Facebook or Kanye West: Which Pop Icon Has a Future in Enterprise.

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Facebook or Kanye West: Which Pop Icon Has a Future in Enterprise Learning? He mentions that he loves movies and often uses movie quotes in songs.

Facebook or Kanye West: Which Pop Icon Has a Future in Enterprise.

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Social Learning Blog Training and Performance Improvement in the Real World Home About Bios Subscribe to RSS Facebook or Kanye West: Which Pop Icon Has a Future in Enterprise Learning? He mentions that he loves movies and often uses movie quotes in songs.

One Step Behind

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Streaming to your Television. If there was ever a technology that is emerging and continues to do is – its streaming. I’m not talking about viewing online streaming video, I am talking about actually viewing video or whatever on your television. Take a look at the tabletop boxes that exist today in the space of streaming from the net to your television, and you shouldn’t be surprised on the players (no pun attended) that see this as the next big thing.

Evolution of Training Systems in L&D

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Organizations began to look for a Facebook-like platform that would let their employees learn. A significant number of people are watching entertainment by streaming movies and shows on their computers and smartphones.

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Achieving Learning Flow with Your Online Member Education

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This references the growing trend among Netflix subscribers who use the on-demand television and movie steaming service to watch entire television series in one sitting. Share this on Facebook.

How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

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Codecs encode or compress streams of data for storage, playback and video editing on a variety of platforms. Because of this, MP4 is very popular for web-based delivery including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let us know how it goes on Facebook or Twitter !

Reflections of a mooc unvirgin

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Not only were the content streams logically sequenced and accessible in advance, but the administrative aspects of the course were outlined under a dedicated “what, where, how and when” page. I recently completed my first mooc, and I will soon receive the certificate to prove it.

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Emerging eLearning Technologies – Driving the Change

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To understand learning as a service, think of Netflix and how it allows streaming of several movies and TV series. Industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are spending significant money in VR and AR technology development and enhancement.

A Conversation with Juliette Denny (Part One)

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Here is a quote from their Facebook page. We want users look forward to their online learning in the same way they do the next massive movie blockbuster. The other day I had a chance to catch up with Juliette Denny and ask her a few questions.

The Limits of Control

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Netflix and Hulu cut through a cacophony of entertainment content to provide us an unceasing stream of movies and TV tailored to our preferences. Mike Prokopeak, VP, Editor in Chief. We live in an era of unprecedented personal control.

Curated Insights: Using Video to Drive Learning


consume more than 10 hours of media every day when you take into account television, movies, and the rest of the internet. Thanks to the spiffy cameras in our pockets and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, video is now a primary medium for everyday communication. Live streaming helps us bring live conversations to people who may never have a chance to engage in person.

7 best practices to create corporate training video content


The same psyche works with movies. Are you placing the video on Facebook or on a landing page? Live stream videos. Have you noted the recent approach Facebook has taken with the news feed videos?

What you can expect in 2019

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We are about to see a movie that we have been waiting for to come out. Video management including video bookmarks, auto detection FPS and video streaming – Mixed expectations. Let’s move on from Facebook already. Any movie you find on Amazon Prime, Netflix or Hulu where it looks like a bad B-movie, will meet your low expectations. Expectations. We all have them. We have them when we go out to eat.

What Online Video Platform is Most Popular for Screencasts?

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Note that ‘All Other’ includes more than 50 other choices ranging from social media sites (Facebook), online course providers (Udemy), cloud storage (Google Drive), and other OVPs (Wistia).

eLearning Thought Leaders: Jane Bozarth – DevLearn Preview

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She lives on Twitter and Facebook whether online at a computer or connected through an app on a mobile device. I keep Facebook and Twitter up all day but don’t post much during work hours. Lately it’s Netflix since I can now stream movies via iPhone.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


UserVoice — Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn.customers expect companies to be available and responsive on multiple networks, but it can be tough for customer service teams to keep track of it all. Learning comes in many forms, not all of which occur in a classroom.

Psst. You wanna buy some features?

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Video and audio streaming. Video and movie streaming (basically video streaming is growing). Social learning – snooze fest, but few vendors now offering Facebook SSO and Twitter integration. Asking for streaming audio is not. LMS vendors are continuing to add some very unique features in an effort to set themselves apart from the competition. These expand past the standard feature sets, which I call 90/10.

Dawn of the Un-book

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Reality is an endless stream of knowledge, culture and ideas that flows faster and faster. Traditional books are snapshots of that stream. The swifter the stream, the shorter the life of the book. We need a process that outlasts the moment - a movie in place of a photograph. "I

Content as a Service


A topic, for example, may be part of an eLearning course; or it may be fetched by a field service technician from his smart phone; or by a sales person looking for sales strategy pointers via a tablet; or a student getting their homework assignment from Facebook. With your content in the cloud, and the ability to track content usage by user, you can create new innovative revenue streams for your content. This includes your eLearning modules, PDFs, movies, podcasts, articles, etc.

Top 5 eLearning Skills for 2011 – A Follow-Up

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An affordable HD video cam, Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac) can produce quality videos without much effort. Social Media – As we all know social media is no longer a trend and is becoming the main stream of communicating.

Instructional Design, Crowdsourcing, Audio, Typography, Blogs, & Psych

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Create Camtasia movies. micromedia) and activity streams and timelines, Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and the like are competing for your attention and building a community around the statusphere - the state of publishing, reading, responding to, and sharing micro-sized updates.

eLearning Thought Leaders: Eric Bort of Clearly Trained

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Where else can you create an interactive game that records user data, streams video, talks to other applications and can handle traditional frame by frame animation in the same program. Either that or your employees are spending too much time on Facebook.

What Can You Expect in 2013?

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According to a December 2011 issue of Business Insider, the mobile apps analytics firm Distimo said many popular apps were games such as Angry Birds, social networking such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter, and other content such as Google Maps and iBooks. Moving from pictures to video: Movies, television and YouTube have defined video as a powerful learning medium.

How Education Entrepreneurs Can Transcend a Crazy Busy Lifestyle with Executive Career and Mindset Coach Elizabeth Pearson


I just watched that wonderful, I’m late to the game, on the Tom Brady Facebook thing, but throughout a lot of these overachievers, whether it’s Tony Robbins, all these guys, they talk about focus. My husband comes up and it’s like out of a movie.