How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

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Video file size can be tricky and the concept of reducing video file size has many technical variables associated with it. You may want to reduce file size to more easily send to your co-workers, or complete your upload to YouTube quicker. It can be hard to know where to start when trying to reduce file size. Below we’ve put together some helpful information to get you started on your file reduction journey!

The Difference Between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel are tools in the software productivity package of Microsoft Office. Text in a Word document is designed to transfer automatically from one paragraph to the next in a particular file size which makes it very simple to print.


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Microsoft PowerPoint: Embedding Fonts

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  Here's how to embed TrueType fonts in a PowerPoint presentation: From the PowerPoint ribbon, choose File > Options. From the Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation: area , select (check)  Embed fonts in the file.   Choose the option under Embed fonts in the file that applies best to your situation. Microsoft PowerPoint mLearning PowerPoint

PowerPoint: Using the Microsoft Office Website to Find Related Clip Art Styles

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by AJ Walther    While Microsoft PowerPoint's clip art sometimes gets a bad rap, you'll often find a perfect image buried among the clip art gallery. Believe it or not, clip art images on the Microsoft Office website are grouped by style number. To the right of the image you will see a Download button, Dimensions, Resolution, File size, Downloads, Style, Rating, and Keywords.).

Understanding Video File Types: Codecs, Containers, and Outputs

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While there are a plethora of video file types, which consist of codecs and containers, choosing the right one doesn’t have to be complicated — but it certainly can be. You may have heard the phrase video codec when referring to video files. Containers (file extensions).

Review: NXPowerLite


NXPowerLite is the latest incarnation of a nifty Office compression solution which helps to reduce file sizes in a multitude of ways. However, our penchant for pretty and persuasive presentations can lead to fairly large file sizes.

Unravelling PowerPoint picture size and resolution


So what do presentation professionals need to know about picture size and resolution? Each of these dots is a single colour and the number of dots affects the file size of the picture. This affects file size. This does not affect file size.

Why PowerPoint crashes and how to prevent it


Monstrous file size. Reason : You probably have a mighty large file in your presentation. Solution for your computer : Try to reduce the size of images where possible, or convert.tiffs into.jpegs. Repair Microsoft Office.

How to print multiple slides on one page


Go to the File tab in the top left of the ribbon (or use Ctrl + P). Go to the File tab in the top left of the ribbon (or use Ctrl +P), and choose Print on the left. The viewable PowerPoint handouts page size is 7.5” print border on all sides (making it standard letter size of 8.5”x11”).

Compressing Media in Your E-Learning Authoring Tools

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In my last blog post , I shared the basic reasoning behind optimizing your e-learning media files and how to reduce file size using external tools. You can choose from a Standard setting (an optimized compression level designed to keep file size low and still maintain quality) or Custom if you’d like to manually set the quality settings for the different media types. The Optimized for Web Delivery settings use optimized compression levels to keep file size low.

Welcome Camtasia Relay 1.2!

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Support for Snow Leopard and Windows 7 operating systems * The addition of publishing using WebDAV opens access to more media servers such as Microsoft Sharepoint. Smaller MP4 file sizes for easier and quicker file transfers. Good news! We've been busy at TechSmith working on Camtasia Relay! And, I'm happy to report that we have a new release of Camtasia Relay available. And, if you are an existing Camtasia Relay customer, the new version is a free update!

Mobile Content Management Solutions: Why Simple File Storage Is Inadequate


When most people think of mobile content management, they think of content repositories , some of the most popular in business being: Microsoft Sharepoint. All of these file repositories do have iOS and Android apps, so they can qualify as mobile content management solutions.

How to Extract Text From An Image: The Definitive Guide

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Paste text from an image or screenshot into Microsoft Office or another document. Capture the text in a file directory (filename, file size, date modified). Regardless of your situation, this type of functionality can be helpful, especially when you need to copy information from a file folder or screenshot of a website that typically would require you to spend a significant amount of time retyping all of the text.

How to update PowerPoint preview thumbnail icons


Have you ever noticed the PowerPoint icons that show up on your desktop or inside Windows File Explorer? You may or may not know that when you save a presentation it’s saved as a pptx file. Here’s how you create a thumbnail preview image for your PowerPoint file: 1.

PowerPoint 2007 & 2010: Save a Presentation with Embedded Fonts

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Fonts with file names ending in.ttf (whether TrueType or OpenType) contain TrueType font data and can be embedded. The easiest way is to download and install  Microsoft's TrueType Font Properties Extension. If you are using PowerPoint 2007, click the  Microsoft Office Button > Save As. If you are using PowerPoint 2010, choose  File > Save As. At the bottom of the Save area, select  Embed fonts in the file.

5 e-Learning Mistakes That Damage Your Credibility


Try using the Smart Art tool in Microsoft Office to create a quick flow chart that helps you visualize which topics are connected and how to order your course. Take a look at this helpful post by the ELearning Brothers on decreasing file size without losing image quality. You’re two songs into your favorite playlist with a perfectly chilled Red Bull at your desk and no meetings all day. You’re ready to knock out your next e-Learning course, right? . Not so fast.

Newbies: More PowerPoint Hacks for Your Cp Project: Using PowerPoint Template Backgrounds in Your Captivate Master Slides

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And, if you want to access more, you can download “thousands” from Microsoft directly within PowerPoint. File (from the Menu Bar) –> Export. You’ll need to change your File Type if it defaults to “Create PDF / XPS ” 4. Since I am always looking for ways to keep my file size low, I select. If you have more than 1 slide, PowerPoint will save each slide in your presentation as a separate file in the folder.

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PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Give a Presentation From Your iPod

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In this instance you are choosing JPEG because of its relatively small file sizes. Right-click (or [Ctrl]-click) any of the files and choose Open with > Preview. Note: Because the PowerPoint slides were exported as graphic files, any transitions, builds, animations, and/or sounds you added have been removed. For this and other skills and drills, check out my Microsoft PowerPoint 2008 for the Macintosh: The Essentials book.

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Restore default slide master layouts in PowerPoint with VBA


Backing up a bit, any and every presentation you create is based on a template, often deployed as a potx file, and each template contains all the slide masters and layouts used to keep your visual content on-brand. When it fails, PowerPoint has no choice but to create a new layout or even worse in some cases, a new master with many layouts in your presentation file. Slide Layout Type* (hidden data in the PowerPoint file).

5 Simple Ways to Get Started with E-Learning Development - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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Microsoft has some really nice starter templates to help you organize your learning project. Click here to access Microsoft training templates. Create a simple 10 slide PowerPoint file. I wasn’t aware of the Microsoft training templates, thanks for sharing that Tom. Basically, I just publish to web, and then put the published file on the server. Then I create a hyperlink to the file just like I would for any other webpage. The Rapid Elearning Blog.

30 Awesome Remote Work Tools for Teams

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Glip : Task management software with features that include screen/file sharing, team chat, calendars, and more. Microsoft Teams : Allows you to make calls on a global scale and can handle large live event sizes: from 10 to 10,000 people. No file size or traffic limits.

Teams 52

Recording PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro: Geetesh’s 13 Tips for Creating Great PowerPoint Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint and TechSmith Camtasia have long been friends. Geetesh has been awarded the Microsoft PowerPoint MVP (Most Valuable Professional) every year for 15 years now, making him the longest serving MVP in India. Arial at a larger point size tends to work well, but do an experiment and find out what works best for you. Because videos will certainly be compressed to deliver in an optimized file size. Then save your file.

10 Ways to Spot a Lame Corporate PowerPoint Template


Font size is too small. However, by default the slide titles are now barely noticeable and almost confusing because the hierarchical importance of the slide title is lost (it’s almost the same size as the 20 pt. The smaller the font size in the body or title text, the more you’re encouraging presenters to include more text which is generally not a best practice. Large file size. This post first appeared on Brent Dykes’ blog, PowerPoint Ninja.

Restore default slide master layouts in PowerPoint with VBA


Backing up a bit, any and every presentation you create is based on a template, often deployed as a potx file, and each template contains all the slide masters and layouts used to keep your visual content on-brand. When it fails, PowerPoint has no choice but to create a new layout or even worse in some cases, a new master with many layouts in your presentation file. Slide Layout Type* (hidden data in the PowerPoint file).

How to convert a PowerPoint to SCORM


Microsoft Office’s vehicle for presentations, PowerPoint, is the de facto standard. For example, a PowerPoint file with a lot of slides becomes bulky in file size – this makes it hard to distribute to large numbers of users. However, if you need to track all the interactions with the content, converting your PowerPoints into SCORM files is the best option – especially when SCORM can also include multiple types of media, such as video and audio.


How to Solve PowerPoint’s 3 Biggest Problems With Presentations


First things first: PowerPoint supports a wide variety of multi-media files, but it’s not uncommon to encounter a file type that doesn’t play well with PowerPoint. Like video, audio files in PowerPoint can be linked OR embedded. Embedded files are stored within the presentation file; linked files are stored outside the presentation file. All other media file types and.wav files larger than 100 KB are linked.

More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template

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Get more out of the free images you get from Microsoft Office. How to reduce file size by saving slide as a PNG. Tour of Microsoft Online and how to find images. Official Microsoft PowerPoint help. With as many PowerPoint questions that I get, it’s a good thing that over the past year or so the elearning community has created about 300 PowerPoint tutorials. For this post, I decided to pull a bunch of them together so that you have them in one easy list.

mLearning Content Types - Level 5: Courseware

mLearning Trends

Level 5 Content Types The CellCast Solution supports the delivery of content and courseware in both Microsoft PowerPoint® and simple as well as complex HTML formats. We highly recommend that care be taken when including any image, audio, or animation files within a mobile course given different devices handle rich media content in very different ways.

Evolving the E-Learning Experience for the 21st Century

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The growing number of businesses leaving Microsoft Outlook to Internet e-mail is amazing. To hold photos, images, media files – eventually moved to word docs. On the Go – mobile access to documents, files, business presentations regardless of your location – instant access. Free open hard drive space – especially with video hungry files. Think about this – what percentage of your files on your computer are Office type documents?


ScobleShow: Joe Kraus of Jotspot and vlogging key learnings

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I've been keeping up with Scobleizer for about a year and so it was about time to check out what took him away from Microsoft. Video makes for a HUGE file size even if it is streaming, so make it worth the wait. On my flight to San Francisco I watched the ScobleShow for the first time on my iPod. For my first selection I watched the Interview with Joe Kraus of Jotspot because I'm a bug fan of wikis.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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Files.Design – Professional resources for digital designers including templates, sounds and other files made by Great Simple Studio. Moose by Icons8 — Interesting new option for free stock photos that match each other [link] You can even download them all as a file. Customize Your Noun Project Icons – With advanced editing features, you can now customize the color, size, rotation, orientation, background color and background shape. File Sharing & Collaboration.

Working with Images in eLearning (part 1)

Matthew Guyan

As eLearning developers we regularly work with images in our projects and while we aren’t all graphic designers, it helps to have a basic knowledge of the terminology around image properties and file types which is what this post is about. Vector images use mathematical expressions to represent the image, they tend to have small file sizes and are scalable so when you resize them larger, which means that they don’t lose quality. These files can be edited in PowerPoint.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

″ Nearly Instant Download & Playback of Captivate Files Online - Adobe Captivate Blog , June 14, 2010 People often ask me about Captivate file sizes and how to optimize the learner experience accessing online content. The crux of the question of course is how can i make playback start right away and keep size small enough that it downloads smoothly on the learners’ computer. Best of eLearning Learning. June 2010.

iPad 79

Rapid Authoring Tips to Tackle Legacy Flash eLearning Content


Rebuilding in Microsoft PowerPoint. If you do not have the source files for the course, or the course was built with obsolete software, recording the content as a video is a decent option. Here’s how: Open a blank PowerPoint file. Building in Microsoft PowerPoint.

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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When developing an eLearning course using rapid authoring tools, you should know which format is supported by the tool to import audio files, videos, and images. JPEG: (Joint Photographic Experts Group) Possible to reduce the size and quality of the original image. BMP: (bitmap image) Raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images and export huge files. ICO: A format for icons of multiple sizes and color depths.

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10 Best and Worst Types of Microlearning

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Just note to watch files sizes as while Imgur’s newer gifv format has a lower file-size it’s still fundamentally mp4 video in a different software ‘wrapper.’ Ultimately, AR can be as simple as overlaying a PDF into a field of vision to completely overlaying reality and augmenting it (see Microsoft’s Hololens technology for great examples of what’s possible).

How to Capture Screen Images in Under a Minute

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These methods work with different versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 8 and Windows 10. Definition: A single picture of a computer, smartphone, or tablet screen captured and saved as an image file. Animated GIFs are also a lightweight file size and play automatically so they’re quick and easy to share on sites like Slack, JIRA, and Trello. What is a Screenshot?

Video File Formats, Codecs, and Containers Explained

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It is necessary to understand the different video file formats to ensure that the video is produced in the best format and quality for its intended purpose, hosting location, and audience. Let’s first begin by talking about codecs, which deal with compressing your file. In order to compress a video, your file must also have a corresponding codec. However, be aware that the higher the bit rate, the larger the file size.