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Why Do I Need an eLearning Vendor When I Have My Own Team?

Illumen Group

For example, a focus for a lot of organizations right now is Flash conversion into Storyline. That partner is a good investment when weighed against salaries, benefits, vacation and overtime pay, repeated learning curves, and tool maintenance (such as authoring software). And in return, you are rewarded with a high-quality course!

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Snap! by Lectora Review

Integrated Learnings

Primarily it is a PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool with additional features for eLearning development such as narration recording , quiz assessments , and LMS publishing. While the product isn't revolutionary and at times leaves more to be desired, with a $99 price tag, Snap deserves a closer look. So just what is Snap?

Lectora 202

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Transform Learning into Profits for Your Association

Association eLearning

Set up a camera at your next annual meeting or seminar to record presentations or use a PowerPoint-to-Flash conversion tool, such as Digitec’s Direct-to-WEB , to transform PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning, and then upload them into your association’s learning management system (LMS).

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The Importance of Flash to HTML5 Conversion and Why You Need It

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Now, we will talk about the advantages of converting Flash content to HTML5 as it is far better than Flash and has a plethora of features compared to Flash. Cost-effective – The cost-effective nature of Flash conversion is the prime advantage.

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iSpring 5.0 Product Family

Take an e-Learning Break

iSpring products provide PowerPoint to Flash conversion - along with e-Learning components like quizzes and LMS compliance. They also support embedded audio, video and Flash. provides full support of Microsoft Office 2010, including new PowerPoint 2010 features, like new transition effects and control of inserted video playback.

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eLearning Development 101: The Guide to eLearning Authoring Tools


Lectora Online includes the standard elearning development features like course templates, clip art, flash conversion, and test creation. Lectora Online is a unique content development tool because it allows developers to collaborate on projects with other developers online.

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What is Rapid eLearning?

Tony Karrer

eLearning Guild's Research Report on Rapid eLearning talks about how hot this topic is, but then you get things like a recent blog post by Gabe Anderson of Articulate: Of course, Articulate has long been at the forefront of the industry, setting the standard in PowerPoint to Flash conversion. Ergo, Articulate is rapid e-learning.

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CLO Summit

Janet Clarey

Some of my friends on Twitter came through for an impromptu flash conversation on the topic of cloud computing during the presentation. I find myself switching things up constantly. That was never the case in the corporate environments. I think that prevails today.

CLO 72
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eLearning and the Flash to HTML5 Conversion


Learn how to navigate converting Flash to HTML5 and maintain employee performance as you redesign your training. The post eLearning and the Flash to HTML5 Conversion appeared first on AllenComm.

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It’s time for upgrades, and a Poll

eLearning Development

Articulate Presenter is arguably the most popular PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool available. The full version is $1699 if anyone wants to buy me an early Christmas present for personal use. Articulate Studio 09. That’s no fluke, the tool works well and streamlines development.

Upgrade 32
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Cost Reduction Techniques of Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Swift eLearning Services

An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

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Good Bye to Flash Could Mean Hello to New eLearning for Your Organization

Allen Interactions

Time is rapidly closing on flash based websites because the development environment is no longer compatible with today’s technology. Flash does not translate to mobile devices and as technology continues to evolve, responsive design becomes more and more important for all websites; especially learning systems.

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Here Are Your E-learning Tips for 2017

Rapid eLearning

It started with simple PowerPoint-to-Flash conversions but today you can build some pretty complex interactions with no programming background. How the E-Learning Industry Has Evolved. The industry is evolving and the tools are getting easier to use. And that’s not going to change.

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How to Convert your Content from Flash to HTML5?

Hurix Digital

In 2017, Adobe had made a formal announcement stating that by 2020, the company would no longer support the flash player plug-in. Google and Microsoft too have announced their intention to disable the plug-in in their browsers by early next year, thus bringing the curtains down for Flash. What exactly is Flash?

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Rapid Content Authoring Tools: Market, Mayhem and Reality

eLearning 24-7

Flash conversion, work with the Ipad and other tablets, m-learning, simulation capability. WYSIWYG/HTML/Javascript/maybe CSS options as well, perhaps even additional programming languages you can incorporate, a full package of capabilities inc. Name Recognition.

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Should I Convert or Update My Flash Course?


The verdict is in, and it looks like HTML5 has officially dethroned Flash as development language of choice. Unfortunately, if you developed your eLearning in Flash, that can leave much of your current courseware and eLearning modules out of date and incompatible with many of your learners’ devices.