Video games as Good Teachers

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It is obvious that games are immensely popular, what is less obvious is that they are also powerful teachers who have been “schooling” a generation for the past 30 years. Games are filled with goals. Games induce players to create their own worlds, to participate in social activities, to form effective teams, to reason and to save lives [51]. Contrast that gaming environment with a typical classroom environment that dominates the current educational landscape.

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Video Games and Motivation

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Every year globally, people spend huge amounts of money and time playing video games. Most people who engage in video game play choose to do so voluntarily, because it is fun and they enjoy it.

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5 games every e-learning professional should play

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In fact, 63% of American households are home to someone who plays video games regularly (hardly a sub-culture). In other words, the playing of video games has normalised. As time marches on, not gaming is becoming abnormal.

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Game-Changing Games

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I have been exposed to Dr. Kurt Squire’s video games and learning curriculum since 2006, when I was a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin. This video captures the flavor of the space and the experience: Click here to watch the video.

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Video Learning Platforms

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Beta player owners realize the game is up – and decide to cryogenically freeze players until the masses realize what they are missing. Video Killed the Radio Star debuts. Everyone watches it – because it is the first video to be seen on the station. Grab your Video.

Four Videos on #Games for Learning, Education & Changing the World

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Here are four videos by some really smart people discussing games for learning, education and changing the world. Their world views on games are interesting and they all tackle the concept slightly differently. Games

Instructional Game Projects

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As I begin to reflect upon this year coming to a close, I have to admit that I am pretty excited about two instructional game projects of which I have been involved. Here are videos describing each project. Design Education Gamers Games Games video games

Why Adults Should Love Game-Based Learning

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Kids, for example, might love to play soccer or love to play video games like Minecraft. These types of games and activities keep children engaged, often for hours at a time. LearningWorks for Kids even created a new term for the combination of engagement and games: engamement.

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Games To Gamification


Slowly, as the human species evolved, (around 70,000 to 80,000 years ago), they started hunting small game. The word ‘game’ here means any animal hunted for food. The term game was used as a medieval hunting terminology in the late 13th century.

Feedback Essential for Video Games and Learning

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One of the features video games, board games and other types of games have over traditional learning environments is the frequency and intensity of feedback. Feedback in games is almost constant. Board game showing player's pieces.

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Great TED Video by Tom Chatfield: 7 ways video games engage the brain

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Here is a great TED Video that clearly details the ways that video games engage us, transfix us and compel us to action. Tom Chatfield also describes how video games are data collection machines and they are constantly collecting data on players. Gamers Games

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My TEDxNavesink Talk Video has Been Released!!

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Check out other great videos from the TEDxNavesink event here. Games video games My TEDx Talk has now been posted. What a wonderful experience I had with all the great people at TEDxNavesink.

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Cave of Volume: Video Game Level Teaching Students Math

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Here is a video showing one of the first levels of the game called: Cave of Volume. GamesI am involved with a National Science Foundation project designed to teach middle school students various Science, Technology, Engineering and Math concepts.

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Instructional Design vs. Learning Game Design: What’s the Difference?

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Your manager decides to include games and gamification as part of this year’s training strategy. As the instructional designer, she expects you to create the learning game. Few instructional designers have real game design experience or skills. What is Learning Game Design?

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3 Videos All Instructional Game Designers Need to Watch

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Recently Sharon Boller of Bottom Line Performanc e and I did a presentation at ASTD2013 on Instructional Game Design. They created some really awesome games in a relatively short amount of time. Reduce the “friction” in the game. Education Games learning design

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2016 Reflections on Games and Gamification for Learning

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In my work with games and gamification I have the opportunity to travel around the globe talking to folks who are working on various aspects of games and gamification from vendors to practitioners to consultants. Continued Strong Interest in Gamification and Game-based Learning.

6 Must-Read Learning Game Design Books

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Designing a game is no easy task, but do you know what’s even more difficult? Designing a game that helps people actually learn something. The BLP team (creators of Knowledge Guru) is no stranger to the challenges that come with learning game creation.

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Why video game mechanics work, and how they’re used to engage online learners

Growth Engineering

An estimated two billion people play video games, and the global video game market will generate just shy of $100 billion in 2016, according to the latest research published by Newzoo. The application of typical elements of game playing (e.g.

Instructional Games and Narrative

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Instructional games work best when there is a narrative that provides the learner with the proper context for the learning that needs to take place. In a game, the time frame is usually compressed so that something that typically takes a year might only be 5 minutes of game play.

Real Time Video Game Updates

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EA , the gaming juggernaut, has created a video game that updates, in real-time information and statistics that alter how the video game is played.everyday. The game is NBA Live 09.

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One Player Video Game that is Multiplayer: Intriguing Concept

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Jason Rohrer, well known game designer, created a fascinating video game concept called Chain World. Rohrer unveiled Chain World at the 2011 Game Design Challenge, held on March 4 at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Rohrer created a game where a person only plays it once. When the player dies they pass on the game (available only on a jump drive). The person can never play the game again. Design Games

Player Types/Levels in Educational Video Games

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To start with, when creating an educational game, the various skill levels of current and future players must be considered. The approach taken to motive and attract a new or novice player needs to be different from the approach used to hold onto players who consider themselves masters of the game. For a novice, an important first step is to guide them into the game gently but with a great deal of attraction and interest. Design Games

The Benefits of Video Games as a Learning Tool

Designing Digitally

From simulation and serious games to mobile learning games, the best corporate educational practices are more and more likely to involve a digital aspect. Enter, video games. Much like other forms of elearning, video games present a unique opportunity for learning.

Three Videos about Game Design That Can Inspire Instructional Game Design

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Here are three interesting videos about game design, they are not focused on instructional games but if you substitute “instructional game designer” every time they mention “game designer” you will learn a great deal about designing instructional games.

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Rules and Instructional Games

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At its simplest form, a game is just a set of defined rules. Without rules, games would not exist. In the book, Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals , the authors define three types of rules that apply to games. These are the rule that describe how the game is played.

Keynote Resources for New Designs for Learning: Games & Gamification Conference

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Great time at the New Designs for Learning: Games and Gamification Conference. Met so many wonderful people and had a great time discussing games and gamification. Videos/Class. First here is a link to a video I did as part of a course on Gamification for

Six Truths About Implementing a Learning Game that Gets Results

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I love games—but that does not mean I think a game is the appropriate option for every learning situation. You may need to go through 5-8 iterations to get a custom game right. 2) Games are not a panacea. Match the game to the audience, not the people paying for it.

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Match Content to be Learning with Right Game Type

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Matching the right type of game-thinking and mechanics to the right type of content to be learned, is the right way to design an instructional game. While the addition of these games adds variety and interest to e-learning courses, this is not a highest value use of game-based learning.

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Three “Extra Credit” Videos about Games and Learning to Ponder

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Here are three videos from the Extra Credit series that are thought provoking in the area of game design. If you are thinking of using games for learning, check these out and think about the messages. Here is some more information about the game. Games

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Flash for Instructional Game Development

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There are several books that can help you to utilize Adobe’s Flash (which I know has a bad wrap due to Apple, however, it is still great for creating instructional games). This book basically has a game to develop in each chapter. You can see one of the videos below. Game

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Flow-It should be part of every good video game.

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One evening you sit down to play a game and you become so involved, you lose all track of time, you are finding and defeating the bad guys effortlessly, you are easily finding the clues and you are engaged in the challenge. Flow is elusive and cannot always or easily be designed into a game.

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Metafocus: Using Educational Video Games as College Courses by Matt Sparks

Learning Solutions Magazine

André Thomas, of Triseum and Texas A&M University, talks with Matt Sparks about using sophisticated educational video games. Games & Learning Learning Mediaas stand-alone college courses.

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“Replayability” Not Just for Video Games

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In games, failure is an option. Games provide the opportunity to explore a set of rules test hypotheses and to remember which approaches were successful and which ones failed. In games, unlike many other activities, exploring failure and what it means is a valued approach.

Interview With Karl Kapp on Games and Learning

Bottom-Line Performance

After a sold-out pre-conference workshop at ASTD ICE in Dallas, Karl Kapp and Sharon Boller have decided to host their learning game design workshop again. He teaches graduate level courses including Learning in 3D and Instructional Game Design. Second, don’t think game design is easy.

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3 Ways to Use Game Based Learning in Corporate Training

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s one of the intro comments made in a short YouTube video that does a fantastic job of explaining and SHOWING the answer to “Why games as learning and teaching tools?” The video is embedded above. The entire school is organized around game design.

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Moving Games Forward

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Here is an interesting whitepaper called Moving Learning Games Forward: Obstacles, Opportunities and Openness written by Eric Klopfer, Scot Osterweil, and Katie Salen with contributions by Jason Haas, Jennifer Groff and Dan Roy and right out of the Education Arcade.

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Learning from Games – Games Beyond Stereotypes #03 Her Story

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Welcome to the third post in the series “Learning from Games”. In this series, I try to break apart some of the most unique games I’ve played. Let’s move on to today’s game. Today, we’re going to talk about a very special game that surprised me in a lot of ways.

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