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Collaborative Learning Lessons from Wikipedia (and Small Insects.

Dashe & Thomson

A remarkable example of this phenomenon can be found in Wikipedia, a completely user-driven Collaborative Knowledge Support System (my own term) that has become not only the most all-encompassing compendium of knowledge in world history, but increasingly the resource of choice for information on current events. It is amazing ho.

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The Game Changer: Interactivity Builder


Would you like to play an interactive game with me? It’s one of the more popular games used by instructional designers to create interest in a subject. Let’s start with a few hints from Wikipedia. An American television quiz show [.].


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5 Business Cases that Call for Serious Games

Knowledge Guru

Serious games are worth a look when you want to improve performance in an organization, but one size does not fit all. In a recent blog post on GamaSutra, Andrzej Marcewski points out that “serious games” is too broad of a term to actually be useful. For employees, it’s usually not fun to do this.

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Game To Teach Researching Skills

Web Courseworks

This past week our gaming department at Web Courseworks has posted a new blog entry on Games Can Teach , about an intriguing experimental game that the University of Michigan Institute of Museum and Library Studies has been using to tackle a trending problem in today’s academic world: bad research habits.

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Gamification vs. Serious Games–What’s the Difference?”

Kapp Notes

Interesting comment the other day, Dianne asked: Just curious if you make a distinction between gamification and serious games. (I There does seem to be some type of distinction between gamification and serious games. While “serious games&# can be defined as a game “designed for the purpose of solving a problem.

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eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

For many, their first experience with eLearning was educational computer games delivered via CD Rom. Digitec, Instructional Designer, Jennifer Ritter wrote a blog about this recently explaining, “I now realize that I was raised with game-based learning. Grab a spoon, and let’s dig in to the soup, with this eLearning glossary.

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Engage Students with Game-Based Learning (GBL)


Knowing also this, it’s apparent that you do understand that something that fascinates almost every person is playing games. Then why not use games to engage learners? Wikipedia defines Game-based learning (GBL) as a type of game play that has defined learning outcomes. Have you gamified your course?

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