Project Management for eLearning Professionals

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By Dean Hawkinson An instructional designer serves many functions in a training initiative, one of which is often project manager. In a lot of cases, we are managing a team of people to create an end product, and we rely on several project team members to accomplish actions that enable us to create the instructional materials. In this post, I address some of the critical things we need to be aware of in project management and a few tools to use along the way.

Characters for eLearning

eLearning Blender

I am working on an eLearning project where I will be using a character that will be the learners tutor throughout the module. I won't be able to use the South Park characters for my eLearning project because there is not enough flexiblity to move the arms around but I will definitely keep this in mind for future projects.

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Just in the nick of time!

eLearning Blender

I recently used the demo version of Camtasia to complete a software simulation project and it worked out great. I just installed Camtasia and can't wait to put it to use on a larger scale project. Just as I was looking into purchasing Camtasia Studio by Tech Smith I came across a blog posting on Tony Karrer's eLearning Technology blog just in the nick of time. Tony posted links to free downloads of Snag It and Camtasia.

Embracing The AGILE Method For Great eLearning Results


The single most common cause of failure for corporate Agile eLearning projects is a lack of inclusiveness. The earlier in the Agile project cycle that you get everyone around the table and involved in the project, the better is the chance of a successful outcome. Leverage technology, in the form of tools such as JIRA Software systems , some of which, such as Taiga and Freedcamp , are open-source and freeware that you can use without obligation.

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Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

eLearning Brothers

This website enables you to collaborate with authors and editors from different areas of study, so you can rely on their experience, expertise, and creativity to come up with the best content for your eLearning project. Wink is a freeware for creating tutorials and presentations aimed at instructing how to use software. Guest post by Robert Morris. The upswing of the eLearning industry is showing no signs of slowing down.

Set Variables With Interactive Sliders – Part 5 Additional Resources

Adobe Captivate

This is the fifth and final part of the series for adding a slider to your project that will update your variables. In this post I just wanted to share the complete project so that you will have something else to play with. The complete project, of course, extends the usage of this idea to two sliders on one screen which control different variables. Project Items – zip file contents – approx 650K.

Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 2

Upside Learning

This article on Mashable discusses how technology’s role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class&# into a tool that’s changing how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress. The best freeware reviews presented to you by Gizmo’s team of experts provides a listing of 260 sites that legally offer free books (eBooks) on a wide range of topics, for download or for online viewing.

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11 Free Game Creation Software Programs (At least for 30 Days)

Kapp Notes

Also, if you are in a large organization and thinking of implementing a "serious game," you may want to develop a prototype using one of these software programs to see how it plays before sinking a lot of money into the project. Or, if you are in Dr. Kapp's Instructional Game Design Class, you may want to consider one of these free programs for the educational game you are developing as a final project.

Jane Hart’s Top 100 Learning Tools

Jay Cross

I was the first person to take part in this project some nine years ago and now it’s an annual ritual. This little freeware tool plays just about any video format you can throw at it. It’s time once again to contribute to Jane Hart’s annual survey of tools for learning. It’s enlightening to review what’s best in the toolbox. My top tools for learning are: Experience. Extracting the lessons of simply living my life. Friends.

Headed to DevLearn? 8 Sessions You Don’t Want to Miss

Knowledge Guru

You’ll find out how to move from principles into practice with both concepts; how common UX ideas like user testing and visual design can specifically enhance gamified experiences; and how to adapt to the common challenges you might face when creating a project that blends gamification and thoughtful UX design together. You will explore 3-D modeling software, game engines, and animation websites while learning about the different file formats that will come together in a final project.

Looking ‘Under the Hood’ of MOOCs

e-Learning Academy

Generally speaking, a cobbled up MOOC using freeware is not going to ‘cut it’ because it wastes student time and looks unloved. A technique I use successfully is to provide teachers with scaffolds, templates and contextual examples to guide them through their online design and facilitation journey, done to a project plan that is generous of time, with ad hoc coaching available along the way. project management.

Software for Starving Students - sweet!

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

Windows and Mac only: Software for Starving Students has released a 2007 edition of its collection of freeware and open-source software. The idea behind the project is to give students (or anyone else) a single CD containing all the software they'll need to be productive." Lifehacker has a great link to this download of usefull software. Sure students are strapped for cash, but schools are too. What a great little set of tools for educators as well.

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

Tony Karrer

The Geo-Images Project attempts to make images (mostly photographs) that are useful in teaching geography more widely available. The license works differently for subscription, but this may be a wonderful option for the right project (check out the FAQ ). This Australian site links to free stuff in Australia and worldwide, like fonts, freeware, etc. (4) Weird - after posting, I just saw a post in my blog reader from HeyJude - Find free images online - my list!

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