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Newbies: More PowerPoint Hacks for Your Cp Project: Using PowerPoint Template Backgrounds in Your Captivate Master Slides

Adobe Captivate

Many are offered in a 16X9 format. (I jpg slide you created in Step 5. There are lots of great tutorials about custom themes. I like using the PowerPoint backgrounds in my Cp projects. I don’t need the PowerPoint master slides, just the background image. Importing that PowerPoint background into my Captivate master slide applies the background to my title, content, quizzing, and all the other slides in the master slide series.

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Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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They can be used to: demonstrate processes step-by-step in a tutorial. saves in a variety of formats including AVI, JPG, GIF, and PNG. WEBM is only available video format with free version. you can save in a variety of video formats including MP4. save videos in MP4 format (up to 720p or 1080p HD). Adding professional-looking video to your blog post, tutorial, or review is sure to increase your viewers’ engagement.