Green Screen on a Shoestring: Part III, Production

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In the previous installment of this series, we provided a purchasing "checklist" for setting up a green screen video production studio. Step 2: Set up the studio in a room that allows all equipment to be operated properly and still allows production staff to be comfortable.

Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity

Adobe Captivate

There are certain ones that you will use over and over and some that you will only use in a while, you decide which ones to learn and use to increase your productivity. Import video file. Insert Flash video placeholder. Insert video place holder. The post Using Shortcut Keys to Increase Your Productivity appeared first on eLearning. Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker way to navigate and use Adobe Captivate.

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E-Learning Screen recording and video solutions – Should b simple, so why isn’t it?

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for end users to see in the final product. The ability to record audio in real time or post time makes a lot of sense and eliminates the need for using Audacity (albeit it is a wonderful and free product). There is something wrong when a free and open source product like Audacity can do it, yet a product that costs hundreds of dollars cannot. Video. In their rush to jump on the video bandwagon, many screen recording software companies are adding this capability.

Featured Online Classes

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Adding animation and Flash Video. Writing Training Documents and eLearning Scripts Created in response to inquiries by IconLogic's audience (including former students), this course quickly gets your writing compass pointed in the most productive direction. Adobe Captivate 5: Essential Skills.

How to Develop Interactive Marketing Collateral (PDF) Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

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Related Posts Add Music and Zing to Your Online Courses Using Articulate Storyline Adobe Captivate for Product Training – Is This A Better Option? Make Flash Videos Load Faster In eLearning Courses – Free Presentation.

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How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

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Video file size can be tricky and the concept of reducing video file size has many technical variables associated with it. Video Format and File Type. **If There are many different video formats you could export your finished video into. FLV (Flash Video Format).

Kineo Insights Webinar: Kronos Moodle Case Study

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Kronos delivers products and services to customers managing workforce. Kronos had a vast library of elearning content to help customers betters use products. A great place for customers to reinforce what getting in ILT, to help new hires on board, to enhance usability of Kronos products. Kineo customizations gave granular security – customer A sees certain products, customer B sees different set of products.

12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

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When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio, or screen recording. We’ve narrowed it down to 12 great eLearning audio and video tools to help you get started easily. iMovie allows you to turn your home video into your favorite film with just a few clicks. Fine-tune every cut and transition, edit color and audio, and fix shaky video. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite.

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Top 10 Authoring Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning – Part 1

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These tools help present the course content through text, scenarios, avatars, interactivities, animations, video, audio, etc. Adobe Flash. JeLSIM Builder is a free toolkit for developing engaging and interactive educational simulations by reducing production time and cost.

10 Great Moments in eLearning History

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It''s a product of years of human ingenuity and innovation. The Multimedia PC (MPC) came with a CD-ROM drive, meaning that the device can display video synced with audio. 2005: The Rise of Flash Video. In 2005, Adobe bought Macromedia and transformed it into Adobe Flash.

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Is Social Media Learning Hype or a Valuable Tool?

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You can add files, photos, videos, and of course threaded discussions. Users of Pinterest can post images and videos onto “pinboards” and create collections. YouTube is the grandfather of video on the web. What to Consider When Thinking About Social Media Learning.

20+ eLearning Tools and Resources

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Whether you are looking for a SCORM, audio, or video application, let us help! With iSpring Solutions, you can easily and quickly publish PowerPoint presentations to web-based formats and build adaptive flash-based quizzes and surveys. You can create high-quality product demos with the capture-as-a-video workflow. Video. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite.

Award Nominee Reveals His eLearning Authoring Toolkit [Guest Post]

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Several years ago we engaged a vendor to create three eLearning modules for a new product launch. When I went back to the product marketing team with the request for budget to re-engage the vendor, they were less than enthusiastic. My largest project to date was the creation of three learning modules for a (different) new product launch. I’ve also used Audacity , a free audio creation and editing tool, as well as various video encoding and editing tools.

It’s time for upgrades, and a Poll

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This is a huge upgrade, and the first time Adobe has released a unified upgrade for all the Adobe and former Macromedia products. Flash CS4 Professional. Articulate Presenter is arguably the most popular PowerPoint to Flash conversion tool available. It’s also an easy way to create Flash animations from slides. Studio 09 Standard includes Presenter, Quizmaker and Video Encoder. For Studio 09, Articualte added Articulate Video Encoder ‘09.

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eLearning Salaries, Flat, Transformation, Embedding, & Training Video

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1) it doesn't matter where in the world high-level research takes place, because (2) its findings travel easily and at relatively low cost, but that (3) as one progresses from high-level to ground-level products and services and from high-level to ground-level know-how, ideas travel less easily.

9 Free Tools That Help Me Build Better E-Learning

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In today’s post, I’ll share with your some of the free tools that I use regularly to help me be more productive. And if I’m more productive, I’m saving time and money. However, if I have a larger project, then I like to break my production up into chunks and keep my audio separate.

March 2010 Informal Learning Hotlist

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Three Models of Knowledge Production - Half an Hour , March 17, 2010. How To Use Video SEO To Jump To The Top Of Google Search Results - TechCrunch , March 10, 2010. Lords, ladies and video games - Mind Hacks , March 18, 2010. The Complete Guide to Ripping and Converting Flash Videos [Flash] - Lifehacker , March 22, 2010. Taking YouTube videos offline - Karyn’s Erratic Journey , March 21, 2010. Best of Informal Learning Flow.

eLearnDevCon Tuesday update - Games, Corporate YouTube

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hustled over the session talking about video, MPEG4, Flash video, etc. On2 Flix has a server engine product that allows you to create a web app for users to upload video then compresses the video to flash video.just like YouTube. Hopefully this "YouTube" style compression and user-generated video content system will not bog down corporate bandwidth After giving my Wikis and Learning presentation (coming soon to a podcast near you.)

Articulate has me lost for words

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This has been addressed with the new version; the products are cosmetically enhanced and are much more easily combined. And, last but not least, Articulate is much better equipped for rich media: incorporate Flash videos in your slides, perform simple video edits and conversions using the new Video Encoder, edit audio, output to podcasts or for mobile delivery. I've been a user of Articulate Studio now for about three years.

Notes from DevLearn and the Adobe Learning Summit

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Apparently some people find video hard to present in SharePoint. I use flash video all the time in SharePoint. Flash takes too long to learn, and Flash-based apps are inflexible” • Driver – “majority of courses are glorified (or not) PowerPoint slides because of tool limitations (in part). Wagner: think of our digital learning efforts as products (as opposed to tools, I guess?). • “are you training your users in the use of 2.0

Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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Following is a rundown of the major new features of Adobe Captivate ‘next’ (4) and the Adobe eLearning Suite as demonstrated at the Adobe Learning Summit by RJ Jacquez, Senior Product Evangelist at Adobe. This is an extremely exiting feature that is bound to be a significant productivity enhancement for those working in teams. Widgets are specially formatted Flash swf files that know how to communicate with the host Captivate project.

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