PowerPoint Hack: How to Create Hand-Drawn Letters & Shapes

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To get the effect I used PowerPoint to create a title font and changed the format. Then go to Shape Format > Merge Shapes > select Fragment. Then I used the format painter to apply the colors to the other letters. And format painted onto the other shapes.

How to Convert Storyline Courses to PowerPoint

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With some planning, you can have your course content in both formats. Click here to view the tutorial on YouTube. Below are the basic steps, but watch the tutorial above for more detail: Once the course is complete, publish the Storyline course in Word.


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Two Apps to Help Manage Your PowerPoint & E-Learning Media Assets

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Here’s a quick tutorial on exporting the media files from your Storyline projects using the Media Library. Click here to watch the tutorial on YouTube. story) use compressed file formats. Click here it view the tutorial on YouTube.

How to Edit SVG Graphics in PowerPoint

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In the format toolbar (or via right-click) select Convert to Shape. How to Edit SVG in PowerPoint Video Tutorial. Here’s a video tutorial where I show how to convert and edit an SVG in PowerPoint. Click here to watch the YouTube tutorial. That should open the doors to all sorts of possibilities as you find free SVG files at those various sites that offer free stock images. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

8 E-Learning Production Tips for Your Next Gamified Course

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Here’s a link to the video tutorial series. The first micro game focuses on three types of learning activities: Simple Game : challenge the learners understanding in a common game format. Here are some videos that offer some real quick tutorials on how you can create similar effects and interactions in your own e-learning courses. Tutorial: how to create gate screens. Tutorial: how to create custom markers. Tutorial: how to simulate text chat.

How to Create a Video with 3D Models in PowerPoint

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The tutorial below shows how to create the video using 3D models in PowerPoint. Click here to view the tutorial on YouTube. You can also build your own 3D models and insert them using standard 3D formats. So it’s nice that PowerPoint supports the common 3D file formats. Here are the supported 3D formats for PowerPoint: FBX.OBJ.3MF.PLY.STL.GLB. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

How to Edit Free Vector Images in PowerPoint

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However, if you get the image in.EPS format you may be able to edit the free vector images in PowerPoint. Formats to Edit Free Vector Images. Whether you purchase the vector images or get them for free, they are typically in one of two formats: AI or.EPS and can be edited in an illustration program. If the free vector image is in.EPS format you may be able to edit it in PowerPoint. Here’s a video tutorial that shows how to edit free vector images in PowerPoint.

Use PowerPoint to Create Custom Videos

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Here’s a video tutorial that quickly walks through the steps outlined below. Bonus tips: Play around with some of the video formatting options in PowerPoint. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. Articulate Storyline Graphics Interaction Design Multimedia PowerPoint Tutorials VideoPowerPoint’s one of my favorite multimedia applications.

How to Add Closed Captions to Storyline

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Click here to view the closed captions YouTube tutorial. Come up with a format that is consistent. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. Articulate Storyline elearning Tutorials UncategorizedIn a previous post we learned how to create closed captions text for your online courses. Now we’ll learn to use that text in Articulate Storyline. Before we get started, let’s do a quick review of your closed captions source file.

Free medical images for eLearning


Medical stock photos are pretty popular in eLearning right now. Note that the icons are also in both PNG and EMF format, so you can ungroup and modify them. Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning Templates Tutorials Who doesn’t like free? So I thought it would be a good time to hook you guys up with some free images. You can download the images here.

How to Customize Illustrations in PowerPoint

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Most illustrations are vector images that are saved in a format such as. This is an issue I run into quite a bit because I get some of my graphics from those low cost (or free) stock image sites and often they only provide a.PNG version of the file. Many of the illustrations you purchase will be in one of these formats: EPS,AI,PNG, or.JPG. Click here to view the video tutorial. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images.

Adobe Captivate (2017 Release) : Smart, Fast & Incredibly Flexible

Adobe Captivate

Now you can fully format those captions, place them anywhere on the screen, customize the colors, fonts, backgrounds, alignment and more. Asset Libraries are the toy in my cereal box, and Adobe Captivate now comes stocked with more than 75,000 assets that you can use to go nuts with including games, images, characters, templates, themes and more.

Here Are Two Cool PowerPoint Tips When Building Templates

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I created a PowerPoint tutorial that goes through both tips in more detail. In PowerPoint 2013, they’re under the Drawing Tools’ Format ribbon. Again, here’s a PowerPoint tutorial that walks through the steps in more detail. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. e-learning Graphics PowerPoint Templates Tutorials UncategorizedOne of my favorite ways to learn is by deconstructing what others do.

How to create a media holder graphic in PowerPoint


You need a media holder graphic for your next big PowerPoint project, but you don’t want to pay to download vectors or graphics from a stock image site. To do this, select both shapes, go to Shape Format and under Arrange select Align , Align Centre then Align Middle.

Voice-over videos for eLearning: A step-by-step guide


The format itself makes for friendly and accessible lessons, perfect for the new generation of professionals who frequently consume content on their phones. A classic example of this format is the video from Inc., How to/tutorials with screencasting.

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Top PowerPoint Tips

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PowerPoint Tip 7: Apply Custom Formatting with the Format Painter. The format painter is an underutilized feature in PowerPoint. Essentially any object’s formatting can be applied to another. Create a quick style guide and then use the format painter to apply it. The animation painter is very similar to the format painter. The only difference is that instead of applying an object’s format you apply the object’s animations.

Instructional Design: The Process – Part 2

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In the discovery phase, following activities could be involved: Identifying goals and objectives; Taking stock of the existing assets, training, and source material etc.; Media Creation and construction – Upon completion of the storyboard, media elements such as graphics/illustrations and interactions are created or sourced and the course is developed in Flash XML or HTML5 formats using various authoring tools or frameworks.

9 Tips To Repurpose eLearning Content

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Before you can repurpose your eLearning content, you have to take stock of your current eLearning assets. On-the-go online learners can listen to bite-size tutorials to get the information they require. Turn Recorded eLearning Events Into Online Tutorials. All of your webinars and live events can be repurposed as online tutorials. Create a table of contents, format your text, and then produce a PDF.

How to Add Closed Captions to Your E-Learning Courses

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Here are three video tutorials that go into more detail regarding the steps below. TUTORIALS. TUTORIAL: Learn about creating and editing closed captions in Storyline 360. Many people like to create their closed caption text in separate applications , export the.VTT (or another format), and import the text file into the authoring tool. TUTORIAL: Learn about importing closed captions. TUTORIAL: Learn about creating a custom closed captions button.

Create an Animated Title Clip Using PowerPoint & Camtasia Studio 8

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So, when it comes to using Camtasia Studio, I sometimes like to go outside of the realm of traditional screen recording, plain title clips, or stock art found in the media Library and customize the look of my video with original artwork I create. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use PowerPoint to create an artsy, collage style title clip… …and add a little animation applied to it via the Camtasia Studio Visual Properties! Format the Rectangle Shape.

12 Websites for Free Vector Images Good for E-Learning

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or.EPS format. However, you can edit most free vector images that are in.EPS format using PowerPoint. Here’s a post that explains how to edit free vector images in PowerPoint and a tutorial video. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. Do a search for “free vector images” and you’ll find hundreds of sites that boast tens of thousands of free images.

Presentation design principles for better PowerPoint design


Watch the video for a summary of all the tips and tricks I cover in my tutorial: Presentation design with images. All of these come from one of my favourite free stock photo sites, Unsplash , which gives you royalty free images for commercial use, and they’re all beautiful. Again, we’ve got a full tutorial on how to incorporate white space like this here. PowerPoint design with text formatting. I’m often asked how to make presentations more effervescent.

How to Make a Video Presentation in PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps

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Try to avoid bad quality pictures and stock images, which most people are sick and tired of. You can use a file in one of these formats: AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, and MKV. If you choose Combined or Mobile format, your audience will be able to view the presentation on desktops, tablets and smartphones. eLearning Tools For DigitalChalk Users Online Training Software Tips and Tricks Tutorials Learning Management SystemIt’s no secret that most people are visually oriented.

Create a photo slideshow in PowerPoint


I also included some free downloads that you can use in your own slideshows, such as the stock music I used, as well as some templates to help you with your own slideshows. Video Tutorial. And if you want to watch the published version of the slideshow, you can watch it here: Screenshot and Text Tutorial. Click on the box to select it → right-click → “Format Shape”. To watch the part of the tutorial as a YouTube video, click here.

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Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | January 17, 2019

Mike Taylor

The main challenge is getting the MailChimp formatting looking good without compromising things on the website. photos] Pikwizard FREE Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images for Commercial Use. tools] Iorad – Watches you and automagically creates step-by-step tutorials.

7 Ways to Create Characters for Your Online Training Courses

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Create Characters by Pulling Them Out of Stock Images. You can find a lot of stock images for free. Use the.emf or.wmf format. Community Blog Posts & Tutorials. In this post we’ll review seven ways to create characters for your online training courses. For the most part these characters can be created in PowerPoint so you don’t need other tools. Create Characters by Customizing Clip Art. If all you have is clip art then that’s what you have to work with.

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos

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In this guide, we share our secrets to creating high-quality training and tutorial videos. Part 5: The true cost of making a tutorial, training, and explainer videos. Tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are the go-to instructional method for teaching a process or providing step-by-step instructions. Usually between 2-10 minutes long, tutorial videos may leverage multiple instructional methods. How to Make Tutorial Videos | Camtasia | TechSmith.

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How to Make Online Courses Engaging


From PDF docs to video tutorials to webinars, you’ve got lots of options. Format. Now you know your learning objective, it’s time to decide what learning format suits your course best. The content format can make or break a course – choose the wrong one and your message can get lost. . Depending on your LMS, there are lots of content formats to choose from – Word, PowerPoint, PDF, webinars , video , audio, graphics, etc.

Repurpose Your Content: Make a Blog Video!

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A vlog is a blog that is primarily delivered in video format. The video assets might include footage that you’ve captured with a camera, stock footage , screen-recording, or b-roll. For in-depth video editing assistance, check out the Camtasia tutorials. Producing it means you are converting it from an editable project file format, to something universally accepted by standard video players.

Customize Button States in Lectora 12


In Lectora 12, you’ll notice that all button types— text , stock , transparent and image buttons—have the same set of properties on the Style ribbon. Default Formatting. Both image and stock buttons already have a defined image for the Normal , Over and Down states. Subscribe to the Lectora e-Learning Blog for more Lectora how-to tutorials and tips. With the latest release of Lectora® e-Learning software , we’ve introduced the ability to customize button states.

Over 75 Free Rapid E-Learning Resources

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Also, here’s a link to the 200 free rapid elearning tutorials I posted a while back. Screenr : free screencasting tool; great for tutorials and simple software demos. Format Factory : convert media from one format to another. Image Tuner : resize, rename, and convert image formats with this free tool. Cartoonster : free tutorials that teach the basics of animation. Stock Image Resources. eLearning Art : free sample character pack of stock images.

How to Create Free Closed Captioning Text

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There are all sorts of file formats for closed captioning text. Here’s a great v ideo tutorial that shows how to create free closed captioning in YouTube. Once complete, select “Actions” and download the file in.SRT format. Select the WebVTT format. Get your free PowerPoint templates and free graphics & stock images. In this post we’ll explore a few simple ways to create free closed captioning text for your online training courses.

Free 84

4 Free Tools to Help Get Your PowerPoint from Good to Great


Much like data-heavy slides, occasionally it can be hard to avoid creating a text-heavy, boredom-inducing slide and sourcing for the perfect stock image to tell the story just isn’t practical. When you’re done creating, you can save your diagram to an image file format and then drop it into PowerPoint. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like some of these from the Mindflash archives: 5 Must-See PowerPoint Tutorials for Creating Better Training.

LMS Review: Adobe Captivate Prime

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I am already a limited member of the Adobe community — I rely on the Adobe Sign service to digitally sign PDFs and use Adobe Stock for my photos and graphics. Immediately, I was directed to my own dedicated area of the LMS and presented with friendly “getting started” video tutorials to learn about key concepts and features before giving them a try. In each of the four areas, tutorials guide the way. Plenty of clear self-service tutorials and free support.

How to Win with Video for Small Businesses

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Here, using easy-to-follow video tutorials and links to articles and resources, the folks over at Simply Business simplify the daunting process of setting up a website. So what are the benefits of the screencast format? Since the content is essentially a series of short tutorials, they felt that screencasts would be easier to follow than written posts, which might overwhelm users. Here’s an example of one video from the WordPress tutorial series. (

Video 85

8 Tips To Develop Real World Online Training Simulations With Limited Resources

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Such as online training tutorials or real world examples that can be integrated into the eLearning course design. Use An Interactive Video Format. You’re working with limited resources, which makes it even more essential to take stock of your assets and plan accordingly. How To Develop Real World Online Training Simulations With Limited Resources. Real world simulations give employees the opportunity to utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience in a practical setting.

8 Tips To Develop Real World Online Training Simulations With Limited Resources

EI Design

Such as online training tutorials or real world examples that can be integrated into the eLearning course design. Use An Interactive Video Format. You’re working with limited resources, which makes it even more essential to take stock of your assets and plan accordingly. How To Develop Real World Online Training Simulations With Limited Resources. Real world simulations give employees the opportunity to utilize their skills, knowledge, and experience in a practical setting.