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Power Triad – Using mLearning, Microlearning, and Gamification to Create Immersive Learning Experiences

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One learning strategy may not be able to address all your training goals and engage the learners. In this article, I show you how the power triad of mLearning, Microlearning, and Gamification can help you create immersive learning experiences. Having fun as you learn.

Ways Gamification Implements Emotions in Microlearning

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Gamification has been in existence for several years. However, it is only since 2010 that corporates have begun to use this learning engagement as part of their training strategy. Microlearning nuggets. Benefits of gamification for micro learning apps. gamificatio


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Microlearning, Engagement, Gamification, and the Elearning Success Summit with Stephen Ladek from LMSPulse


In this LMScast we dive into microlearning, engagement, gamification, and the eLearning success summit with Stephen Ladek from LMSPulse. Stephen’s audience is really growing with K-12 audiences tapping more into what possibilities there are with online learning. This is learning.

Why Adopt Microlearning – 15 Questions Answered

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While the concept of content chunking to create short training has been there for decades, microlearning is the flavor of the season and for several good reasons. This article addresses 15 questions on microlearning covering its definition, benefits, usage, impact, and why you should adopt it. Why Adopt Microlearning? What Is The Relevance Of Microlearning Today And Why Is It The Flavor Of The Season? The 15 questions are logically grouped as: Microlearning basics. .

The Top 3 LMS Features Requested? Survey Says…


A recent employee survey by Software Advice reveals thought-provoking data on how corporate learning programs can drive employee engagement. 58% want online learning content to be broken up into multiple, shorter lessons. 35% want real-life rewards based on learning progress. So, in instructional design terms, learners are asking for microlearning , gamification and social elearning. MICROLEARNING. Learn about microlearning. GAMIFICATION.

Top 4 Proven Instructional Design Strategies to Enhance eLearning for Corporate Training

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eLearning when designed correctly with sound instructional design strategy has the potential to bring organizational excellence with a positive eLearning ROI. ” An instructional strategy is an action plan or a method to help people learn. It defines the approach to achieve learning objectives using various learning devices, techniques, resources, and various learning theories. Story-Based Learning – Keep Them Intrigued. Gamification.

What Is E-learning, And How To Create The Best Types Of E-learning?

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What is e-learning? Well, there are many types of e-learning that organizations can use to educate or train people. Understanding what is e-learning and the best types of e-learning to use, is critical when creating new training programs. What Is E-Learning?

The ADDIE Model

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It sounds simple, as most profound ideas usually are (i.e. Initially, employers usually have an idea of what they’d like their employees to know, but with EdApp’s data-driven learning we can have a better idea of what employees need to know to do their jobs better.


Top eLearning Trends For 2018

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Having spent more than 14 years in the eLearning space and working closely with seasoned learning professionals at Tesseract Learning servicing global customers, I am sharing my thoughts on the trends for 2018. However, with Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality added to the mix, we have exciting new possibilities in the immersive learning space. Their application in learning is picking up now. AR will be used to trigger just-in-time learning. Microlearning.

Online Retail and Hospitality Training – Why mLearning May Not Work!

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Businesses with a strong learning culture enjoy 30-50% higher employee engagement and retention rates than those that don’t. mLearning has been thought of as a natural training avenue in this scenario -after all, everyone has a smartphone, this lends itself well to self-learning, and content can be made fun and engaging. Making these workers train outside their usual working hours definitely sounds bad; but, is there another solution to this?

8 Innovative Virtual Learning Design Tips To Engage Your Remote Teams

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Virtual learning is an essential component in the learning and development toolkit, and it is widely used for training and educational purposes. Here are some design tips from the instructional and visual perspectives to give your virtual learning a real boost. Design Your Virtual Learning Assets for Success. The definition virtual learning and its usefulness in meeting employees’ learning and development needs have long been under discussion.

Implementation Is the Key to Successful Sales Enablement Strategy


Want to learn more about Bigtincan and see if it’s the right fit for your organization? Before we break down the tactical steps involved in actually implementing a sales enablement strategy, we need to first explain our three truths of sales enablement so that the strategy itself is sound.

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5 Mobile Learning Trends In Vogue

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This sort of engagement with mobiles has lead to the rise of many mobile learning trends in the corporate sector. Another advantage of BYOD is that employees learn better as training is delivered on their personal devices with which they are comfortable. Though BYOD seems to be a promising mobile learning trend, it’s not immune from risks such as data leakages, malware infections, security breaches, etc. Game-based learning. Microlearning.

Engaging Millennials Through Virtual Training


Based on what we know about their behavior and learning style, here are the best ways to engage millennials via virtual training. This is a generation that grew up on technology and is accustomed to learning and solving problems through computer applications. In order to engage them you need to utilize the most cutting edge platforms, not only to create an environment that caters to their sound use of technology, but one that is naturally innovative by design.

5 Tips To Maximize The ROI Of Online Training

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While, the definition of ROI in corporate training sounds simple enough, measuring this is can be a tall order. Level 2: Learning. The classic approach to measuring what the learners learned (validate against the expected takeaways) is through summative assessments (at the end of the course). The entire exercise begins with the TNA where the current and desired competency mapping is done, and the expected learning gains or outcomes are identified. Microlearning.

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The Ultimate Guide to Game-Based Training


Table of Contents: What is Game-Based Training Differences Between Game-Based Training & Gamification How Game-Based Training Works Benefits of Game-Based Training Getting Started with Game-Based Training. Instead of adding game elements to content, or playing games as a reward, game-based training takes corporate training content and turns it into a game, so employees learn as they play. Step 1: Know Your Objectives To start, you need to understand your objectives.

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10 Free Authoring Tools

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Learning has never been easier. As smartphone technologies have become more available, mobile learning and eLearning are gaining in popularity. More people displaying an interest in learning means there’s an increased appetite to build courses.

Our Collection of Learning Management Tools

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We’ve collected the best learning management tools – learn more about them here. Game Based Learning Platforms. Game based learning platforms are designed to increase learner engagement and productivity by incorporating gaming elements into the training strategy.

What is Mobile Learning? Examples & Benefits


Mobile learning, or mLearning, is an important strategy in corporate training programs. Learning delivered through mobile devices offers enhanced engagement, increases the shelf life of training, and is unlikely to become obsolete. What is Mobile Learning?

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Active Learning. Active learning is a strategy focused on encouraging learners to actively participate in training. Examples of active learning activities include practical tasks and problem-solving conducted in small groups. It’s a five-phase framework that instructional designers use; a guideline for building effective training and learning support tools. In today’s fast-paced learning environments, the AGILE method is often seen as more efficient than ADDIE.

Free L&D webinars for June 2018

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These skills are learned over time, not overnight. Learn how to design an enterprise-wide strategy that supports the growth of employees’ social acumen to build the organization’s social capital and fuel future growth. In this webcast, you’ll learn: The eight networking competencies. They need the skills required to adapt skillfully and seamlessly to the unexpected, while still maintaining a laser-sharp focus on achieving the objectives of the session.

Overcome These 6 Common Business Challenges with Workplace Learning


And the solution to many business challenges today is workplace learning. The solution to many business challenges today is workplace learning. Rather, Millennials want to be provided with opportunities to learn, grow and develop themselves so that they can make an impact and progress in their careers. This makes workplace learning a competitive advantage for attracting the best. And those who don’t feel better from learning and developing their skills?

Free L&D webinars for November 2017

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As learning specialists, we’re always thinking about how to make knowledge digestible and palatable—like those chocolate bars you wish you hadn’t eaten, only good for you! Unstable skills mean workers need to continuously learn to keep up with changes happening in the world, their industry, and their company. One of the most important ways that L&D practitioners can help with the current and coming job and skill chaos is to help people learn faster, easier, and with less stress.

15 Best Training Management and Tracking Software


By systematically managing and tracking employee training , you can ensure that it proceeds as planned and achieve your learning & development goals. In other words, you can see to it that participants are learning as they should and identify areas of improvement. Learning Plan.