What are you reading for eLearning insight?

Integrated Learnings

For instance, when I was in the Instructional and Performance Technology master’s program at Boise State University, the books required for my classes included The Performance Consultant’s Fieldbook by Judith Hale (included a CD with several consulting templates), Systems Thinking Basics by Virginia Anderson and Lauren Johnson (an easy-to-read workbook), and Analyzing Performance Problems by Robert Mager and Peter Pipe. By Shelley A. Gable.

Everything’s Coming Up Networks (except learning)

Jay Cross

Solving problems and making progress require continuous learning. Installing fat pipes for backbone connections. Facebook-itus. Sloan Management Review has a great interview with Andy McAfee on What Sells CEOs on Social Networking.

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Halftime! LMS trends though July

eLearning 24-7

I have seen systems on consumers’ servers have bandwidth problems especially if they do not have load backing. The end user may already being using ABC authoring tool vendor so having them use it within your system eliminates some problems other vendors will face. Then this small problem happened with this airship called the Hindenburg and over night the future in Zepps went to Zip (from a travel perspective).

How to Design Programs Around Outcomes, Unlock Flipped Classrooms, and More with Course Launcher Ellen Martin


You can also find her on Facebook at Ellen Martin. Chris Badgett: That’s an even worse problem. What problem is it solving? ” So, I’d start piping in, it’s like, well, do you really need membership software, or do you need course software?

How to Record Your Desktop with Screencasting

TechSmith Camtasia

Technology like Skype and Google Hangouts solve this problem, allowing you to get in touch with anyone, anywhere. Whether it’s your kids, spouse, housemate, or dog, Murphy’s Law guarantees they will unceremoniously pipe up at an inopportune time during your recording.

Marketing Automation and Learning Content Personalization for Course Creators with Spencer Forman from WP Automation Lab


Spencer defines an entrepreneur as the journeyman that takes on the risk of solving a problem for the financial reward. No problem. SEO is like a pipe dream that isn’t, I don’t know-.