Using Facebook as a learning platform


Let’s start this post by stating that Facebook was not actually created as a learning platform, it can however clearly be used to enhance and support elearning. We have written about Facebook apps for elearning before in this post!

Learning first, technology second

Learning with e's

Blogging can be used to engage children in creative writing , while making videos is excellent for problem solving and collaborative work. But that is the problem. Design issues are not the only problems. I know it''s has been said many times before, but it''s worth saying again.

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The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

Learning with e's

This is particularly evident on a cursory inspection of any social web space, whether it be Facebook, Snapchat or any other popular free space. The biggest problem they identified was a lack of time, and most agreed that the wiki activities actually made more work for them.

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New Experiments in e-Learning

Moodle Journal

I met with my new first year level 3 students and during the session introduced them to the vle. At the end of the class I suggested that they might like to join my Facebook; so much faster communication than college email for some reason!

VLE 173

Noughties. but nice

Learning with e's

The concept of personal learning environments was also introduced, as a counterpoint to the notion of the VLE. Social networking sites: Facebook (2006), Myspace (2003), Bebo (2005), LinkedIn (2003) and other sites together have changed the face of social networking for ever.

7 ways to support learner-teacher interaction

Learning with e's

That never worked in the student bar and it won''t work on Facebook. Student groups tend to set up their own Facebook groups anyway, without any prompting from their teachers. When I''m invited in to a Facebook group or Google Hangout, I tend to lurk until asked a direct question.