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Clive on Learning

The alternative, of course, is a bottom-up effort whereby users apply their own tags to online content, evolving in the process what are now commonly known as folksonomies. Peter quotes David Sifry: Unlike rigid taxonomy schemes that people dislike, the ease of tagging for personal organisation with social incentives leads to a rich and discoverable folksonomy. A while back, someone (I think it was Jay Cross ) posted about Ambient Findability by Peter Morville.

kowabunga dude!

The Learning Circuits

before rss, news aggregators, blogrolls, technorati tags and folksonomies, most "webbies" would wander around from site to site, following whatever link caught their imagination. i just had the experience that i'm sure happens to many of us. i was reunited with a long lost favorite website. the collaborative learning environments sourcebook was one of the first resources i use when i began learning about communities of practice.

December's BIG QUESTION!!! Part I

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Sure I started the blog in '05, but '06 was when I discovered that people were actually reading it thanks to technorati and Google analytics. What will you remember most about 2006? I've been planning my year in review post and just noticed THE BIG QUESTION. 2006 has been a GREAT year!