#40years of educational technology: Social media

Learning with e's

Previous posts in this series tracked the development of educational technology over 40 years. By 2006 several social networking sites were enjoying surges in popularity, including MySpace, Bebo and of course, Facebook.

Going geographical

Learning with e's

On September 2, I will be keynoting the Innovative Learning Spaces session track for the Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference in London. They can organise their own resources through free and easy to use tagging and social filtering tools.

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How Mobile Apps Can Act as Social Learning Tools

Origin Learning

We use apps like Whatsapp , Facebook , Pinterest , Twitter and Quora all the time. Plus with Experience API, you can track all of the (formal as well as informal) learning that employees undertake. Social learning and mobile learning have a lot in common.

7 Things You Didn’t Need To Know About Me But I’m Telling You Anyway

Experiencing eLearning

One of my New Year’s Resolutions last year was to keep a food journal, and I’m happy to report that I’ve now been tracking for a full year. Tracking has forced me to be much more honest about what I am actually eating and doing for exercise.

Podcasting Equipment Setup and Software I use on the 10-Minute Teacher


The secret is that you want TWO TRACK recording. You’ll notice that I’ve used the double arrow at the bottom of each audio track to make them taller. A tall track makes it so much easier to edit! Tagging and uploading. It helps us track and stay organized.

2008 Tools and Technologies Retro

Learning with e's

It is a very useful little aggregator, working on hash tagging, to bring together Twitter tweets, Flickr images and other tags such as Delicious on blogs. Props' (award points) are given and received when people like the track you are playing.

LearnDash Program with 10,000+ Users


It’s in many ways similar to Facebook in that users can have profiles, add status messages, leave comments on other user profiles, and participate in groups. It’s very relative to each person’s business, the kind of things you wanna track from somebody.

Top Social Learning LMS Features

Talented Learning

User profile (and ability to see others’ profiles) with bios, user photos, biographies and status tracking visible in LMS. Content tagging (new word for keyword metadata) and search by tag.

‘Time well spent’ – what does that mean for your learning content?


Use profiling tools, diagnostics, adaptive technologies, tagging, cross linking etc to offer up what’s right for them, at that point.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

Learning with e's

Social software is based heavily on participation, and this is apparent in a number of features including social tagging , voting, versioning, hyperlinking and searching, as well as discussion and commenting.

Web 93

7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement

Aktiv Mind

Some of the features of Unily include personalized internal communications that can be sent to any device in any language; you can also improve your document management, the Unily Hub takes the best of Microsoft’s document management and adds features that make it quicker, easier and smarter with intelligent tagging. They like to think of the platform as the offspring of Facebook and Excel. 7 Programs that Increase Employee Engagement.

How to Get Publicity and Influencer Marketing for Course Creators with Esther Kiss


Publicity can be generated from new media, such as podcasts, YouTube shows, Facebook live events, blogs, and all kinds of ways. And so if you’re focusing your energy when you’re giving interviews on approaching podcasters, and YouTube show hosts, and Facebook Live to online media.

AG08 - Day 1 - Summary

eLearning Weekly

I found out there’s an Enterprise version of Facebook. I know many companies are interested in Facebook, but are afraid to let their employee data outside of their firewall. I think the role of the LMS will shift to become less important in the next few years, as people realize the value of social learning tools, such as wikis, tagging, social bookmarking, blogging, etc. Day 1 of AG08 was busy and completely wore me out - but it was all worth it!

Week 1: Scuba training

Janet Clarey

My kids are in the process of becoming certified so I’m tagging along. instead of tracking it manually. An automated status update on Facebook via TripIt mentioning the trip to the Cayman Islands resulted in ten comments, three from friends who went there.

Disruptive Technologies and the Future of Learning & Development

Convergence Training

So many that it’s a little hard to keep track of them all, not to mention have an understanding of what they are and just exactly what influences they may have on workforce learning and development.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Feedly tracks what you''ve read, enables you to star articles to save for later, and easily share your favorites across your social media networks. Fit Brains Trainer features more than 350 games and puzzles to challenge your mind, as well as tracking to measure your progress.