Articulate ’09: Tips for Resolving Common Issues

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The latest version, Articulate ’09, has some interesting new features like Single-slide Preview, FLV Support, Easy Audio Editor, and Articulate Branding Removed. Based on our recent experiences with Articulate ’09, we’ve compiled a list of common problems we came across, together with tips on how to work around them: 1. Hope these tips will be of help. Articulate’s suite of products rate high in the rapid authoring segment.

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How To Edit Video: Reducing File Size

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FLV (Flash Video Format). Hopefully these tips will help you reduce the file size of your video. Tips & How To'sVideo file size can be tricky and the concept of reducing video file size has many technical variables associated with it. You may want to reduce file size to more easily send to your co-workers, or complete your upload to YouTube quicker. It can be hard to know where to start when trying to reduce file size.


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New - Camtasia Studio 6 and Visual Lounge Blog in German

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In addition to putting FLV back in Camtasia Studio v6.0.2 , I'm happy to announce that Camtasia Studio v6.0.2 So, for all the news, some tips and tricks and to see the great things people are doing with our German versions of software, please visit here. Lots of good news at TechSmith today. is now available in German! Details are here. And, we've launched a German version of the Visual Lounge Blog !

Developing An eLearning Player?

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flv, *.js, flv [Flash video format] is not supported in some servers by default and it needs to be configured. Hope you find these tips useful. Do share any more tips you may have on this. An eLearning player is a building block for more conventional [one with back and next for navigation buttons] eLearning courses. What’s an eLearning player? It’s a simple wrapper having global level functionalities like -.

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How to Add Closed Captions to Video and Audio in Lectora


Lectora and Lectora Online support adding captions to FLV and MP4 video formats. Lectora 11 and higher supports adding closed captions to FLV and MP3 audio files using the same steps as for video above: insert the audio file, and then on the Audio Properties ribbon select Add Captions. Click Save As and save the file as an FLV. If desired, you can convert the FLV to MP4 when you import the file into your Lectora Online title.

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Camtasia Training in Philadelphia

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Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics, or an intermediate user in need of some tips and tricks, we have a Camtasia Studio training class that's right for you. Specifically, recording custom dimensions, editing tips and tricks, using captions, customizing your production settings, and more. Editing tips and tricks, including timesaving hotkeys. MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV - which one? Get hands-on Camtasia Studio training from TechSmith's top trainers!

Turn PowerPoint Storyboards into Rapid e-Learning Masterpieces


Flash animations – Add existing SWF or FLV files to Snap! With these tips in hand, rapid e-Learning content creation has never been easier! by Lectora® rapid e-Learning software is a flexible and powerful PowerPoint plug-in tool that makes rapid e-Learning content creation super speedy. To further save on development time, many e-Learning professionals draft out their course, or storyboard, using PowerPoint software.

Camtasia Studio Training Hits the Road.

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Participants in the course will learning more about using Camtasia Studio, including tips and tricks. Editing tips and tricks. MP4, SWF, FLV, WMV - which one? Calling all Camtasia Studio users! Ryan Eash, from TechSmith's User Assistance team, is hitting the road for the EDUCAUSE conference. Before the conference starts, he will give a few training sessions in California.

Hell in a Cell Between Articulate Storyline 2, Adobe Captivate 9, and LectoraInspire 16

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We can insert videos in all three tools and also add streaming videos.Supported formats are MP4, FlV and AVI. Related Posts 4 Tips for Developing E-learning Course Using Rapid Authoring Tools Adobe Captivate 9 or Lectora Inspire 16 – Who Is the King of the RCD Ring? Selecting the right authoring tool for rapid eLearning projects is a process riddled with uncertainty. How will you know which eLearning tool to work with? I have worked on several authoring tools.

Hot List

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There are some very cool new features especially our hot list feature coming out soon on the eLearning Learning Content Community. The site is beginning to take into account social signals. In other words, we are using what is happening: with the content out in the network on the eLearning Learning searches that land on us and that occur on the site, and various other kinds of behaviors.

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How to Add Events to Audio and Video in Lectora and Lectora Online


Lectora and Lectora Online allow you to synchronize event actions to MP3 audio, MP4 video and FLV file formats. Subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog for more how-to tutorials and helpful tips. Lectora® and Lectora® Online make it easy to synchronize events—add actions—to audio and video playback. For example, you can show bullet points timed to a page narration, or illustrate a process flow by moving images.

Better Learning Through Videos: A New Feature in WiZDOM LMS


A popular utilization is where the content is largely text, but is supplemented with video, featuring expert advice or tips which enhance the learning content. For instance, WiZDOM recognizes a FLV file and automatically opens the embedded Flash media player for the video to run. Videos have long been an effective way of grabbing the learner’s attention and rendering effective learning.

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Some interesting Moodle audio visual plugins just released

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Let's pretend for a moment that you've followed all my advice, tips, and suggestions about creating, authoring, recording and producing podcasts with alacrity. Encoding in Flash FLV forma,t files can be stored on servers or downloaded to Moodle. I've been discussing podcasting in some depth recently: today I've decided to take a break from the topic, and tell you about a related subject. Now read on.

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3 Rapid E-learning Development Tools

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Also, there’s Adobe’s eLearning Heroes community where their experts post and share best practices and tips and tricks. Also, you may easily cut , copy , paste , adjust sound volume and trim Captivate offers you the ability to import a wide variety of video formats (such as AVI, MOV, FLV, MPEG) and synchronize it with the slide you are working on. . For years, Adobe Flash was the uncrowned king of e-learning development software.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Preview Flash content on your computer: SWF Player and FLV Player [ original post ]. Videomaker Magazine : great resource to learn video production tips. Making Change : Cathy Moore does a good job providing tips that will improve how you write for your courses and with your instructional design. The other day this guy asked me how to develop color schemes for his rapid elearning courses.

Product Review: Lectora Snap! Empower

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Initial helpful tips – I wanted to punch my screen – dump the popups that go all over the place when you click certain items – first time around. When you move over a video MP4 file onto your page, it converts to FLV video – but when you decide to publish and select video – you can output the entire project as a MP4. Initially this review was going to cover both Snap! and Snap! Empower, but I ran into a major issue with Snap! What was it?

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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Video (Ctrl+Alt+V) formats include SWF, FLV, F4V, AVI, MP4, MOV, and 3GP. FLV: (FLASH LIVE VIDEO) FLV was once the preferred format for video streaming in mobiles, but now with the rise of HTML 5, the MP4 video format is being preferred. Video (ALT+N+V Individually) formats include SWF, FLV, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, DV, and 3GP. Audio formats include AIFF, AU, M4A, MIDI, MP3, WAVE, WMA, ASF, and FLV. Video formats include AVI, MOV, MPEG, WMV, ASF, and FLV.

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Reducing File Size for E-Learning Media

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Here are some tips: Graphics : To reduce file size on graphics, you can, of course, reduce the dimensions. An example of video file type is MPEG, RealVideo, FLV, etc. . In a future next blog post, I’ll share some best practices and tips on how to maximize your graphic optimization within rapid e-learning development tools, like Articulate Storyline.