How to Convert Flash-Based Websites to HTML5 Right Now!

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Over the years, Adobe Flash-ActionScript and HTML-JavaScript-CSS based development have been used as two of the main approaches for websites and other front-end web-based applications. Many devices do not support Flash websites. A Flash-based website affects your search rankings.

Convert Flash Courses to HTML5 Efficiently in 3 Steps


On January 1, 2021, Adobe will be laying Flash to rest. The fix is simple, convert your legacy Flash courses to HTML5. As I’m sure you’ve heard, Adobe Flash will no longer be supported by Adobe as of January 1, 2021. It means there are hundreds or thousands of learners at your company that will no longer receive your compliance, product, sales, safety, business process, or any other mission-critical training your organization has to offer.


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4 Reasons You Should Invest in Flash to HTML5 Conversion

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Have you invested heavily in Flash-based e-learning? Well, you need to convert them to the HTML5 format. The primary reason you should convert your Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format is that these courses cannot be accessed on most mobile devices. You can meet the needs of “multi-device” learners by converting Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format, as the latter is device-agonistic and provides good support to all mobile and desktop computer platforms. .

Life After Flash: Giving Your Flash-based eLearning New Life


After serving for twenty years, Flash is settling into a well-earned retirement. A Brief History of Flash’s Demise. Steve Jobs dealt the killing blow in 2010 with his famous “ Thoughts on Flash ” essay. Once Apple declared that they were getting off the Flash bandwagon, it was only a matter of time before other industry leaders followed suit. Implications of Flash’s Downfall. But mobile is just the tip of a seismic Flash problem for the training community.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Content Needs to Be on HTML5


Within the last year, we’ve seen the biggest players moving towards HTML5 to provide rich, cross-platform web applications – Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube just to name a few. The snowball effect continuous as enterprise companies move away from Flash. HTML5 allows video, audio and other multimedia files to be played using your web browser without needing to install plugins.

16 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 17

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It will certainly dominate tablet sales this year, but it is not the future of the tablet. With retail video game sales smacked down by the rough economy and ever-growing competition in the crowded social and mobile game marketplace, it seemed like attendees at this week’s annual Game Developers Conference were more frustrated than birds catapulted at pigs. Adobe Releases Flash-to-HTML5 Converter, Codenamed Wallaby.

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Rapid Authoring Tips to Tackle Legacy Flash eLearning Content


Welcome to our comprehensive guide to handling legacy Flash eLearning content. This page has all you need to know to on how to rapidly republish or recreate your courses to adapt to the imminent end of Flash at the end of 2020. What is happening to legacy Flash eLearning content?

E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

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Flash vs. HTML5. I am seeing many vendors still offering the ability to output screen recording and video to flash. Less vendors are offering the HTML5 output, which seems to be strange, especially as more e-learning vendors as a whole are jumping right in. Those who do offer both Flash and HTML5 are missing a simple and essential item to their arsenal. The ability to convert a Flash video to HTML5 and Video to HTML5.

Top 10 authoring tool in 2020 delivering engaging digital learning content


2004), AICC, HTML5, xAPI/TinCan , cmi5, and LTI. . This content authoring tool is specifically designed to support training for solutions such as sales onboarding, training, and knowledge sharing to help companies connect with employees.

Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


HTML5. HTML5 is a new version of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) from the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). are already HTML5 compatible to a great extend while many others are working hard to provide true compatibility. It is interesting to note that even the desktop browsers are moving towards standardizing on HTML5 in the near future.

Eric Schuermann – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


ABOUT ERIC SCHUERMANN (Director of Global Sales, Trivantis Corporation Inc): Eric Schuermann is Director of Global Sales at Trivantis Corporation Inc. From HTML5 to Tin Can/Experience API, there’s certainly some change and growth happening right now on the tech side of e-Learning. Eric: Just recently we’ve started to see more authoring tools with the ability to publish to HTML5, a necessity for creating responsive courses.

Top 10 LMS/LCMS Trends and Forecasts

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Extended Enterprise - Vendors are expanding into the wholesaler/reseller/affiliates/sales agent sector with their solutions. They show you a huge map, color in the countries they are in, and you assume they have clients there, when in fact it could be just a sales office. Companies in Australia and India – for the most part, identify themselves only in countries they have actually penetrated, rather than the inclusive sales office or “partnership&# approach.


5 Trends to Watch 4 n 2011

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LMS vendors are targeting companies who have distributors/wholesalers/resellers/sales agents/etc. HTML5 & Rapid Content Authoring Tools. With the exception of some custom courseware shops, Dreamweaver and you need the HTML5 expansion pack or perhaps a few open source content authoring tools – and you would have to create the code, no other RCAT offers the capability to build courses in 100% HTML5.



HTML5. HTML5 is a new version of the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) from the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). are already HTML5 compatible to a great extend while many others are working hard to provide true compatibility. It is interesting to note that even the desktop browsers are moving towards standardizing on HTML5 in the near future.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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Samsung Galaxy S is expected to be the first real challenger to the iPad, it runs on Android OS, offers Flash 10.1 and HTML5. Again, the iPad runs with HTML5, not Flash nor Java. True, the other tablets and Samsung offer Flash 10.1 and Java, but they offer HTML5 too. However, if you tested them in Avant, an alternative browser used by many people, they were not – yet Avant used Flash and Java. Same issue occurred with Opera – used Flash and Java.

Delivering content in multiple formats – A common publishing challenge?

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While free or freemium content, subscription-based sales, open authorship, and security all are growing needs in the education publishing market, the challenge that most common among publishers is delivering content on multiple devices in multiple device formats. McGraw Hill, whose digital unit sales exceeded its print sales for the first time in 2016, recently merged with Cengage and the company will keep the McGraw Hill name.).

E-Learning Trends For 2018: From Flux To Focus


These trends which are shaping our day to day lives are also impacting what we, as employees, want/expect from our organizations, and that coupled with ever increasing pressures on businesses to increase efficiencies and sales, to decrease costs due to global pressures is leading to newer expectations from L&D teams as well.

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Corporate Training & Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2020


Augmented reality is being used in many industries such as healthcare, automobile, architecture, sales, etc., For example, sales professionals can see an augmented version of their product which they can rotate and zoom for a better view. HTML5 Replaces Flash. The end of Flash had been announced quite some time back, so this must not come as a surprise. Since Adobe decided to put an end to Flash, HTML5 has taken over its place.

These Stats Bode well for Mobile Learning

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Apple surpassed Hewlett-Packard in PC sales and revenue. HP’s PC sales for the fourth quarter were 14.7 I strongly believe the Browser, via HTML5 is the most viable solution for delivering and consuming mobile learning. I happen to believe we could achieve these number well before 2016, especially with the recent news coming from Adobe that they will no longer support Flash for mobile going forward. via The HTML5 boom is coming.

7 Essentials of a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy

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Verify that your organization is HTML5- and mobile-ready?For Critical, basic questions to ask before you dive in: Can your LMS host and distribute HTML5 courses and content? Is your company’s standard browser HTML5 compatible? For example, Internet Explorer 8 does not fully support HTML5.). Do you have a lot of Flash content in your learning library? Photo by Stephen Petrey on Unsplash.

How to Distribute eBooks on Online Platforms


There are many different types of formats available for delivering digital content: 1) FLASH: Most digital magazines were originally created in this format; however, it soon fell out of favour due to several security concerns and the fact that many browsers disabled Flash content, thus restricting its usage. Adobe plans to end support for Flash by the end of 2020. 6) HTML5: A textbook can be directly converted to the mobile-friendly HTML5 format.

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5 Features of a Responsive Design eLearning Authoring Tool

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Responsive design is supported ‘behind the scenes’ by HTML5, the code used to design web pages. 2) Responsive Design is Supported by HTML5. Responsive design is made possible because of HTML5 , also known as Hypertext Markup Language. The latest browsers support HTML5.

The 4 S’s of mobile design

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Given that smartphone sales are estimated to exceed PC sales by the end of this year, and mobile Internet users are expected to exceed desktop Internet users soon after, I have finally concluded that the time is ripe for mobile learning. Yes I know Android sales exceeded iPhone sales last year, but the fact remains many of my colleagues own iPhones. That means I need to account for Flash compatibility.

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The Online Learning Jargon Buster

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Adapt Builder is an authoring tool that allows you to create fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning courses that display effectively on tablet devices and smartphones (as well as PCs and laptops). Flash.

Watch Out For These Trends in Mobile Learning: 2015 And Beyond

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The shift from Flash to HTML5. For years, Flash has ruled mobile content delivery arena. But it’s high time that content designers shunned the legacy approach and embraced HTML5 – the smarter and faster way to render engaging content such as animations and videos to a whole range of mobile devices. companies implemented HTML5 on their corporate websites.

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5 Questions Before Making Your Courses Mobile Friendly


The courses she will need to review are: Forklift Safety: forklift operation safety procedures course Payroll Basics: payroll software simulation course Sales Techniques: product line sales course Management 101: blended learning leadership course. Sara starts by listing the learning environment for each course: Forklift Safety: break room, shared space Payroll Basics: office Sales Techniques: office, remote Management 101: classroom, office.

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Questions about Instructional Design Careers

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If you start from a business problem, you should be able to show the results of training—increased sales, fewer errors, etc. A: I wouldn’t learn Flash right now. The learning curve is too steep, and within a few years I think most work will be in HTML5. Most Flash e-learning now is done with rapid tools anyway. Usually if the Flash work requires a programmer, there’s a separate team for that.

A Conversation with Yury Uskov of iSpring

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It was ActiveSWF, a software development kit to programmatically create Flash files. In just a year, we launched FlashSpring, a PowerPoint add-in which converted PowerPoint presentations to Flash. By that time we had worked on several projects that involved publishing to Flash format, and it just dawned on us — if companies from different parts of the globe required applications of that kind, there had to be a lack of an off-the-shelf solution!

Do You Evaluate Your Training?

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Let’s say you offered training to your sales staff on how to close a sale. Also, try not to build training using dying technologies like Flash. Convert your courses built in Flash or using Flash components to HTML5 and give your learners an optimum learning experience. We are right in the middle of the year and most organizations are reviewing their company’s performance in the market, their budget utilization, conducting performance reviews, etc.

Articulate Storyline Training – Salt Lake City, March 24-27

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Understand how to easily integrate your content with eLearning applications and leading Learning Management Systems to deliver HTML5 and Flash files to virtually any device. Articulate Storyline appeals to a wide variety of audiences, typically grouped in training and education, sales and marketing, or technical support and documentation. The first Articulate Storyline training for the eLearning Road Tour is fast approaching!

iSpring – The One-Stop Shop to Build Online Courses in PowerPoint

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Sales Training: Want to train your reps on holding effective conversations with customers? iSpring also offers the flexibility of publishing your online courses to multiple formats such as HTML5, Flash, and MP4, making it possible for these courses to be accessed on a wide range of devices. Related Posts Creating Branching Slides Interactivity Using iSpring iSpring Presenter 7: Main benefits iSpring Pro 7 – PowerPoint to HTML5 Conversion.



ABOUT ERIC SCHUERMANN (Director of Global Sales, Trivantis Corporation Inc): Eric Schuermann is Director of Global Sales at Trivantis Corporation Inc. From HTML5 to Tin Can/Experience API, there’s certainly some change and growth happening right now on the tech side of e-Learning. Eric: Just recently we’ve started to see more authoring tools with the ability to publish to HTML5, a necessity for creating responsive courses.

Authoring Tool Trends

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Trends and seeing them can boost sales and increase your market share. HTML5 output. After creating the course, you can output it to HTML5 which will be seen on any tablet/smartphone – but its power is with tablets. As HTML5 develops with its capabilities, so well the possibilities with the output. Some big pluses with HTML5 over Flash for example are: Can manipulate the code – it is open, flash is proprietary.

New mLearning Authoring Tools – Wave #2

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Much of the need and innovation behind these new products is in direct response to the growing market perception that mobile learning either has or will hit the “tipping point” this year for enterprise adoption and the fact every organization is now faced with questions about how they’ll deliver on this potential and the various expectations being promoted by scores of training departments, sales teams, engineering groups and senior managers waving iPads and Android tablets.

The Best eBook Authoring Tool: Simple Guide to Select one


Previously, all content used to be made on a Flash-based platform. But now as Flash has become obsolete, all companies are trying to shift their content from Flash-based platform to HTML5. Ensure the eBook authoring tool supports HTML5 elements so that you can build interactive and responsive content for your audience. These reports give you an idea about future market trends, so that you can accordingly create content and design your sales strategies.

What You Need to Know About Delivering SCORM on Mobile

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How does Flash have an impact on the ability to use SCORM on Mobile? . If you have any SCORM courses that have been created using Adobe Flash, then it’s likely they won’t run on mobile devices. Flash-based courses are now obsolete, and almost every modern browser today has abandoned support for Flash. What could be done with your repository of Flash-based SCORM courses that don’t work on mobile? Mobile learning has been the talk of the town for a while now.

10 Custom eLearning Courses: How Do They Rank?

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In a year that has seen our team working on many projects that focus on HTML5 publishing and authoring tool packaging it’s refreshing to see such immersive, visually appealing Flash work. Sales Orientation. Lately, I’ve seen some awesome custom eLearning courses and thought it would be helpful to show how I rank them. Feel free to rank your courses however you want.