Pinterest? Not a fan.but I'm paying attention.the Re-Rise of the Visual

Mark Oehlert

How will your automated keyword searching programs for resumes (easily one of the most de-humanizing uses of search ever) deal with visual resumes-which seem to be expressly made for consumption by PEOPLE? Remember when people thought that stuff like folksonomies and tagging and wikis and blogs and micro-blogging and activity streams and GAMES would NEVER get inside the corporate firewall? I think I have a Pinterest account. I may have pinned something at some time.

More rogue.

Janet Clarey

And this, recently from Mike Prokopeak talking to Lance Dublin about a third domain: Formal learning typically refers to structured learning events and programs, while informal refers to unstructured learning that happens outside the bounds of traditional learning events, whether it’s over the water cooler, in the field or through a blog or discussion forum. Karl mentions templates, simplified (read standardized) tagging, guidelines, etc.

Learning and KM: Separated at birth?

Jay Cross

Looking through the program, I’m delighted to see that many of the sessions could easily play at DevLearn and vice-versa. What might a PKM program in your organization look like, and how can it leverage social networking tools? Vander Wal, who coined the term “folksonomy,” focuses on the huge untapped potential for social tools with discussions about making it easier for enterprise social tool adoption, tagging, getting tools to mesh, modifying Web 2.0

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