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Tony Karrer

Human tagging? While he's talking primarily about feeds of updates, e.g., facebook, twitter, friendfeed, etc., The post The Future of the News Ecosystem pointed me to the Stephen Johnson Picture shown above. While I don't necessarily believe that things are nearly so linear, it is a good picture of the kind of flow, enhancement, filtering that happens.

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Walkabout Reflections

Jay Cross

Tagging these favorites was a fun exercise. Looking back at 60 days of blog posts is easier with Friendfeed. Remember this one? I hoard words but often never go back to reflect on what’s there. Photo Review. I’ve posted more than 700 photographs to Flickr since February 1. Here are the 56 photos ` that meant most to me. Reflection as forced march. Food & people. A few sights. On the Road. Jack Keroac typed On the Road on toilet paper.