How to Remove the Background From a Picture

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How to remove make a picture background transparent. If you are using a screenshot or a PNG image, it will default to have a transparent background. If you are using a JPG or other file format, you’ll need to adjust your background color in the Snagit editor first or it will default to white rather than transparent. Step 5: Save your image as a PNG. If you don’t save your image as a PNG file it will default your background to white.

Make a responsive splash screen with several pictures

Adobe Captivate

The picture used in this demonstration worked with all the screen sizes but wasn’t responsive. I hadn’t explained it because it wasn’t the objective to make a Css lesson in this video, but for people interested, here is the step by step process to make a responsive splash screen with several pictures. So replace your current picture by a picture that is 1px wide and high in a transparent format. The aim is to put an invisible picture to replace yours.


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JPG vs. PNG: Which Should I Use?

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There is no one-size-fits-all for image file formats. This post will cover two of the most popular file format options, JPG vs. PNG, including when to use them and why. There are two main questions to ask yourself when you decide which image file format to use. Is it a casual picture of your dog, or a detailed graphic with a professional purpose? A JPG does, however, allow you to create smaller file size than you could with a PNG. What is a PNG?

JPG 72

Preventing Blurry Pictures: The Keys to Clear Images

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There’s nothing more frustrating than blurry pictures. While you can try tinkering in a photo editing program, or shrinking the image and crossing your fingers in hopes that no one looks too closely, the best strategy is to start with crystal clear pictures. The following articles will help ensure you don’t end up with blurry pictures or images. Or taken pictures with your phone, and tried printing them but they just don’t turn out clear? PNG vs JPG.

How can I create a spotlight on a slide to highlight some information?

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Storyline has some great ways for you to highlight information: Zoom Region , Zoom Picture , creative animations, markers , and state changes; just to name a few. right-click> Format Shape >drag the transparency slider). Right click this selection to save as a picture (right-click> Save as Picture >PNG). Be sure to save as a PNG. Insert the picture you previously saved. Storyline enhance highlight picture spotlight

PNG 66

Power Up Pictures with PowerPoint

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A picture is worth a thousand words. What pictures are you using in your course ? Not only is PowerPoint a powerful way to put together a presentation, it can also be a quick and simple way to export formatted, perfectly-sized images. To use PowerPoint as your image formatting tool, start by adjusting the dimensions of the PowerPoint deck so that the output perfectly fits the position you intend to put the pictures onscreen.

Creating Transparent PNGs in PowerPoint

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This post will provide step-by-step instructions for how to create transparent graphics in PowerPoint and save them as a portable network graphic (PNG) file for use in an e-learning module. Now adjust the colors and formatting to create a white cloud. To do this, select the cloud and then make sure the Format tab is selected. Right click on the cloud and choose Shape Format. Now we need to get it out of PowerPoint and into a format we can use. by Jonathan Shoaf.

Editing Images with PowerPoint

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This can be accessed any time an image is selected under the “Picture Tool Format” tab on the Ribbon. Fortunately, you can also save an image in several different image formats. It’s even possible to save as a PNG with a transparent background. By Joseph Suarez. Sometimes an eLearning course needs to be enhanced with an image , but finding the right one can be a chore in itself. It’s frustrating to locate an image only to find it just isn’t quite right.

Images 161

E-learning Development: Selecting the Right Audio, Video, and Image Format

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When developing an eLearning course using rapid authoring tools, you should know which format is supported by the tool to import audio files, videos, and images. If the tool does not support the image, video, or audio format you want to import, you will have to waste time converting them into the required format. So to get a clear picture, let’s see the various formats supported by Adobe Captivate 9, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora 16.

FLV 43

How to create responsive SVGs and smart icons in PowerPoint


SVGs are the common format for icons and illustrations in PowerPoint. Scalable Vector Graphics) is a commonly used vector graphics format , especially prominent on the web.

6 Cutting-Edge Online Publishing Tools for 2021


Also Read: 8 eBook Conversion Tools Compatible with Multiple Formats. iPaper is an excellent digital publishing tool that allows you to transform your print catalogs from PDF to an engaging digital format, inspiring your visitors to take action.

eBook 83

Create Your Own ClipArt


You can easily create your own ClipArt in PowerPoint that can be saved as either PNG or vector (EMF) format. A simple — a simple thing you can do is save it as a PNG, just copy and pasting the picture, or as an EMF. So one of the things that we need to do is, this was created as a semi-transparent image, so that you can see the picture underneath as we drew it. But that’s going to be a PNG, you won’t be able to scale it all the way up. Synopsis.

PowerPoint 2008 for the Mac: Give a Presentation From Your iPod

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When the Send to iPhoto dialog box opens, ensure your options match the picture below. Note: You have a choice of either JPEG or PNG from the Format drop-down menu. If you were posting images to the internet it might be in your best interest to choose PNG. by AJ George You want to pitch a sale to the CEO of a large company, Billy Bigshot. Problem is, Mr. Bigshot is, well, a bigshot.

iPod 116

Create Your Own Microsoft ClipArt in PowerPoint 2


Learn how to save ClipArt drawings from PowerPoint into the vector EMF format. A simple — a simple thing you can do is save it as a PNG, just copy and pasting the picture, or as an EMF. So one of the things that we need to do is, this was created as a semi-transparent image, so that you can see the picture underneath as we drew it. So now, you can just copy this, so copy and then you can paste it as a picture, and now it’s just a single object here.

Create an Animated Title Clip Using PowerPoint & Camtasia Studio 8

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I searched for “butterfly” to find this picture. Double-click the background image to open the Format tab. With the image selected, on the Format tab, choose Picture Effects > Glow. With the frame selected, on the Format tab, choose Picture Effects > Glow. On the Format tab, choose Picture Effects > Glow. Format the Rectangle Shape. Double-click the shape to open the Format tab with the effects options.

Top 15 Websites to Get Free Stock Images


Here you can browse more than 1,700 photos and find vibrant and colorful pictures that are all food-related. What’s great about Reshot, is that it allows you to download images in SVG, PNG, and vector formats with no additional cost and allows instant downloads.

Stock 83

How to Edit SVG Graphics in PowerPoint

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Insert a picture by using Insert>Pictures on the toolbar. In the format toolbar (or via right-click) select Convert to Shape. I like to save as a PNG file so that the transparent part of the image remains transparent. The good news is that now you can edit SVG images in PowerPoint. And that’s a big deal because we’re starting to see more SVG images every day. In fact, one of the sites where I buy images has the option to download SVG images.

6 Cutting-Edge Online Publishing Tools for 2021


iPaper is an excellent digital publishing tool that allows you to transform your print catalogs from PDF to an engaging digital format, inspiring your visitors to take action. Comprehensive editing features that allow you to import pictures/text and manipulate them as per your needs.

PNG 52

Supercharging PowerPoint interactive presentations with VBA (Part 2)


Here are the steps to create your invisible shape: First make sure you’re using a shape for the icon that can be filled e.g. an SVG icon or a PowerPoint vector shape (a PNG/JPG picture won’t work). Right-click the rectangle and then click Format Shape… In the Format Shape pane, set the Fill / Transparency slider to 100% (don’t set it to No fill ) and set the Line to No Line.

JPG 40

Recolor ClipArt in PowerPoint


You can easily recolor ClipArt in Microsoft PowerPoint if the files are in the EMF format. If I just right click format shape, then let me bring this into here so you can see it, and instead of a solid fill, if I go to a gradient fill. I really like… If you haven’t used the copy past format, it’s a really big time saver. Or you can also just – if you do a copy, and then you go paste, you can actually paste it as a picture, and it will pull that in as a PNG.

How to Identify the Best eBook Conversion Services


Multiple Input and Output Formats: Select a software where you can upload any file format and get your output in whichever format you might need. The different input formats include AZW, Adobe InDesign, HTML, text files, XML, etc. Whatever output format the software allows, ensure that it has an option to convert your file into ePUB format. This is because ePUB is a popular eBook format that works across most reading devices.

How to Create a Rapid E-Learning Tab in PowerPoint

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Insert pictures & clipart. Paste as PNG. Format painter. A few years back, I was at a workshop where the PowerPoint team was showing some of the new features in the soon-to-be-released PowerPoint 2010. As they were talking about the features, one of them mentioned the ability to combine shapes to create your own. I thought it was a pretty cool feature so I asked in what tab it was, and the reply was that it wasn’t in a tab.

You Need to Know These Seven Tips If You Build Graphics for E-Learning

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To remove a background, create a colored shape that sits over the picture. Group the shape and picture. Right click on it and you’ll see the format shape option. Then do some basic edits like: Fill it with gray or black and set it behind the picture. If you right click on the image, you’ll get access to the Format Picture window where you have a bit more control to fine-tune the sizing. There are all sorts of image formats.

Here’s a Free PowerPoint Template & Laptop Illustration

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Use the format painter to fill the shape with the same gray gradient as the top and change the angle of the gradient to straight down so the dark is on the bottom. Create a small pill-shaped rounded rectangle and use the format painter to fill it with the same as the keyboard section. I saved it as a PNG. My guess is that some of the most common screen elements in elearning courses are computer monitors. They’re nice to use because contextually they fit elearning.

More Than 100 PowerPoint Tutorials & a Free Template

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Create a picture frame. And then create funky picture frames and more funky picture frames. Here’s the difference between PNG and EMF images. How to reduce file size by saving slide as a PNG. How to use the format painter. With as many PowerPoint questions that I get, it’s a good thing that over the past year or so the elearning community has created about 300 PowerPoint tutorials.

Enhancing Captivate Development with PowerPoint

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I also take photos and enhance them using picture styles and effects. Just about any thing you do in Powerpoint, you can either export in PNG format or take a screen shot of it. Since delving into learning content development a few years ago, I've been continually impressed with Microsoft PowerPoint's capabilities. It has awesome enhancements for photos and graphics, it has rich animation building capabilities, and it has a super easy user interface.

Certified to Blow Your Mind: How to Manage eLearning Certificates


Get crazy with it if you want… but also here are some suggestions for the management of images to make them picture perfect. The supported image formats are JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF. New format option: [date_complete format:”d,FY”].

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

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CONCEPTBOARD Features: Create unlimited visual image boards for projects or brainstorming, easy upload and sharing capability, PNG + PDF export function, comments, e-mail alerts, team/user roles, and activity streams to monitor productivity; board video conferences, interactive presentations for collaboration Why You'll Love it: Live Pointers (which act as a computer mouse) allow you to present the boards to your audience Cost: Free for trial period; $28.50

10 Low-Cost Ideas for Employee Training

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

To get the ball rolling, simply write down the scenario you'd like to address, transform it into a case study format and let your employees reflect on the outcome of the scenario. Documents for Days A great way to do that is by designing an interactive document that allows you to embed pictures, videos, fillable boxes, buttons and more. If you think training and development is out of your reach, think again.

Reducing File Size for E-Learning Media

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Resizing pictures or videos on the slide doesn’t change the size of the underlying file. You can also save the file in the right file format. JPEG, GIF, and PNG are three of the best formats for e-learning. You can use PNG and GIF for images, graphs, charts, and diagrams, as well as small images with text, buttons, icons, and logos. PNG has the advantage of a smaller file size; GIF has the advantage of also working for simple animations.

Top 10 Screen Recording Software for Windows

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Most video screen capture software utilities have a number of attributes in common, such as the ability to: film picture-in-picture to capture video from screen and webcam. saves in a variety of formats including AVI, JPG, GIF, and PNG. does not appear to have picture-in-picture recording option. records picture-in-picture web cam simultaneously with screen recording. WEBM is only available video format with free version.

The Perfect Toolkit to Create Your eLearning Courses


There’s no time limit for your screen recordings, and it supports any video format. Without them, the content would be boring and most of the time information would be missing, as it is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. . It’s compatible with JPEG, PNG, GIF, and SVG formats. The world of eLearning courses is in constant evolution. It is becoming increasingly possible to add more features that make learning more interactive and entertaining.

5 Lessons for Learning Photoshop

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Remember all those pictures you took while on vacation? Don’t confuse this with file formats like jpeg, gif and png. All three of those are just different formats of a raster file. Alone the individual pieces or pixels don’t mean much, but when you put them all together you get the full picture. Adobe Photoshop, that amazing image editing tool that seems to fall somewhere between technology and just pure magic.

Google Slides: The ULTIMATE guide


Advanced: text formatting. Grid view shows you your slides in grid formation so you can see an overview of your whole deck rather than looking at things one slide at a time. Format: Here you will find tools to help you customise your slide text. To remove all formatting changes to your text, click Clear formatting. Slides has some more advanced tools for formatting text, we talk about these later on. Select a shape and click the Paint format tool.