5 Tips for Accelerating Channel Partner Training Success


Field sales teams are on pause right now, and the business world is expecting permanent change to the way we sell and train software. By accessing data on resource utilization and patterns, you can see ROI at a glance, and make intelligent decisions that have an immediate impact.

Mobile Learning: 3 Security Threats & 7 Ways to Beat Them

CommLab India

Installing genuine/authorized anti-virus software programs with frequent updates, firewalls activation can keep your mobile learning systems safe from attacks. Keeping strong passwords, patterns, not allowing others to access your phones, utilizing the inbuilt security options such as blocking phone access in case of theft, all these little deeds count, when we talk about security and privacy. Anywhere, anytime, on-the-go learning has become a reality due to mobile learning.


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Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

I discussed the fact that there was a common Adoption Pattern that went from personal adoption to work groups to organization. Adoption Patterns Clearly to increase the chances of successful adoption, you should use patterns that are more likely to succeed. A few of the interesting patterns that I commonly think about: Starting Point - Never give people a blank page. Barn Raising - Get people together or virtually together to get the content going.

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43 Great eLearning Posts and 5 Hot Topics Including Google Buzz and iPad

eLearning Learning Posts

Nor am I a great fan of pseudo-psychology or simple models, even though the world of L&D is littered with them. We looked at a series of things focusing on the right way to go about open source LMS , in case you are switching to a new LMS system , the critical consideration on how to decide between hosted and behind-the-firewall option , and even a few tips on what not to do while selecting an LMS. With virtual worlds, we can expand the use of storytelling.