Sell Courses Using Facebook Ads


However, Facebook has now emerged as the “go-to” advertising platform. Problem is, Facebook advertising can be intimidating. Wondering where to learn about Facebook advertising?

Using Facebook as a learning platform


Let’s start this post by stating that Facebook was not actually created as a learning platform, it can however clearly be used to enhance and support elearning. We have written about Facebook apps for elearning before in this post!

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Important Factors of E learning in Skill Development

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Through e-learning, people can attain the different skills related to their interest. E-learning plays a vital role in skills development from which some are being discussed in this article. WRITING SKILLS THROUGH E-LEARNING. READING SKILLS THROUGH E-LEARNING.

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Bridging the Skills Gap: An Opportunity for Associations

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There’s a huge skills gap problem facing our nation today, but this crisis represents an opportunity for associations to reinvent themselves and compete with traditional suppliers of higher education. There are many facets to the problem. Skills gap isn’t a “someday” problem.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

critical skills needed to achieve a specific business. design a curriculum solution that: • has a clear goal tied to a well- articulated business problem, • meets the needs of your target. no practical skills they can implement. to solve the business problems that need solving.

7 Essential Skills & Training Tools For Trainers


Maybe you develop training yourself and are wondering if you could improve a few of your skills? We’ll share some of the necessary training skills trainers should have to transfer knowledge and enjoy a successful career in the training business. Strong communication skills.

21st Century L&D Skills

Performance Learning Productivity

I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. Jarche also challenges one of the basic tenets of L&D departments – that they should focus on developing the skills of individuals in their organisation.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Half of Companies Blocking Facebook

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007 Half of Companies Blocking Facebook Christy Tucker has been musing on Social Networking as LMS: Problems and Opportunities. One real problem is corporate fear of social networking tools. Im no Facebook super-user and I havent experienced a huge time suck from it, but I suppose its possible. But what information is it that is actually being "leaked" through Facebook by these irresponsible employees ?

Skills or literacies?

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Some of these divides are socio-economic, others are technical based on geographical location, still others are about willingness to engage, or the skill to be able to use tools effectively. Literacies rach beyond skills. When the symbolism isn't shared by everyone, problems arise.

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The 6 critical soft skills your sales team can learn online


They’re able to Google the lowest price of a service, or the ingredients of a product, watch YouTube videos to learn how to use features, and scan Facebook for reviews from past customers. Some people have these skills naturally, but soft sales skills can also be taught online.

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Navigating the Digital Ecosystem, Preselling, and the Problems with the Culture of Free with Robin Harris


Navigating the digital ecosystem, preselling, and the problems with the culture of free with Robin Harris in this episode of the LMScast podcast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Sites like Facebook sell space to advertisers, and that is how they make money off of you as the product.

7 Tech Tools & Skills Trainers Must Have


Educational technology research journals are now rife with the mandatory technology skills trainers should have. Or perhaps you are assessing your current educational technology skills. No matter which way you go in eLearning, you need to have a few basic skills to make it.

Why Training has a Bad Name (and how we can change it)

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Problem solving workshops aka “hack-a-thons” (not about problem solving, but about solving a problem). When this occurs, people fall back to what they know – regardless as to whether or it is the best way to solve the problem.

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Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

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What are the skilling techniques that it needs for reinforcement? Challenges faced included the following: To encourage a peer-to-peer problem-solving approach between employees. Encourage a system that enabled peer-to-peer problem solving between employees.

The 3 New Skills all L&D People Need


60-year careers, multiple generations, a dispersed workforce, decreasing skill tenures. There are tools like Facebook and Instagram that benefit from causing distractions, not to mention our phones buzz constantly at new alerts and Google returns hundreds of thousands of search results. We need to appeal to our learners, and being ‘appealing’ is a marketing problem, not a learning issue. Looking for a way to grow your expertise in some of these skills?

Steve Jobs vs the Samwers: why some employees won’t develop company-specific skills

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Have you considered how employment law might influence your employees’ incentives to develop skills that are relevant to your business? As a result, countries like this depend on education and training systems capable of providing workers with such skills.

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Searching for a Higher Purpose

CLO Magazine

To address the relevancy problem, Belcher suggested developing more teamwork and business impact projects — considering at the beginning of a program how it aligns to strategic initiatives across the organization. Skills for the Future. Don’t Ignore Soft Skills.

Jaime Casap – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


A culture of continuous iteration and innovation, a culture of making sure that we are constantly improving in education and that it is constantly reflecting the needs, the skills, the abilities, and the knowledge that students need to thrive in whatever region they’re currently living in. Or, a kid can be in his dorm room, think up a better way to create a social network of people as opposed to looking people up in a static library and you can create Facebook.

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4 Ways to Boost Attention Intelligence (AQ) in the Workplace


Developing our attention span allows us to give people and problems at work the necessary focus. While organizations can encourage employees to work on their cognitive control skills, they have far more control over environmental factors.

Digitec Blog Post Named to Association Universe’s Daily Best

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Digitec, reported on the skills gap problem facing industries and what associations can do to help solve the problem. “Can Associations Bridge the Skills-gap for Their Members” even made it on Association Universe’s Daily Best list. In the post, Jack shares a compelling new continung education model in which associations help members identify, then fill, skill-gaps. Share this on Facebook.

Using Wikis to Stop Brain Drain | Social Learning Blog

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World: The Evolution of Distance Learning , Norm Willox, CEO of Critical Information Network, described the “brain drain&# that today’s companies are experiencing as: “Waves of craftsmen retiring, creating a void of skilled personnel and increasing operational risk for plants and facility operators. Not only are these organizations losing skilled workers, they are losing the institutional knowledge they rely on.

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Second Second Life Experience

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At Virtual Learning Worlds "Bartman" responds to that Wired article (A Deserted Second Life) : The problem I have with it [the Wired article], is that it deals almost COMPLETELY with Second Life as it pertains to marketing and corporations…and inevitabley why SL sucks in that space.

ManpowerGroup’s Global Sustainability Manager on the Importance of the Practice

CLO Magazine

where everybody was connected via social media or before something like Facebook even existed. What are the big problems? Skills, for us at ManpowerGroup, that’s our biggest area of focus — skills and employment.

Social Silliness

Clark Quinn

Let’s go through them: A Facebook Group Or A Forum, or both. But Facebook is not ! Expecting everyone to have to be open to being on Facebook isn’t a good expectation. And it can build the community skills that will carry over. It’s that time again.

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The Right Questions to Ask

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The key question seems to be which is more important for students in the 21 st century - facts or skills. Others believe that key skills like information literacy, media literacy, creativity and problem solving are necessary corollaries. Personally, I have always believed that skills are key. aside from the fact that I found Dave’s blog post in my facebook stream today and it intrigued me?)

A Beginner’s Guide to Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

General Assembly

By Cliff Gilley Welcome to General Assembly ’s Skills Series , where our expert instructors introduce you to key skills in the high-demand fields of data , web development , user experience design , marketing , and more.

5 Ways to Improve Online Course Completion Rates


Certifications allow students to prove that they have taken an online course to gain new skills and experiences. If you do not want to host your own forum, a Facebook Group can be very effective. When your students join a course Facebook Group, posts from the group will appear in their Facebook News Feeds. Students can continue to be members of the course Facebook Group even after they complete the course.

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How to Motivate Your Employees for Learning and Development

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As a corporate learning and development professional, you must know the importance of improving skills and obtaining knowledge for employees. No matter the business niche and size, having well-rounded and skilled employees is an important asset to any organization.

Data on Big Data

Marcia Conner

People on Facebook share more than 684,000 bits of content a day. Brands receive more than 34,000 Facebook ‘likes’a minute. Despite high unemployment rates, a lack of skilled workers means many vacancies remain unfilled.

How Associations Can Compete with Universities

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Colleges and universities are not teaching specialties any longer and thus creating a skills gap problem in the workforce. Associations are uniquely suited to bridge the skills gap and become the new post higher education learning system our country needs. Share this on Facebook.

How Associations Can Compete with Higher Education

Association eLearning

Colleges and universities are not teaching specialties any longer and thus creating a skills gap problem in the workforce. Associations are uniquely suited to bridge the skills gap and become the new post higher education learning system our country needs. Share this on Facebook.

The Lonely Training Needs Assessment

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I’ve written many times, on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on this website about the importance of asking the right questions at the right time. Not every nail needs a hammer, not every problem requires a training intervention.

Learning and performance

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No matter what we learn, our knowledge, skills (and also our attitudes) are usually externalised in some kind of outward expression. Some are less obvious - learning complex mathematical formulae will result in applying these to mathematical problems. Learning is performance.

7 Hints on how to Battle High Employee Turnover

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High employee turnover becomes a huge problem. Employee turnover in your company is the problem that you can successfully deal with. Not all of the employees will tell you that this is the problem that disturbs them. Find him on Linkedin Twitter , Facebook & Google+.

How To Beat Writing Procrastination

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Do not think about problems. And it brings you the solution to a problem from your subconsciousness. Or we just cannot confess ourselves that browsing Facebook is not a research, but another way to… You know. Moreover, it requires analytical skills to write.

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