If the recent past has taught us anything, it's that L&D organizations need to be nimble, quick, and able to react to both foreseen and unforeseen threats in order to be successful. But how do you build organizational capabilities around events that may never happen or may happen without any prior warning?

One answer is to focus your learning and development strategic initiatives on the future. This doesn’t mean a blind adoption of all new technologies or embracing every new trend in the L&D space. It means carefully and methodically considering the forces that are continually changing and shifting priorities within organizations.

Don’t bet on one specific technology! Instead, look to the convergence of technology, learning, and business needs so that you can make intelligent, informed decisions regarding both your future and the future of your organization.

In this webinar, Karl Kapp will talk us through:

  • Emerging technologies
  • Forward-thinking L&D strategies
  • Maintaining employee engagement, even in turbulent times

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March 2nd, 2023 at 9:30am PST, 12:30pm EST, 5:30pm GMT

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