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Building a High-Performance Workplace with Leadership Training

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You might be surprised to hear that investing in leadership development can greatly impact the culture of your organization. Of all the different types of corporate training programs, leadership development plays one of the largest roles in creating a high performance workplace.

The Future of Leadership Development: Why You Need Quality Leadership Training Programs

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The future of work is here, and recent studies are finding that many organizations are already suffering from a lack of effective leadership. According to the Harvard Business Review the need for leadership development is more urgent today than even before.


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Creating a Mentoring Culture: A Conversation with Author Lois Zachary


Lois Zachary is an internationally recognized expert in the field of mentoring. Having authored several books, including Creating a Mentoring Culture: An Organization’s Guide , Zachary has spent her career honing best practices for mentors and mentees and providing organizations tried and true strategies for deploying impactful mentoring programs. Q: What is the value of mentoring to an organization? Mentoring drives recruitment of future talent.

Telus About Your Global Learning

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It’s been an interesting path that’s brought Braden to her current role as global vice president and chief learning officer for Telus International, a worldwide provider of customer-service outsourcing and IT services. A few years later, the head of the company’s Latin America group created a training-management position specifically for her, making it her first official role in the L&D space — and a global one at that.

Establishing a Global Career: Mentors Share Their Insights


In a recent Ask Me Anything, we highlighted Everwise mentors with expertise in global project management and cross-functional work with teams around the world. Lisa Foulger , Founder, Lisa Foulger Leadership Solutions. Several community members were curious about the journey to global business, both on an individual professional level and at the corporate level. Foulger agreed, “This is a very real and challenging dimension of the leadership reality we operate in.

The Benefits of “Both/And” Leadership When Leading a Business


By Crystal Schaffer, senior moderator and instructional designer at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, and Andrea Lipton, interim director, Global Solutions at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning. But good leadership goes further.

Self-Awareness: The Ladder to Leadership Success

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The same can be said for leadership. There is also a loss to companies in the form of social and innovation capital as individuals who leave take their ideas and talents with them. This widening gap, largely generational, is made worse by a shortage of well-trained mentors, low funding for training and a lack of leadership engagement in this type of education. Changing the Culture and the Pathway to Leadership. Get leadership walking the walk.

Accelerate Female Leadership Development

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Tungli, the founder and managing partner for Developing Global Leaders Asia, and her team recently designed two new leadership programs specifically for women: an advance and thrive course for women in senior management and an acceleration course for women with five years of experience. There have been so many studies that show empowering women and putting more women in leadership positions isn’t just the right or the nice thing to do.

Cross-Cultural Mentorship for the Global Economy


As businesses become increasingly global, it is critical for their leaders to have the cultural know-how to effectively manage team members from around the world. Joyce Tucker, vice president of Global Diversity & Employee Rights at Boeing, says , “Corporations are recognizing that in order to be as innovative as we have to be and as competitive as we have to be, we have to avail ourselves of all the talent out there…Everyone has something to contribute.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

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The executive leadership team started by training a select group of 250 VPs and directors but wanted to cascade the same type of learning across all levels. The goal was to equip leaders to lead change by serving as teachers and mentors and to equip employees with the skills to support the GGP in their unique roles. Cochlear, a global company that produces hearing-implant technology, needed to strengthen its leadership team. LEARNING IN PRACTICE AWARDS 2016. .

Mentoring Is a Two-Way Street at Ford

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The global automobile manufacturer headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, put its first car on the market in 1903 and turned a profit almost immediately. Today the global company is the fifth largest auto manufacturer in the world with nearly 200,000 employees across the globe. While many companies have mentoring programs, Ford takes a different approach than most, said Gale Halsey, CLO and director learning and organization development at Ford headquarters.



Before joining APPLY Synergies he was with Microsoft , where he was Director of Learning Strategy and Evangelism, a global business at Microsoft Corporation featuring innovative learning products that help individuals and organizations learn more and go further using Microsoft technologies.

Excellence in Technology Innovation

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Recognizes vendors that have rolled out an innovative learning technology for a client such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, apps, video, social collaboration toolsor games and simulations. The executive leadership team started by training a select group of 250 VPs and directors but wanted to cascade the same type of learning across all levels. Cochlear, a global company that produces hearing-implant technology, needed to strengthen its leadership team.

The Situational Mindsets Model in leadership training and coaching


Training, mentoring and coaching the leaders of today and tomorrow might be a challenge, as they already have a tight schedule, but virtual classes and sessions might be just the right solution for their needs. Read more: E-learning for leadership development is on the rise. Instead of driving or even flying to a certain location, you can offer your services to a global audience and make a difference for companies and leaders that need your services.

How to Enhance Your Leadership Training with eLearning

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As a result, the leadership development training is a significant part of the overall training in most organizations. Well-designed leadership trainings increase employee engagement, enhance productivity, and improve retention levels. None of us are born leaders, and the way to acquiring leadership skills is through multiple channels like: On-the-job (experiential) learning. Mentoring. Leadership trainings aren’t for the senior talent alone.

Fear of Change in Learning & Development

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Globalization, advancement in the field of communication technology and consequential socio-political transformations have changed that nature of today’s workplace. Globalization is a wide shift across societies, technology and economies that is also bringing the world closer, increasing the complex interdependent networks number, influencing capital markets, developing and utilizing technology, and promoting exchange of information regarding how people work.

Change 158

How This Citizen Of The World Applies His Experiences Towards Mentorship


He’s applied his passion for understanding global perspectives to his career, leading teams and driving growth at BlackBerry in Asia Pacific, Canada and the United States along with Samsung on a worldwide scale. As a mentor for Everwise, Wade uses his experience as a citizen of the world to push his proteges to challenge their perspectives and the status quo. Read on to see just how Wade approaches his career, mentoring, and his own development. You’ve had a global career.

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Why Businesses Are Struggling To Fill The “Gaps” In Leadership Development


Are you wondering why your learning and development efforts to build leadership skills internally seems to be missing the mark? According to Bersin by Deloitte’s Predictions for 2016 Report, “86 percent of companies globally cite “gaps in their leadership pipeline” as one of their top three issues and these gaps are occurring at all levels of the organization. Leadership Investment is Inconsistent. Leadership Roles Are Changing. Micro-Leadership Development?

Leadership isn’t Just for ‘Old’ People


But what if we changed our perspective from physical ability to leadership ability? Our culture, as a society, believes leadership comes with age. It’s time for organization to provide leadership opportunities to those of all ages who act and think like leaders. The Current State of Organizational Leadership. It appears organizations are failing to plan and leaving their leadership pipeline barren. In leadership, #ageisjustanumber.

Which Competencies Are Most Important for Your New Leaders?


And many leadership qualities stand the test of time. In this time, an accelerated pace of change is driving innovation, competition, and a scramble for talent. Here are six key leadership competencies for today’s new leaders. . How to Develop Leadership Competencies that Work.

Why Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce Builds More Than Good Rapport


This diversity makes the team more creative, competitive and innovative. Learn How Mentoring Can Improve Your Workplace Gender Diversity. In addition to this, the nature of work is becoming increasingly global, with teams spanning multiple states, countries, and continents. setting up a high potential mentoring program for minority employees or establish reverse mentoring between current leadership and women employees), they outperform peer organizations on many key metrics.

Nurturing High-Potential to Become Leaders and Future-Proof Your Organization

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In this era of digital disruption, business requires leadership that can deliver excellence. Organizations that do not have a defined leadership development program restrict their employees from expanding a skill set that can help them to live up to their potential. Leadership training is an essential component of succession planning at every company. Business risk is far more common now than ever with changing technologies and the impact of the global marketplace.

The Benefits of Creating a Leadership Legacy

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” Now, consider this question in an organizational context: If a leader walks out of the office each night, each year, and at the end of a brilliant career has compiled a record of heroic successes, yet leaves no long-term impact on others, did leadership occur? As the question implies, legacy is a crucial component of leadership. Effective leadership occurs when the leader strengthens others’ capacity to learn, to reflect and to extract meaning from their learning.

Community Learning—Your Business Skills Can Help Emerging Leaders


Did you know that young adults that have had mentoring are 130 percent more likely to hold leadership positions? When it comes to finding a mentor, many are turning to online communities for help with their career paths. Our future leaders are instinctively more innovative. Community learning allows for many mentors to weigh in on topics, as well as offer advice and encouragement to help others make good decisions, how to follow the right path, and stay motivated.

Executive Education Excellence

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The second is our] faculty have a deep understanding of complex global problems, and they know how to deliver those situations through case methods in class. CLO: Can you talk a bit about your new New York-based executive education program, Driving Leadership Potential, targeted toward high-performing millennials? There’s parts of the program which have to do with a personalized leadership growth journey where we are working on their life story.

Learn this HR Leader’s No-Fail Approach to developing leaders


Over the course of his 20-year career, Ranu Gupta has held HR and Learning leadership roles at global corporations like Procter and Gamble, Western Union, and GE Capital. Ranu possesses a no-fail, systematic approach to Leadership and Professional Development that he’s meticulously honed over the years. Most recently, Gupta has taken on mentoring through Everwise with the same systematic approach. What are some common themes from your work in leadership development?

This Is What I Believe About Learning in Organizations

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This is a future in which workers are smarter, more agile, and more innovative. As globalization increases and communities become more diverse, the competitive advantage of any organization will be its collective knowledge and its expanded expertise. To survive and thrive today, industries need innovation which is essentially about learning. Work is No Longer Work . The nature of work is changing.

Reimagining the learn-it-all culture in a hybrid world

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But even those steeped in a growth mindset could not have imagined how it could operate in a global pandemic. Pre-pandemic, many learning leaders carefully curated experiences for every stage, from the onboarding journey to executive leadership readiness.

Case Study: FinTalent


Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is the world’s largest FinTech festival and global platform for the FinTech community, drawing more than 30,000 participants each year which comprise of FinTech players, technopreneurs, policy makers, financial industry leaders, investors including private equity players and venture capitalists, and academics. The 2018 Festival will saw participants from over 100 countries and hosted more than 160 global luminaries and 400 exhibitors.

Blend East and West for Effective Leadership Development

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The West offers many cutting-edge leadership strategies, but to remain relevant, they need to be presented using localized lenses. Globalism is accelerating cultural exchange through popular entertainment, youth trends and political movements. There are six key dynamics to confront to build effective learning in Asia: Leadership philosophy. Define a Leadership Philosophy. Consider Risk and Innovation.

Building the Leader of the Future

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in 1996, the veteran technology entrepreneur led the company’s growth into a global powerhouse by supplying the routers, switches, software and networking products that form the infrastructure of the internet economy. After years of charging hard, Kriens began to reflect on his leadership journey and what came next. “It Success may just require chief learning officers to step out of their comfort zone and embrace an expanded view of what leadership is and how to develop it.

Creating a Learning Culture in Highly Regulated Industries

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And highly regulated industry businesses need employees who are always working towards improving efficiency and productivity, staying competitive in a fast changing global economy, and looking for opportunities for creativity and innovation even in a world that seeks standardization and predictability. This takes learning from experience in the field, with the guidance of coaches and mentors.

From Engineer to Executive: Bernard Fraenkel Shares His Journey


In various leadership roles over the twenty years, Fraenkel has experienced two IPO’s and four acquisitions. While he hasn’t had “official” mentors to help him navigate this transition, he is grateful to a number of CEOs and friends for their coaching. Over the past few years, he has become a mentor for numerous future engineering leaders through Everwise. You started mentoring with Everwise in 2013. Do you have any tips you’d recommend for other mentors?

Becoming a Learning Culture: Competing in an Age of Disruption

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All industries are undergoing enormous change, mostly due to new technologies, globalization, and a very diverse workforce. Employees must learn how to use new computers and new apps, how to operate new, high tech machinery, how to be responsive to customer demands, how to create innovative products and services, how to manage a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce, how to work effectively in cross-functional teams, and how to plan for a future that is constantly in flux.

Understanding the Future of Work with Alec Bashinsky


You’ve been a part of a number of global transformations within HR. What are the four pillars of HR innovation that you see as a focus for the future of work? Third, recognize that diversity and inclusion — not just gender, but cultural — will apply more and more in the global view. And once you’ve identified employees with high potential, it’s about providing them with opportunities to develop leadership skills. Leadership isn’t going to disappear.

Leaders Need Exposure

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But for all the companies making formal leadership development investments, this January, Deloitte reported 84 percent of global organizations are selling their leaders and ultimately their companies short, said Anthony Abbatiello, a principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Human Capital practice and the global leader for Deloitte Leadership. Add coaching and mentoring opportunities for ongoing aspects of leader development.



Additionally, providing mentor programs, team-building activities, and coaching initiatives from the first day can also lead to a more satisfying onboarding experience. Trustworthy leadership – transparent and focused on the purpose of the company. by Amy Ransom.

#MeToo in Mentorship

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And nearly half feel uncomfortable participating in common work activities with women, including mentoring them. This consequence of #MeToo is occurring just as the value of mentoring women is clearer than ever: Our latest leadership re-search found that of the nearly 2,500 companies studied those with at least 30 percent women leaders — and at least 20 percent women senior leaders — have a major competitive edge. Leadership Development #MeToo company leaders mentorship

Interactyx Named To Florida Companies On Growth “Watch” List


TOPYX clients include global Fortune 100 public companies, midsize private companies, nonprofits organizations, associations, governmental agencies and educational institutions. About GrowFL: GrowFL ( [link] ) provides strategies, resources and support, including strategic research and peer-to-peer CEO mentoring and leadership development, to second-stage Florida companies.

Interactyx Named To Florida Companies On Growth “Watch” List


TOPYX clients include global Fortune 100 public companies, midsize private companies, nonprofits organizations, associations, governmental agencies and educational institutions. About GrowFL: GrowFL ( [link] ) provides strategies, resources and support, including strategic research and peer-to-peer CEO mentoring and leadership development, to second-stage Florida companies.