Streams, not blogs?

Jay Cross

Blogging has been an important part of my life for ten years but now I’m wondering if the party isn’t moving on. Like classrooms in training, blogs will always be around. But also like classrooms, blogs are ceasing to be the primary source of value. My blogs show but one of many perspectives of Jay. Blogs are author-centric in a world that’s increasingly about relationships. By the way, I’m writing this post in Gmail.

Instructional Design, Crowdsourcing, Audio, Typography, Blogs, & Psych

Big Dog, Little Dog

These days a good ID needs to be able to write instructional objective. Write a criterion referenced test Create a shared collaborative experience and measure its impact. Administer a blog. Write a report. Using Audio Markers in Adobe Presenter - Audio Narration in E-Learning Content: Using Audio Markers - Michael Hanley in E-Learning Curve Blog. Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere? Blog authority as measured by Technorati is declining.


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Under the radar: great technologies you could be using

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Write a blog? Google Docs/collaborative writing. Activity streams, e.g. Jay’s FriendFeed. FriendFeed. blogs , one of which is home to this page. Learning Technologies 2009. Track 1 Session 1. Learning technologies: the road ahead. Under the radar: great technologies that you could be using. URL for this page:[link]. TInyURL for this page: [link]. Collaborative Learning;


Jay Cross

Now, the torrent of information generated by the ever increasing stream of new developments has rendered this impossible. It pleases me to think of all of the passing information, entertainment, notifications, tweets, blogs, magazines, newspapers, and so on as a never-ending stream. Links take me to my blogs, tools, events, clocks, clubs, and communities. Google Docs : collaborative writing and MyDocs in the cloud. Feeling lost?