Webinar: Ready? Set. Perform! Use learning Games to Boost Performance

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Want to learn which types of games make the most sense for your learning content? webinars instructional design gamification elearning games eLearning Resources Webinars the training arcade

Webinar: Preview the Newest Training Arcade Game – Trivia!

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Have you seen how cool and easy to use the Training Arcade games are? Last week we hosted The Game Agency in a webinar showcasing how powerful these games are, and introducing their newest game: Trivia! With games like Jump, Match, Scramble, and Recall, the Training Arcade’s newest addition makes learning even more fun and interactive. And what’s more, The Game Agency has added support for ten new languages!

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What is Game Based Learning? (Free Webinar Series)

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What is game based learning? When we gain knowledge and learn new skills through playing a game, we are participating in game based learning. Games are not just reserved for kids; educational games for adults can play a major role in how we learn at work. Gamification takes game elements (such as points, badges, leaderboards, competition, achievements) and applies them to a non-game setting. That’s where our webinars come in.

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Win the Game With Two Great Gamification Webinars

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We have two webinars coming up that focus on easy ways to incorporate gamification into your next eLearning development project. Our own eLearning evangelist and rockstar, Adam Cannon, will be presenting one, and we’ll be welcoming our friends from The Game Agency back for another. Get Ready for the Big Game(ification) with Storyline and The Game Agency. Games or Gamification… What’s Right For You? See all our upcoming webinars: Webinars.

Stop Thinking Like an Instructional Designer, Start Thinking Like a Game Designer

Speaker: Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University

Instructional designers tend to think content first and action second. Game designers tend to think action first. Simply changing your mindset from instructional designer to game designer will help you to create engaging and effective instruction. In this unique gamified webinar, Karl Kapp will help you make that shift.

Webinar: The Hero’s Journey: Elements in Learning Games

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Today’s learners expect a lot from their learning games. In this webinar, Rich Vass and Dan Dellenbach explored often overlooked elements in learning games that have more to do with the story and can make all the difference for learner engagement. How do we create games for both? In these situations, we’ll craft two or three game dynamics that we’ll start building and then focus on just getting one of those perfect while the others are also in flight.

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Quick Start Guide for Game Based Learning (Free Webinar)

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Get a Quick Start Guide for Game Based Learning Design. You’re not going to get from “zero to game designer” in a day. This February, we started hosting a free webinar series to teach folks how the “fun” in games maps to learning outcomes. Since then, we have helped hundreds of people get started with game based learning. We like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about games over the last several years.

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How to Design Learning Games With Knowledge Guru (Free Webinar)

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You can now create your own Knowledge Guru games. We are offering a free webinar to help you get started creating amazing games using our Game Creation Wizard. Knowledge Guru is a game engine that lets you create quiz-style games that leverage the principles of repetition and spaced learning to help people learn facts fast – and remember them over time. How to design a game that actually helps people learn (amazing concept, we know!).

Webinar: How To Make PowerPoint More Engaging with Games

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In this webinar, we dove into making a PowerPoint presentation more engaging using different types of games. Many organizations don’t have authoring tools or the bandwidth to create complex eLearning games, but still want to provide engaging content to their learners. With tools like The Training Arcade®, pre-built templates, and a little creativity, you can deliver fun learning games without an authoring tool!

The Power of Play: How to Use Games for Learning (Free Webinar)

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The webinar will be held at two times on Thursday, February 28th: 8 am EST/5 am PST and 11 am EST/ 8 am PST. Join Sharon Boller , President of Bottom-Line Performance, for a webinar that shows you the “why” of games and gamification. Sharon is the lead designer of our Knowledge Guru game engine. We’ve gotten more positive feedback from games than any other type of learning solution: “Can you create more stuff like this?”

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5 Tips to Engage Gen Z and Millennial eLearners in 2020 and Beyond

Speaker: Nick DiMaso, Learning Content Manager and Technologist at BenchPrep

If 2020 hasn’t radically changed your approach to your learning program, it’s time to get in the digital learning game or risk being left behind. But if you’re searching for current, new ways to engage people online and keep your business thriving, look to your youngest learners. In the next 5 years, Millennials will comprise 75% of the workforce, and Gen Z is right behind them. To future-proof your learning program, make sure your content is designed with these young professional learners in mind.

Webinar: Customizing An eLearning Trivia Game for Adobe Captivate

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This past Thursday I conducted a webinar in which I took one of our most popular eLearning trivia game and customized it according to a style guide. During the webinar we had some technical difficulties with our video. I made sure to answer the questions that came through during the webinar though, so it should be pretty similar to what you would have seen live (minus all the video issues). .

Serious Games + Smart Implementation = Win! (Free Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

We love creating games at BLP and try to share that enthusiasm as much as we can. But we’ll also be the first to admit that designing a learning game is only the beginning. What if you design the best learning game ever, or work with a vendor who creates a great one for you, and no one plays it? According to Karl Kapp , games work best when embedded into a larger blended learning curriculum. You’re ahead of the game. Register for Webinar.

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Webinar: May The Workforce Be With You

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gamification elearning games training arcade Webinars virtual meetingsYour workers may be socially distanced right now, but you can still help them feel close to each other through virtual meetings that rock!

Webinar: A First Look at Eibhlin’s Quest, Our Newest Storyline Game

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Earlier this week, we held a webinar featuring our newest and most exciting Storyline Game Template! Bill Milstid, the developer behind the game, walked us through what the game has to offer to those who download and use the template. Other topics discussed were how to better use Storyline to make true games for eLearners, the development process, and the time required to make such a large project come to life. Game Theory: [link] learn/game-theory-1.

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GamesShow Webinar – Twitter Brief


Raptivity had organized the Games Show webinar on 8th November, 2012. Hashtag(#) for the webinar: #GamesShow @Raptivity : Key speaker at the webinar – @ heroskills Nadine Jeffers #GamesShow bit.ly/SdfPjg SdfPjg #Raptivity @Raptivity : Hosts for the webinar are Jamaica Bracken& [.]. Education Software eLearning tools Free webinar raptivity Early Childhood Development First Aid game based interactivity courses GamesShow Webinar Million Dollar Quiz

Webinar: eLearning Brothers and The Game Agency Bring You: The Training Arcade

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The Training Arcade is a library of fun, casual games that can be rapidly customized with your content to reinforce educational material, assess knowledge retention, measure overall teaching effectiveness, and improve learning outcomes. In last week’s webinar we hosted Kara Kono and Richard Lowenthal of The Game Agency in a demonstration of what a powerful and exciting tool this new library is!

Tips to Level-Up Your Virtual Learning Game

Learning Rebels

The key is helping others understand that as an educational tool, webinars must be created to address the adult learning needs. We’ve all participated in webinars that were killers; and those that were buzzing with activity. The key is to develop a space that promotes the exchange of knowledge, and be able to apply that knowledge after they depart the webinar – we all know when a session is engaging and interactive the odds are greater people will learn something.

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Quick Recap – Launch Webinar of Games and Simulations Interactions in HTML5


Team Raptivity extends warm thanks to all the participants of the complimentary webinar “Raptivity launches Games and Simulations – Now in HTML5” held on Wednesday, 12th September, 2012. eLearning tools Flash Free webinar HTML5 mLearning PowerPoint raptivity demands of mobile learning Flash and HTML5 games launch webinar Q&A session Simulations

10 Ways to Publish Your Game Anywhere

The Game Agency

The beauty of The Training Arcade® is once you’ve created a game with your training content. You can launch the game and publish it anywhere! Here are 10 ways you can publish and deploy the game for maximum training effectiveness. EXPORT YOUR GAME TO YOUR LMS. Export the games as a SCORM package (SCORM 1.2 Once you build a game, you can embed it right on your LMS dashboard. EMBED YOUR GAME INTO A COURSE. FEATURE YOUR GAME ON YOUR WEBSITE.

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Free L&D webinars for October 2020

Limestone Learning

If you’re worried about keeping up, why not check out a free webinar? During this webinar, hosted by Gail Singer-Chang, Psy.D., The webinar will also include course planning, resources and best practices for designing branching content with user-driven navigation. Webinars

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[Webinar] How to Use eLearning Games in Lectora

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Check out this recent Lectora webinar about how to use eLearning Games in Lectora by Brother Bryce. Click the button below to find out more about eLearning Games. eLearning Games. The post [Webinar] How to Use eLearning Games in Lectora appeared first on eLearning Brothers. eLearning Lectora Resources Resources eLearning Game Templates elearning games lectora Lectora Templates

From the Archives: Our Top 5 Webinars

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We were feeling that #ThrowbackThursday vibe today, so we decided to look back at our most popular eLearning webinars from 2017 and 2018 so far. Want to guess which webinars were the most popular? In no particular order, here are 5 of our top webinars from the past year and a half! Watch webinar. Watch webinar. This spectacular webinar with one of our instructional designers, Dr. David Christiansen, discussed writing for eLearning! Watch webinar.

Gameful Webinar

Usable Learning

I’m doing this: The concept of Flow has gotten a little overused in game design, but there are still useful insights and subtleties that can be applied to experience design. And, it’s … Continue reading → Brain Stuff Games educational games game design games forum webinarHey — what are you doing on Sunday?

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Storyline Games Webinar: Going Beyond the Basics

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Brother James Kingsley treated all of us to some instructions on customizing an eLearning Brothers game template for Articulate Storyline this last Thursday. Watch the recording of the webinar below, and don’t forget to check our Events calendar for upcoming webinars! The post Storyline Games Webinar: Going Beyond the Basics appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Webinar - IDs are Going Crazy for These Serious Learning Game Techniques

Allen Interactions

Instructional Design Gaming Gamification Behavior-Based Learning

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How to Run Webinars with Your Online Course


Webinars offer the personal touch that online courses are often lacking. When offering an online course you should consider hosting a webinar that ties into your topic. In addition, holding regular webinars can put you in touch with guest speakers that are willing to help add value to your community. When fleshing out ideas for your webinar, choose something that ties in nicely with your course, and make sure that you provide information that is valuable. Webinars

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Gameful Webinar

Usable Learning

I’m doing this: The concept of Flow has gotten a little overused in game design, but there are still useful insights and subtleties that can be applied to experience design. And, it’s … Continue reading → Brain Stuff GamesHey — what are you doing on Sunday?

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Put These Webinars On Your Calendar

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Our webinar series is all about bringing you helpful eLearning development information—so you can do your job easier and faster. We’ve had some really great webinars in the past , covering everything from instructional design to graphics to writing tips and career advice, but we’re not getting complacent. Our next webinars include tool-specific tips for Lectora, how to make the most of the eLearning Brothers offerings, and an exciting look at the Learning Design Map!

Webinar highlights business case for elearning games

Sponge UK

NEWS: The real life results achieved by organisations using gamification and games as part of workplace learning programmes will be explore in a forthcoming webinar. Serious results with serious fun: The business case for elearning games is being hosted by award-winning elearning company, Sponge UK at 1500 (BST) on Thursday, September 15. When you achieve this ‘sweet spot’, where games meet learning, the results really do speak for themselves.”

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Online Courses: 3 Keys to Success [Webinar]


Whether you are creating an online course or you have a client who wants an online course, you will want to make sure you don’t miss out on this free webinar. Completion rates are the name of the game when it comes to online courses. The post Online Courses: 3 Keys to Success [Webinar] appeared first on LearnDash. instructional design Webinars

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How Games Drive Sales Enablement (Webinar)

Knowledge Guru

When game elements are carefully linked to learning objectives, good things happen. And when the games are designed or chosen based on the characteristics of target learners, great things happen. This is why so many sales training professionals have started to implement games into their sales enablement programs. Today’s sales trainers are pairing games with mobile reinforcement and microlearning to help sales reps be successful. Three Broad Categories of Games.

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Our Top 5 Training & Development Webinars from 2015

Bottom-Line Performance

2015 was the year of the webinar for us. We teamed up with three of our favorite industry partners, Chief Learning Officer, LTEN and Training Magazine Network , to present webinars on a variety of training and learning topics. Many of the webinars also have a supporting resource, such as a white paper, project sample, or lookbook, to go along with them. Access Webinar. Serious Games + Smart Implementation = Win! Access Webinar. Access Webinar.

Jeopardy! Instructor Mode Webinar

The Game Agency

Using our DIY game authoring tool, The Training Arcade®, we’ll walk you through the platform and show you how easy it is to build your own games fast. game together and then play the game in the Instructor Mode. You’ll see how easy it is to control a multi-player game in a live or virtual setting where learners can play and learn on their own devices. Instructor Mode Webinar appeared first on The Game Agency. Webinar Jeopardy Training

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Webinar Pricing Strategies: How to Pick the Best for Your Organization

Blue Sky eLearn

Over the past couple months we’ve provided you with helpful hints on how to recruit and pay webinar speakers , and how to train your speakers to deliver top-notch content, now let’s talk a bit about how to price your webinar content for maximum success. Making each webinar program available at set prices or tiered pricing based on membership group, are both great options. When you are the only “game in town” it warrants an option to increase the selling fee.