’re linking them. Inspirational in the sense of inspiring ideas of how Flowgram could be used. tags : flowgram. A Twitter-style micro-blogging application for education.

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Calling all TechSmith users – We need Champions!

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Champions respond to how-to questions, share what they’ve learned from using TechSmith products, and help people find resources that exist on our site such as tech support FAQs and product tutorials. Are you a power user of TechSmith products?

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Jay Cross

The little tags that let readers forward posts to Facebook, Twitter, eMail, etc., Description Installation Faq Screenshots Changelog Stats. I’m simplifying and cleaning up my sites for the new year.

Learning Myths: Debunked

Association eLearning

Daniel Willingham Learning Styles FAQ. Share this on Facebook. Perhaps the most pervasive myth about education is the ubiquitous “learning styles” myth. A quick Google search will bring up millions of hits.

7 best practices to create corporate training video content


Are you placing the video on Facebook or on a landing page? FAQ videos. Have you noted the recent approach Facebook has taken with the news feed videos? Reading Time: 6 minutes Do you know which is the second largest search engine after Google in 2018?

Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices | Social.

Dashe & Thomson

Envision a phone application that allows you to browse FAQs, search for desired training content and access collaborative workspaces including wikis and forums that contain user-generated content.

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Training vs. Learning and the Role of Mobile Devices

Dashe & Thomson

Envision a phone application that allows you to browse FAQs, search for desired training content and access collaborative workspaces including wikis and forums that contain user-generated content.

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Top Social Learning LMS Features

Talented Learning

In the 1990s, the social LMS feature set included threaded discussions, coffee groups, collaboration centers, forums, FAQ and chat — typically occupying a seldom-used tab in the navigation menu.

Working Smarter in Social Business

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Facebook-itus. Social L&D optimizes learning by making it easy for workers, novices and old hands alike, to find the information they need from FAQs and knowledge bases or from coaches, experts and peers.

The Lonely eLearner: Creating Social Learning Anchors | Social.

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Use the LMS or company intranet to set up a site with ask the expert discussion boards, opportunities for live chats, FAQs, and other online help resources.

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Certification’s Marriage between Development and Marketing

Training Industry

Self-service, do we have a website, FAQs? Do you think about your certification program as a marriage between development and marketing resources? Developing a solid certification program alone is not enough to sustain your program.

How would you go about converting a face to face course to an eLearning format?


Follow us on Tw itter Join us on Facebook Connect with us on LinkedIn Free eLearning Resources Visit our channel on YouTube. Joan T.

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How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross’s social network application was inspired by Facebook. Connections to friends and colleagues, like Facebook and LinkedIn. A diverse learning library, made up of videos, FAQs and links to relevant information. Third post in a series.

Questions, Answers, Quora, Asymmetric Follow and does this make us Human?

Mark Oehlert

Regardless of where Quora ends up, either as the MySpace or the Facebook of the Q&A world, I think the rapid rise of this site and others, brings up a couple of powerful dynamics that largely go TechCrunch FAQ on Quora. So Quora is blasting off right now.

SEO For Course Creators and Membership Site Owners with Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO


In-depth FAQs and blog posts addressing specific questions your ideal prospects have is a great way to get good SEO content. We dive into SEO for course creators and membership site owners with Lindsay Halsey of Pathfinder SEO in this LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS.

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Informal Learning: An Interview With Jay Cross

The eLearning Coach

Jay: Getting an answer from the Help Desk, asking Twitter friends for an answer, looking at a FAQ on a wiki. Share this on Facebook. A funny thing happened while we were learning informally.