Tracking Player Progress

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Both Guru and Quest game types include a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. Reports Available for Either Quest or Legend Game Types. If you want to know how a specific player is performing in the game, access the Player Progress Report.

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How Does Game-Based Learning Help Track and Measure Learner Progress?

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This blog will highlight ways in which game-based learning can help you track and measure learners’ progress. eLearning Design game based learning track and measure learners

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Learning Game Design Series, Part 1: Play and Evaluate Games

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Last week’s post gave an overview of the entire process for getting started in learning game design or creating game-based learning. This post focuses on Step 1, which is to play and evaluate games. If you focus on one particular genre (video games, board games, etc.),

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Integrating Games into eLearning

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People often just look at video games as fun, but they can also be played to aid learning. Listed below are examples of when gaming and learning are combined to give learners an optimal, innovative experience. Learning About Video Game Design.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. Track and Analyze Exactly. Make sure that the tool you choose tracks every user.

How We Get Ideas for Serious Games

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Last month, I shared a game evaluation worksheet I use when playing games. but also part of my idea generation process for the games I design. I’ve said it many times: “you can’t design a great game unless you play lots of games.”

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Social Media Tracking the Nation's Mood

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Check out the article on the Huffington Post __ Catalog of Recommended Books, Games and Gadgets Recommended Games and Gadgets Recommended Books Content Guide. Check out this video showing how researchers used Tweats to determine the mood of the country and individual states.

How to Track Player Progress in Knowledge Guru Drive

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Knowledge Guru Drive includes a variety of reports you can use to track player progress. Here you can verify the number of players you have in the game and what their progress is within the game. This is a useful report to showcase to managers and stakeholders who want to see how a game is going at a glance. If you want to know how a specific player is performing in the game, access the Player Progress Report.

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Keep Your eLearning on Track With Genie’s Project Management Tools

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That’s one of the reasons we developed Genie, our brand new game-based content authoring tool. The post Keep Your eLearning on Track With Genie’s Project Management Tools appeared first on Growth Engineering It can be difficult to create eLearning to a deadline, particularly when you’re working with a number of people, and going back and forth between subject matter experts, eLearning developers and L&D professionals.

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Game Element: Construction and Creation

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When you are considering creating a learning experience using a game or parts of games, one type of element you can add is the Construction/Creation element. There are several game examples that use the concept construction for game play. Games

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DevLearn Thoughts: Is Game Based Learning Misunderstood?

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Since we were there in part to launch or Knowledge Guru™ learning game engine, we were especially tuned in to what was being said about learning games at the conference… and what other game based learning products were being shown. Games distract from actual learning.

Simulations versus games

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At the recent Realities 360 conference, I saw some confusion about the difference between a simulation and a game. For that matter, they can represent worlds that aren’t real, certainly the case in games.). There’s an inflection point (qualitative, not quantitative) where the complexity of controlling the branches renders it more sensible to model the world as a simulation rather than track all the branches. Games. Sorry, then it’s not a game!

An Educator’s Guide to Using Game Mechanics for the Win


Research indicates that worldwide revenues for game-based learning will climb from $2.6 This dramatic rise is proof enough that games are an exceptional learning aid. Players seek risks, challenges, rewards, and recognition when they play a game.

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Track Your Learning Experiences 100% with xAPI Enabled LMS

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Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are confined to recording and tracking learning on digital devices. So how do we track learning at the workplace that has become informal in the form of activities, networking, work assignments, and collaboration outside the classroom?

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Motion Based Learning: A Modern Turn On Game-Based Learning


Game–based learning has slowly but surely been making an impact on the learning industry over past few years. Yes, the types of games that are being developed vary as per the audience profile. But as a mode of learning – game-based learning has been ubiquitously successful.

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Staying Sharp with Video Games

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The lucky group was asked to play the real-time strategy game, Rise of Nations Gold Edition (RON). RON combines the speed of real-time gaming and the complexity of turnbased strategy games. The game has several ways in which victory can be achieved. Games

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What is Game Based Learning? (Free Webinar Series)

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What is game based learning? When we gain knowledge and learn new skills through playing a game, we are participating in game based learning. Games are not just reserved for kids; educational games for adults can play a major role in how we learn at work.

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Six Game-Based Training Models To Achieve Your Performance Objectives

The Game Agency

Game-based training transforms traditional learning from a passive experience into an active experience. The study “A Meta-Analytic Examination of the Instructional Effectiveness of Computer-Based Simulation Games” found that simulation game-based training results in 20% higher self-efficiency, 9% greater retention, 11% greater declarative knowledge and 14% greater procedural knowledge than instructional training methods. Memorization Games: Prove Knowledge.

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Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard Unveiled at ASTD ICE

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We are taking our show on the road to ASTD ICE, May 20 – 22 in Dallas, Texas to unveil the Knowledge Guru Game Creation Wizard. It takes the guesswork out of game based learning with a proven game design you can use for your instructional games.

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Is Learning Analytics A Game Changer For Enterprise LMSs?

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With a good Learning Analytics tool, you can track all of this irrespective of the format or device that employees use to login to the LMS. With Analytics and Reporting APIs further augmenting the ambit of Learning Analytics, it certainly is set to be a game changer for enterprise LMSs.

How QuoDeck enables enterprises to deliver game-based learning


QuoDeck relies on using gaming as a natural behavior of the learner to drive enterprise learning. ” When the duo started looking at millennials, they realized that apart from browsing on social media, a large chunk of their time is spent on online gaming.

3 Top Game Based Learning Links: Weekly GBL Digest – 1

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With our increasing focus on Game Based Learning, each week sees us sharing interesting articles and resources about Game Based Learning on varied social networking platforms. Teaching Science Through Video Game Design. A well designed game is akin to a good teacher.

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Game-based Learning & Gamification – Driving Fun & Engagement to Your Corporate Training Experience


It has become a trending buzz for corporate training, where different game mechanics are embedded with non-gaming contexts. On the other hand, game-based learning uses real-time tactics to teach knowledge and skills.

Games Templates vs Custom Serious Games: How to Decide What Your Employees need

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You want to include a serious game in your training… but can you use an inexpensive game template or do you need a more expensive custom game? How much skill do you have in game design and instructional design? You can register for and play our CPR Guru game here.

The future of gaming

Learning with e's

Games based learning is one of the most important strategies for 21st Century education. We have enjoyed playing games since time immemorial, and video arcade games such as Asteroids and Space Invaders of the 1970's were just the start of the emergence of digital games.

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Gameful Approaches to Motivation & Engagement: Recap of #WhartonGame Summit

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It was titled “Gameful Approaches to Motivation and Engagement” with the hashtag #WhartonGAME and it was attended by many of the most influential thought-leaders in both the academic and practitioner space in the arena of gamification.

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Using Games to Improve Product Knowledge

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If you’re using instructor-led sessions for your training, consider incorporating simple games into the sessions that let people rapidly practice the terminology. If you go the digital route, you do not need a fancy simulation or 3D game to practice product knowledge.

6 Elements Every Mobile Learning Game Should Have

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There are essential elements that every mobile learning game should have. Specifically, I found six that are a must when developing any learning game. Here are the six elements every mobile learning game should have: 1. Game Board or Game Objective.

The Future of Game-based Learning

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Technology is shooting ahead faster than we can keep up with it and the world of learning games is no exception. The future of game-based learning is right on our doorstep and if you’re wondering how you’re going to stay on the cutting edge, preparation is half the battle.

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How to Start Designing Game Based Learning (Free Webinar)

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How do I Start Designing Game Based Learning? You know games or hot and game based learning is proven to improve training efficacy. We host a series of free webinars about how to map the “fun” in games to the principles of effective learning design.

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Top 5 Game-Based Learning Posts on Our Blog in 2013

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We first launched the game engine in October 2012, added the Game Creation Wizard in 2013, and are now humming along with happy customers and a wide range of feature enhancements planned for the coming year. The post Top 5 Game-Based Learning Posts on Our Blog in 2013 appeared first on.

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Game On: Training Employees To Battle Cyberattacks

The Game Agency

Instead of turning to traditional training methods, consider using more immersive solutions such as game-based training. In my work at The Game Agency, I’ve seen firsthand how engaging games can be when it comes to training, especially in an age in which attention is hard to keep. Game Training Examples. The company enlisted an agency to create a game called Cloud Defense to help employees master cybersecurity.

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The Power of Play: How to Use Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

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Join Sharon Boller , President of Bottom-Line Performance, for a webinar that shows you the “why” of games and gamification. Sharon is the lead designer of our Knowledge Guru game engine. ” “I learned SO much by playing this game. Click here to register.

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Creating “Mind-Blowing” Learning Games for Social Impact and Business Results

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This week I had a “first” in terms of how someone described what we’d created: “mind-blowing” We were doing our final play test of A Paycheck Away and each player was invited to share a one-word description of the game-play experience they’d just completed.

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5 Ways to Improve Knowledge Retention With Games and Mobile

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Your app or game could be ten times more interesting than the eLearning courses on your LMS and still not be enough to pull people in without frequent reminders. Games that only require a few minutes of play a time yet encourage repeat play are best for helping learners remember.