Formative vs. Summative Assessment


Most assessment strategies fall into one of two categories: formative or summative. Formative assessment involves activities that measure and provide feedback during the learning process. Examples of Formative & Summative Assessment.

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What Are the Signs of a High-Quality Online Course?


You want to create a quality online course for your learners. Most online course providers instinctively understand the value of a quality online course. They also know that a poor-quality course won’t sell. Creating a quality online course is an iterative process.

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7 Components of High-Quality Online Content


To keep the learner engaged, vary the format of these interactions. Completing a project using one of these formats can take the place of a traditional test. A varied presentation format is a great way to have successful learners!

Tips for Quality Design in ELearning


Design can include a lot of various components of a course, including the supplemental visuals, color schemes, player format (in the case of programs like Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate), diagrams, and more.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

organization and shared them in video format to help managers understand success. invest time and money in high-quality video. you might think comes down to a format called. You should also be able to export the data into formats such as. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Close the Sale With Quality Content


Don’t let the sales dialogue end prematurely–arm your sales team with high-quality reference materials, complemented by customized content designed specifically for the lead. Why quality sales content matters. Poor-quality content leaves your team ill-prepared for vital conversations, and makes it difficult to instantly source answers to the prospect’s big questions. So what does high-quality sales content look like?

3 easy ways media companies can improve the quality of training content


3 easy ways publishing companies can improve the quality of their online training materials Even the best learning management system ( LMS ) is only as good as its content. Test, rinse and repeat Are you testing for quality assurance ?

3 Digital Learning Formats To Use For Your Training

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The recent emergence of new web formats poses a unique opportunity for any organization wishing to improve the quality of its training. Here we’ll share our advice on how to make the most of them! This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate eLearning Best Practices Digital Learning Free eLearning eBooks

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Product Launch with Quality Content


With sales reps always on the go, it’s difficult to zoom and pinch their way through PDFs and other traditional file formats on a mobile device. Content that’s responsive provides legibility and dynamic formatting, ensuring a great user experience no matter the device. The post 3 Ways to Kickstart Your Product Launch with Quality Content appeared first on Inkling. A new product launch is a very exciting time.

Video Formatting for Online Learning

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When putting your videos online, there are so many different format options to consider. Compressing and formatting your video recordings include resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Format. Bit rate (data rate) controls both the visual quality of the video and its file size.

Adobe Captivate: When It Comes to Images, Choose Your Quality

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One thing you can do to lower the size of your published video is control the quality of your slides. Captivate offers four image quality levels you can specify.  Since the JPEG format does not support transparencies, some images could end up looking fuzzy. by Kevin Siegel.

5 Ways Clients like Uber use EduMe to Improve Quality of Learning


As the old adage goes - quality over quantity. It’s not just the quantity of learning material you deliver that directly influences positive learning outcomes, it’s the quality of the content itself. You may even disseminate information in engaging formats, like video.

Five Essential Elements of High Quality E-Learning Courses

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You can use formative assessments and summative assessments in e-learning. Formative assessments are diagnostic in nature and used after the completion of each unit to test learners’ understanding of the discussed learning points.

Enhance Healthcare & Quality Patient Satisfaction Via Employee Engagement


Building a reputation requires high quality healthcare services and satisfied clientele. With the platform being accessible across multiple devices and offering the ability to easily convert content into rich, multimedia formats, including gamification and fun activities, high levels of engagement and motivation can be achieved.

How to Train Faculty to Create Quality Online Courses

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As online learning continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to make sure instructors know how to create quality online courses, including custom video. Training faculty to create quality online courses, however, can be challenging.

Video Format Comparison - Flash Video Format - WMV Format - Quicktime - Real

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I was recently asked what video format to use and particularly about the differences between the Flash Video Format (FLV) and Windows Media - WMV Format. Market Penetration The Flash player is installed on a higher percentage of end user computers than any other video format. And as more consumer sites continue to move to the Flash video format, it's even more likely that your audience will have an appropriate player.

Online Conference Formats

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It had very good attendance and the quality of people was very high. And likely the topic will partly decide what format we use. But I very much would like your help in brainstorming what else we might consider doing with the format? We've just seen an interesting experience with Jay Cross having pulled together a 24 hour, worldwide discussion on the future of learning at Learn Trends. You can find some of the recordings here.

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A Checklist to Deliver Quality Assured E-learning Courses

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One of the biggest mistakes an e-learning professional can commit is NOT allocating sufficient time for a thorough quality check of the course and hurrying toward its launch. He is only interested in the quality of the e-learning course.

Formatting Fantastic Course Descriptions and Learning Objectives


You’ve invested in making a quality elearning course and you want learners to love it. For a concise formatting overview, our guideline is attached below. . . Crafting the perfect descriptions and learning objectives will help you showcase your product to future learners. Don’t miss your chance to market it properly by lacking in writing skills. Create great first impressions to increase sales and usage of your course by following this detailed guide below. . DESCRIPTIONS.

Three tips for effective, efficient quality assurance

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I hope by now I’ve convinced you of the benefits of quality assurance – although I appreciate that I may not have convinced you that QA is a fun task! Learning and training Project management Tips and examples e-learning tips good e-learning project management quality assurance

Understanding Image File Formats

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But, which image file formats do you need? Other more advanced image editors (such as Adobe Photoshop) offer additional formats like.psd,psb,bmp,eps,raw, to name a few. The main difference between all of these image formats comes down to two things: compression and compatibility.

How to format Your Scholarship Essay?

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This is your chance to let the Scholarship Recommendations on how to write a high quality scholarship essay We offer you to read samples of the best scholarship essays and writing techniques to follow

Three tips for effective quality assurance

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I hope by now I’ve convinced you of the benefits of quality assurance – although I may not have convinced you that QA is a fun task! But if a fresh pair of eyes isn’t available, put the work aside (ideally for a day or two, but at least for a few hours) or transfer it into a new format. Learning and training Project management Tips and examples e-learning tips good e-learning project management quality assurance

Developing Quality eLearning at the Speed of Sound


This topic is discussed by Cathy Moore and describes an employer who values course quantity over quality. I use the same course format and template for every project. The post Developing Quality eLearning at the Speed of Sound appeared first on.

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Text-to-Speech Overview and NLP Quality

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The focus of this post is around the quality of Text-to-Speech based on Natural Language processing. The quality criteria for Text-to-Speech Voices are pretty simple. Each of these parts has a specific role and by understanding a bit more about what they do, you can better evaluate quality of the result. Natural Language Processor (NLP) and Quality The natural language processor is what knows the rules of English grammar and word formation (morphology).

Step 2: Preparing #Sketchnotes for Format, Flow, and Materials


You may be saying to yourself, “Self, isn’t preparing and format the same thing?” Format in this context is more about how your sketchonte reads rather than the physical shape and size. FORMAT: Think of format on how you would lay out a document structure before writing.

Online Learning VS Traditional Formats: The Big 4 Benefits of eLearning


But how do traditional and online learning formats actually differ , and what can you expect from a transition to eLearning? This format is highly favorable for adult learners who juggle work and home , and enjoy the flexibility of submitting their opinions online.

Tips for Making a Successful Corporate Video That Will Impress Your Clients

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A high-quality video should have an organized message. Use the Right Format. Whichever video you choose, ensure it is high quality. Pair every idea in the video with colored and high-quality visual images.

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Proofreading and Editing for Quality E-learning Output

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As pointed out in the blog on style guides, formatting and punctuation are important factors in creating a polished and elegant output. E-learning courses need appropriate proofreading and editing to lend a professional touch to the output.

Meet the New Interactive Course Format


Meet the New Interactive Course Format. Still, we are constantly working on the quality of our course formats and content, trying to better adjust them to the learners’ needs. Eduson’s course library contains 300+ courses in 5 formats.

Open 24/7: get quality new courses anytime with TalentLMS’ Marketplace


Sure, TalentLMS makes it easy to upload existing content of all kinds, incorporate multimedia, format it for online and mobile delivery and all that. The post Open 24/7: get quality new courses anytime with TalentLMS’ Marketplace appeared first on TalentLMS Blog.

Development Corner: Image Formats

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Let's review the three most common image formats and why/when to use them. " It is one of the most popular formats used on the web and in eLearning. " Every time you save an image as a JPEG, it loses some quality by throwing out pixels.

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CaboPress Review and How to Run a Quality Mastermind Event Chris Lema Style


This episode of LMScast is a CaboPress review and how to run a quality mastermind event Chris Lema style with co-founders of LifterLMS , Chris Badgett and Thomas Levy. I think it’s a great format.

Apa works cited dissertation - Opt for Quality and Cheap

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MLA format dissertations require a Work Cited page, within which each different source isDissertation Works Cited dissertation works cited MLA Style Dissertation.

Improve Quality of Life With Virtual Learning

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Sodexo learning executives said they understand that the VLE format requires concise and targeted content to hold learners’ attention, but are pleased it offers immediate reach as well as clarity and an unfiltered connection to senior leaders. Designed to involve the organization’s 4,500 U.S.-based