Penetration Testing – Types, Stages and Vulnerabilities

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Where web application security is concerned, penetration testing is used to improve a web application firewall (WAF). Pen tests can be performed either manually or it can be automated using security tools. . The duration the pen tester was able to remain in the system undetected.

L&D: Learning and Dystopia

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I tried to talk IT into letting you project in but the firewall is the firewall, no exceptions for non-personnel.”. “It’s No time like the present,” I replied as I pulled out a pen and notepad, hoping I sounded cheerful. You know that feeling you get when something is hyped as “the ultimate solution”? If you’re like me your reaction is probably along the lines of, “That’s too good to be true. Therefore, it probably isn’t true.”


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Collaborative Learning in Spite of Organizational Walls – June #LCBQ

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I’ve thought about this question off and on for about a week now, and it is time to put pen to paper, or rather hands to keyboard. These sites are application specific and, when necessary, reside outside the corporate firewall. How do we break down organizational walls when it comes to learning? That’s the Learning Circuits Big Question for the month of June.

LearnTrends: Personal Knowledge Management

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He forces himself to not have too many interesting things in the “holding pen&# at a time. Social bookmarking sites are less often blocked by corporate firewalls. These are my live blogged notes from Harold Jarche’s LearnTrends session on Personal Knowledge Management. My side comments are in italics. Sense-making with PKM. When he moved to consulting and didn’t have an IT department and those resources, he realized he had to do something different.

Pinlearn Partners with Lessonspace- Online Video and Collaborative Whiteboard Tool


It comes with equation tools for graphical and formula based problem solving, upload images, pen tools, and a lot more, making it ideal for maths tutors. . Don’t worry if you face any issues with your webcam, microphone, network firewalls, or anything of similar sort.

The Most PROVOCATIVE Shout-Outs From Today’s Learning Innovators


Are they still using pen and paper? In many organizations the courses are locked behind firewalls or LMS and the learner has limited access to them. ” – Tom Kuhlmann. “ QUOTE: “ The future belongs to those who not only have the courage to shout, “The emperor has no clothes!” but also the wisdom to channel the forces that actually bring about genuine change. ” — Gene Levinson. INTRODUCTION: We are in the age of learning revolution or innovation.