Articulate Storyline Interactive Quiz Templates

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Collection of eLearning templates to help budding developers and instructional designer. Click on images to get template details. Quiz-003 Multiple Text Entry This Articulate Storyline quiz template has used a Text entry question type template. The template has an absolutely simplistic design yet the template is quite eye-catching. SCORM 2004 Storyline Quiz Templates Text and graphic templates Text entry question type template

Ebook Template

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How to Create an Imapactful Gamification Experience. Health and Nutrition – We developed this microlearning course by using interesting gamification elements like pop quiz, timed mini-games, and leaderboard. The post Ebook Template appeared first on Tesseract Learning.

eBook 52

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LEP/LXP RFP Template

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Yeah it is a peeve of mine, which is why, I decided that LEPs needed their own RFP template. LEP RFP Template. First off, here is the LEP RFP Template – everything you need in one document. Break it all down – In General it looks similar to the LMS RFP Template , but has a bit of new look. Nearly identical to what you will find my LMS RFP Template with the exception of this feature. Two different sections, nearly identical to the LMS template.

RFP 55

Create a Gamified E-learning Template

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We started with an existing template that was shared in the community, and then we explored a few ways we could add some gamified elements to create something that is a bit more effective and engaging. We started with a nice clean template designed to meet the team. Original Template Example. See original template in action. In our activity, we used the template as a mechanism to interview team members and collect information to make the right decisions.

10 Quiz Multiple Choice Question Templates

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But if you’re tired of the old quiz template Google Forms style where your learners pick answers from the choices provided, then worry no more! Here, we’ll take a look at EdApp’s different quiz multiple choice question templates that you can use to test your learners in a fun and engaging way. . Quiz Multiple Choice Question Template #1 – Simple Multiple Choice Format. This EdApp template can be used for free – forever.

Quiz 40

Eibhlin’s Quest: An Interactive Articulate Storyline Game Template

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When we usually think gamification, the end result tends to just mask some quiz behind a fancy layout with few real gaming elements added. As with all of our templates, we provide you with all of the source files. Want to learn more about this template? The post Eibhlin’s Quest: An Interactive Articulate Storyline Game Template appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Let’s face it.

10 Examples of Gamification in Corporate Training

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Gamification is a tactic that helps boost employee learning engagement and information retention in learning and development. Example of Gamification in Corporate Training #1 – Built-in Games. Join EdApp for free and apply gamification in corporate training today. .

10 eLearning gamification examples

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Whether you are a student, employee, or customer, gamification is paramount to creating an engaging and inclusive learning experience. Gamification takes elements of games such as leaderboards, rewards, and scoring, and then incorporates them into the learning experience.

Gamification Webinar Resources: Mis-Matched Content

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Games, Gamification and the Quest for Learner Engagement. Gamification, Separating Fact from Fiction. If you like the artwork, you can purchase a PowerPoint template which includes all the artwork here. Purchase Detective PowerPoint Template for $39.95 To learn about gamification and games for learning: If you’d rather check out an online course on gamification, go to the following link for a ten day free trial at

Our approach to gamification

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While games are old, the term “gamification” is new. Gamification is the activity of applying gameplay methods to non-games to make them more engaging. The history of gamification. Here’s a brief timeline of the history of gamification: 1896: Sperry & Hutchinson Co.

More Than Just Fun & Games: How Gamification Works

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Gamification has been a buzzword for some time now and it’s not going away anytime soon. In fact, we’re seeing gamification pop up in even more, incredibly relevant, training areas. At the beginning of 2017, Unilever unveiled a new digital recruitment program that uses gamification to eliminate unconscious bias from its hiring process. and Deloitte LLP are using gamification to increase engagement and knowledge among their highest levels of leadership.

10 Gamification Training Software

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Compared to traditional training methods like seminars or text-heavy learning modules, gamification allows L&D professionals to accelerate and improve their training, onboarding, and compliance processes and motivate their employees. Gamification Training Software #1 – EdApp.

10 Learning Gamification Platforms

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Learning gamification platforms enable organizations to apply gamification strategies to their training programs and design interactive courses that their employees will enjoy. To help you narrow down your options, we’ve compiled a list of learning gamification platforms below. Learning Gamification Platform #1 – EdApp. Key features: Cloud-based authoring tool, gamification elements, rewards, leaderboards, custom achievements.

7 Steps to an Effective Serious Game or Gamification Implementation

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In an ATD survey conducted for its 2014 research report, Playing to Win: Gamification and Serious Games in Organizational Learning ( link ), 71% of organizations reported that they prefer to develop serious games in-house. 83% said they planned to develop gamification in-house. In the same survey, only 20% of organizations were already using serious games for learning, while 25% were using gamification. Games and gamification make great reinforcement tools.

How Can You Gamify Training In Your Organization?

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gamification elearning games eLearning Resources game templatesBoosting Employee Engagement With Custom Games. Games are a beloved pastime for people of all ages. This is why in recent years we have seen them invade the world of online learning with amazing results.

Template Tuesday: In the Mood to Play “Deal or No Deal”? Try this!

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Beat the Banker is a fun eLearning game template for Articulate Storyline that will appeal to fans of modern game shows. Our Beat the Banker game template is available as a part of our template library subscription starting at $499/year. The post Template Tuesday: In the Mood to Play “Deal or No Deal”? Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning Featured Mobile eLearning Resources Beat the Banker elearning games gamification

18 Amazing Outline Templates to use in Course Design [3 Downloadables]


Going through this post, you will find: Ready-made course templates. The 18 ready-made Course Outline Templates. What does a course template look like? The 18 Course Outline Templates. Using a course template will help you design your course quicker.

10 Tips for Gamification In Corporate Training

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Gamification in corporate training is a strategy that helps increase learning engagement among employees and improve their knowledge retention. To guide you, we’ve listed tips for gamification in corporate training, including some tools that can help you in implementing them. .

10 Tips for Gamification In Corporate Training

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Gamification in corporate training is a strategy that helps increase learning engagement among employees and improve their knowledge retention. To guide you, we’ve listed tips for gamification in corporate training, including some tools that can help you in implementing them. .

10 Tips for Gamification In Corporate Training

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Gamification in corporate training is a strategy that helps increase learning engagement among employees and improve their knowledge retention. To guide you, we’ve listed tips for gamification in corporate training, including some tools that can help you in implementing them. .

Does gamification work in a corporate context?

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This phenomenon is known as gamification, and since 2010, it has gained an increasingly solid foothold in non-game environments. The goal of gamification is ultimately to engage people with the content they are interacting with. What Impact does gamification have on employees?

Gamification in eLearning: points, badges and quizzes!

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Why is it important to use gamification in eLearning? It might sound like a crazy fantasy, but that’s exactly the environment you can have when you use gamification in eLearning. At Growth Engineering, we put gamification into everything we do. Here’s how we used gamification in our eLearning and throughout our own LMS to supercharge engagement! GAMIFICATION ON THE LMS. GAMIFICATION IN ELEARNING. Gamification in eLearning.

8 Templates to Turbocharge your Microlearning Lessons

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Receiving modules as beneficial to them is at the forefront of employees’ priorities, meaning the incorporation of gamification is essential. Gamification increases employee engagement and boosts productivity by eradicating mental barriers prohibiting the instillment of new knowledge into long-term memory. In other words, gamification has been proven to significantly increase the retention of new knowledge. EdApp eLearning Microlearning gamification microlearning

8 Top Tips For Using Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools For eLearning Gamification


In this article, I’ll share 8 top tips for using rapid eLearning authoring tools for eLearning gamification. How To Use Rapid eLearning Authoring Tools For eLearning Gamification. Here are 8 helpful tips to use rapid eLearning software for eLearning gamification. Use eLearning Templates To Save Time And Money. Most rapid eLearning authoring tools feature eLearning templates and themes. e-Learning Gamification

8 Common Gamification Mistakes To Avoid


Unfortunately, gamification isn’t as simple as throwing in some badges and hoping for the best. In this article, I’ll share 8 gamification mistakes to avoid when developing gamified eLearning experiences. How To Avoid 8 Common Gamification Mistakes. Effective gamification requires careful research and clear learning objectives. Here are 8 common gamification mistakes to steer clear of. Rewards are not the centerpiece of your gamification strategy.

The Most Popular Gamification Features

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Gamification is transforming the way businesses handle relationships by creating long-term engagement and improving customer and employee loyalty. Gamification works as existing core experiences are utilized and amplified through the use of motivational techniques, such as feedback, achievements, and rewards. When this is combined with research and big data generated by user interactions, gamification can empower businesses to create brand loyalty.

A Quick Guide on the Benefits and Challenges of Gamification

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In another gamification success story, LivingSocial decided to turn its annual reviews into gamified experiences, which resulted in more than 90% voluntarily participating. Gamification in eLearning is a lot more than playing simple games to complete certain levels.

4 Tips for Using Gamification in Business

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Implementing gamification in business can be daunting, but once you are familiar with the tips and tricks, the only thing you will regret will be not starting sooner. . If you’re unsure what gamification is to begin with, it is the fusion of training employees on company concepts and gaming elements, like leaderboards, badges, point scores and prizes. To give you a head start (lucky you), we give you four of our top tips for using gamification in your business.

Gamification in Learning – 10 Tips from Karl Kapp


So a random “game” template where a soccer ball gets kicked through a goal every time a quiz question is answered right probably isn’t the right solution. I asked Karl Kapp, a world-class professor and author of several highly rated books on learning games and gamification, to share his best advice with me. And I’ll share his top 10 gamification tips with you in the interview below. Games and gamification are a much better approach.

Current state of Gamification in the LMS Market

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Where Gamification is right now in the LMS space. Before we dovetail into the state of Gamification, let’s review some data I collected from social media readers, followers, etc. on “Gamification” This information was from end of 2014. 98% had heard of gamification. 72% wanted game templates. 40 vendors had at least three gamification features (8 of them had at least four features). 2015 Gamification Features.

How to Use Games in Your Lectora 12.1 eLearning Project

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eLearning Featured Games Lectora Resources Products/Services Resources eLearning Game Templates game templates gamification lectora Lectora Game Templates Lectora GamesBrother Bryce gave us a crash course in gamifying a Lectora project. With Inspire 12.1, it’s easier than ever. Watch the video and see his expert tutorial for yourself. The post How to Use Games in Your Lectora 12.1 eLearning Project appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

New Template: Scratch to Reveal

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If you've not considered Ed's Scratch to reveal template, you've barely scratched the surface! Using the familiar concept of scratch-to-win cards to engage learners in new content, the scratch to reveal template lets learners actively participate in knowledge transfer. Similar to our "comparison" template, this template can be used to show off a contrast between two objects, and to actively involve learners in the revelation of ideas and concepts.

30 Facts About Gamification in mLearning

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We all have many questions about gamification. Incoming our 30 facts about gamification. Gamification is built on the concept of the learner interest curve to keep learners engaged. Gamification has been used successfully by a number of MOOC’s (massive open online courses) and has proven successful. Gamification uses positive reinforcement techniques to make learning an enjoyable experience. Gamification drives the right characteristics in learners.

Gamification Tools Winning Sales Teams Use

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Adding a gamification platform can create incredible business results, such as boosting conversion rates up to 7x. The good news is, you don’t have to create a gamification platform from scratch – you just have to pick the right tool for the job. Luckily for you, we’ve got the list of best gamification tools winning teams use to accomplish more in their everyday work. Your sales teams have multiple sports templates to choose from. Gamification Blog

7 compelling business reasons to use gamification

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Gamification is helping to transform workplace learning for forward-thinking organisations around the world, but not everyone’s convinced. There are a range of factors stopping organisations reaping the benefits of gamification including scepticism, lack of evidence and misinformation. Whatever your situation, making a strong business case for gamification in learning is a necessity. Badgeville uses gamification to motivate employees.

Best of the Best – Top 5 Gamification LMSs

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Or would you rather, just hold onto that list, smile a bit and say to yourself, “Hey I thought this article was about top five gamification LMSs?” The point and there is one here, is presenting a listing of systems that meet a set of criteria to achieving a level of gamification which in turn enables learning to be fun. . Here now is my list of top five gamification LMSs. Gamification is about fun and LEARNING. Gamification for all.

New Template: Find-A-Word Game

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Ed Microlearning has always promised an ever expanding template gallery, and the new find-a-word template lets authors include even more gamification in their lessons. Gamification is one of the pillars of Ed. We are really excited to release the find-a-word game to add to our ever expanding list of templates. The template can be used to reward learners who have done a good job of remembering the most important points of a lesson.

How Gamification Is Shaping The Language Learning Sphere

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Gamification has revolutionised the way we learn, taking the learning and development world by storm. Simplifying complex content into digestible, clear segments, gamification is the perfect strategy to employ for learning language. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, gamification encapsulates the integration of game-like interactivities into a formal learning setting. Automated Gamification. EdApp eLearning Gamification gamification microlearning

6 Examples of How To Use Gamification in Business

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Gamification in business has the ability to turn mundane learning modules into game-like exercises, allowing for new information to be embedded in the learner’s long-term memory. Gamification works by lowering the mental barriers prohibiting employees from absorbing new information, whilst simultaneously increasing employee engagement and boosting productivity. Efficiently develop effective lessons from ready-made templates. Gamification for effective company training.

Growth Engineering named #1 for Gamification… AGAIN!

Growth Engineering

After recently announcing his list of the top 5 LMSs overall, he’s just released his drill-down of the top 3 LMSs in mobile, social, video and gamification. Here at Growth Engineering, we’ve been so busy relocating to a new HQ that we almost missed the announcement, but you can imagine our joy when we found out that the Academy LMS was ranked the #1 LMS for gamification ! Social functionality linked to gamification. Why are we still top of the pops for Gamification?