Jaime Casap – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Or, a kid can be in his dorm room, think up a better way to create a social network of people as opposed to looking people up in a static library and you can create Facebook. They can use Google Apps to communicate with each other… they can go to Amazon and buy some server space… they can code a new program… they can buy a website domain and they are up and running in 10 minutes. Instead, I ask students what problem they want to solve. What problem spins in their head?

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A Little Learning is …

Web Tools for Learners

Bit of a problem sometimes;->). She had her own website hosted on our college’s server. join Facebook and. Facebook a dang’rous thing&# , at least according to Alexander Pope. He declared that we should “Drink deep or taste not the Pierian Spring.&#

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Security Matters – Keeping Your Data Safe In A Post GDPR World

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An SSL certificate is the product that is purchased from a security provider and installed on a server, and HTTPS is the secure communication that results from having that certificate on your server. HTTPS is a way to encrypt information that you send between a browser and a web server.

Cloud: the good, the bad and the better


The Cloud is great because it frees you from having to deploy and manage your own application servers. You also get a free specialized IT team to perform backups of your data and monitoring of the servers. Businesses and organizations vary not only in size but also in needs.

DevCorner: Sharing Run Configurations in Android Studio

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Recently, the Coach’s Eye team has been exploring customizing the set of build steps executed when running through Android Studio and ran into the problem of keeping them synchronized across our team.

What corporates can learn from the Top 10 Tools for Learning 2012

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The open source WordPress software is also available to download and install on company servers. It can also be the device to use when you need an immediate answer to a performance problem and you know just the right person who can help you!

Top 10 Cloud myths busted, part 1


Myth #1 : Everything works better in the cloud Having a successful new technology be perceived as a silver bullet is the oldest cultural problem in IT, and Cloud has been no exception in this regard. As for the major players, Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Apple, Microsoft etc.

3 Use Cases For Integrating e-Learning In Your Business In 2015


If you know how to post a message on Facebook, you have all the skills it takes. Or it could be Jill from IT, that is the only person in the company that can fix your email server when it goes down. The holiday season.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be Using Video

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We often associate video with entertainment because that’s where it’s excelled for so long, but because it’s such an engaging medium that communicates complex messages, businesses are employing it to solve a slew of problems.

TRUST – if L&D is to have any impact, it's vital

Performance Learning Productivity

By demonstrating that you understand the problems business managers are facing, and then by working with them to deliver solutions to resolve those problems demonstrably, quickly, efficiently. Trust is very important in our lives. As children we put our trust in our parents.

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My daughter, poster child for 21st Century learning

Allison Rossett

Every middle school student at my school has a school email that connects them together on the same server. So the only problem I had would be math, a subject hard to learn without guidance and initially we thought there would be no way to send me worksheets in a quick manner. Tweet.

5.1 Reasons How and Why to Build Learning with Social Media

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This could be in the cloud, on a server or a Facebook page. Therefore: Encourage saving and sharing discoveries, research and learning elements via Facebook by example, and tweet to instigate more ideas, even from outside the workgroup. Social media by its nature is a low key, playful environment providing the opportunities to express emotions to spur on a panoramic view of the problem/project easily refocusing as needed.

SharePoint – Social Learning Savior?

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Do you have in-house resources available to solve problems, work on the solution, create new plugins, templates, add new features, etc.? Do you already have servers available or will you have to purchase a few more? Do you offer load balance with those servers, because if you have 10,000 or more employees hitting it, you will want it. Facebook&# , and I use Facebook often, why would I want to use the company’s? .

Professional Support at an Open Source LMS: Interview with Athanasios Papagelis Co-founder & Technical Director at Epignosis Ltd


Many clients do not formally describe their problem and some time is lost to reach an understanding on what the problem is exactly. For example, a client that host eFront at his own infrastructure could not restore a backup due to lack of memory on his server. Many issues are raised due to infrastructure problems (Server characteristics, PHP and Mysql installed, Operating system -- and this is a very short list).

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Online Course?


When using those, you will also have to keep in mind other hosting, server and maintenance costs. No problem. Whether it’s worth to create a course or not is a question that many people so eagerly want to get an answer to. But, how much would it cost? And, is it profitable?

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Free and Open Source Web Conferencing (Online Meetings, Webinars.


It is available as hosted service or you download and install a package on your server with no limitations in usage or users. Hi Christofors, BBB is awesome but unfortunately, I have faced lots of problems in its installation on my server that`s why could`t make it.

My daughter, poster child for 21st Century learning

Allison Rossett

Every middle school student at my school has a school email that connects them together on the same server. So the only problem I had would be math, a subject hard to learn without guidance and initially we thought there would be no way to send me worksheets in a quick manner. The first problem that occurred to me was I had no clue what the words were let alone their definitions. For each picture there is an option to email the pictures, post on Facebook, etc.,

Halftime! LMS trends though July

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All they care about is whether the system is in “the cloud” SaaS or “in the cloud” to the consumer means that is it hosted on your servers or wherever you host your LMS and they can access it via the internet regardless of where they are located as long as they have an internet connection. If you offer the SaaS option and the consumer hosts it on their own server, fine. Typically it is a faster fix than on your own servers.

Top eLearning Trends for 2016

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As per 2013, the usage of cloud techs grows despite many people doubting whether it’s a good idea to keep data and information on public servers. Experts predict that the market of eLearning in the US can reach $27.1 billion by 2016.

Your WordPress LMS Freelance Business Transformation with Matt Inglot


Traditional video courses have a huge business model problem, and that is they can’t generate recurring revenue very easily. And it might not be necessarily the problem with a content. The content’s fantastic, it’s just learning and education are difficult problems.

The 5 Most Essential LMS Security Features


If you have used Facebook or Google login in websites other than Facebook and Google, you have made use of a form of Single Sign-On. The problem is that attackers eat passwords like those for breakfast — and can gain access to systems that they have no business being in.

How To Automate Online Course Product Launches and Cohorts in your WordPress LMS Website with the Course Scheduler Plugin by Aspen Grove Studios


At Aspen Grove Studios, Cory, Jonathan, and their team work to create products and services with the aim to solve the problems people are facing with specific WordPress tools. A lot of times, you’ll see myself or SJ in the Facebook groups for the Divi community, just helping people.

The Rise of Social Everything

Marcia Conner

Social tools allow us to reach across time and space to solve complex problems and make informed decisions in ways we couldn’t dream of years ago. Training often gives people solutions to problems already solved. “With Facebook, those updates are instant.”

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Creating Online Social Learning Membership Sites with Web Development Agency Owner, BuddyPress Expert, and StudyChurch Founder Tanner Moushey


Chris: But I’ve always been fascinated by it because, number one, those tools are free, to make a form or a Facebook in a box and a WordPress website with BuddyPress, and I’ve just been fascinated by social interaction online in general.

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How to Start a Training Business


If you can’t, talk to people, run an informal survey, or put up a simple “sign-up for updates” form in your Facebook or landing page to gauge people’s interest. eLearning is big. “$120 billion dollars of revenue per year” big, at least as of 2015.

ID Live with Charles Reigeluth on EdTechTalk

Learning Visions

Most important for instruction in information age paradigm: Think in terms of a task space (project-based learning, problem-based learning, inquiry-based…) – students work together on a task until they encounter a knowledge gap. Based on comments in article in 2008 published in Educational Technology -- 4 major roles or functions that tech has got to server for this new paradigm to be successful: 1. This week on Instructional Design Live on EdTechTalk.

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8 LMS Requirements For Corporate Training


The only problem is that not all corporate training systems are made alike — which makes choosing the right corporate training LMS a real challenge when a business attempts to make its first steps into online employee training.

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How To Do Marketing Automation, CRM, and More Directly From Your WordPress Website with Groundhogg Founder Adrian Tobey


Once you have the details ironed out of who you serve and how you serve them, you can create a lead management funnel and start to drive traffic into that funnel via marketing methods such as content marketing, Facebook ads, offering a free ebook, or checklist. They can find me on Facebook.

Latest E-Learning Trends – Some good, some bad

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The problem here is that they developed a solution that is not made for 10,000 or more end users. While there is nothing wrong with seeking the golden goose, and even catching it a few times, if you do not have the server bandwidth to do so, nor the internal support and capabilities to handle it, how long do you think they will remain? You can share the content in Facebook with your Facebook friends. I am still hearing of problems with Captivate 5 and SumTotal.

The Rise of Social Everything

Marcia Conner

Social tools allow us to reach across time and space to solve complex problems and make informed decisions in ways we couldn’t dream of years ago. Their Facebook page makes it easy for their customers to share information about their purchases with friends and the retailer’s fans.

Online test making software buyers guide


To overcome scheduling problems, employees should be able to take the test from their homes or anywhere. This means that you would probably have to hire and IT team to manage your servers and network.

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Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

mLearning Trends

Remember, there’s a reason we all use an app on our smartphones to access email, check our calendar, search our contacts and watch media clips instead of trying to log into a server somewhere to accomplish those same tasks. It was no surprise to many of us that Facebook was the most heavily trafficked web site in 2010 and displaced Google for the first time in many years.

K-12 and LMSs are Broken, Who’s to Blame?

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The problem though is that there is a crisis going on in the K-12 sector and it is tied in part to e-learning (with wins and losses) and LMS vendors who serve that sector. Uptime – Most systems today who are in the cloud use server farms such as Rackspace and Amazon S3 – thus that “uptime” is tied to those servers. Facebook like design for social – YUCK. Private server. Back in the 90’s I taught high school and loved it.

GE TV: Craig Weiss on the Future of the LMS and Authoring Tools Markets

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And I have no problems sleeping at night! (4:55) Facebook, big deal. Facebook is a great example. Millennials are jumping off Facebook and going to Snapchat. And that’s why we have huge problems with social and the engagement of learners. (17:12)

10 Social Media Tools For Learning

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Elgg is a social networking engine and publishing platform for running your own social networking site on a public or private server. One way to learn and solve problems more effectively is by visualizing information. Share this on Facebook Share this on del.icio.us