How Can Associations Improve Member Education? Ask a Learning Tech Analyst

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I often see associations with complementary programs teaming up to offer a broader selection of content through ecommerce sites. This outreach strategy is commonly used to expand globally in a cost-effective manner. When to issue an RFP (or not). We’ve all heard about today’s rapidly changing workforce dynamics and the critical shortage of qualified labor.

EdCast vs Degreed vs Fuse – The Analysis

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Very few systems in the entire industry (globally, learning systems) offer it, but that will change by the end of 2021, where I am projecting at least 15% offering it. Where do you start?


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Forecasts for 2020

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In usual fashion (but for folks new to my site, etc. I know of multiple systems that are using “learning experience” on their web site and SEO keywords, even though they are an LMS or another type of learning system that is not an LXP. . Curtailing the accept every RFP that comes to them. I stopped using an RFP, in 2001 when I would buy systems. I love forecasts.

Top 10 Association LMS Features – 2020 Edition

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Prior to 2020, many associations relied heavily on in-person tradeshows, seminars and on-site training because they were historically popular offerings for both the association and the member.

Trials – Learning Systems

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Especially in the 2008-12 time frame, when the economy on a global scale was in tatters. In the good ol’ days vendors listed trials on their web sites OR if you liked what you saw in the demo, you asked them via the phone or e-mail for a trial. With the web sites, the usual approach was your name, company, and e-mail address and then they sent you either a login/password with a or right into and off and running.

LMS Demo Do’s and Don’ts

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Increase of revenue from the sale of accredited content to healthcare organizations and individuals and global expansion of the association are the key drivers of the new LMS purchase. After receiving the vendor RFP responses and confirming we were only evaluating highly qualified partner options, we invited the four vendors in each opportunity onsite to present their company and solution.

When your LMS BFF is no longer

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If you are a vendor you are likely to see it too often and it appears when the “potential customer” sends you a RFP without ever talking to you prior to. . Or they send the RFP after a discussion, but before seeing the product. Nowadays it is easy to just send off that RFP without doing any due diligence. I mean you may look at their web site (vendor) or you may not. I’ve been there.

RFP 65

LMS Review: Litmos

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The Litmos LMS includes 24 interface languages that you can configure site-wide and at the user level. For the premium “ Training Ops ” application (meant for hardcore, global training-as-a-business scenarios) pricing starts at $2500/month. And for heavy-duty training-as-a-business applications, such as global channel and ecommerce learning, Litmos offers a premium product called Training Ops that is outside the scope of this review. Globalization.

WebEx 53

LMS vendors: R u hearing us?

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We live in a global marketplace. Global. Over 90% of LMS vendors had their sites available only in English; so the potential customer could not view it in any other language. A surprisingly number of vendors who offer some form of social learning, whether it is the minimum – a FB like page, micro-blog, even some form of app sharing or collaborative tool, do not have any social media on their site. Global Landscape. It is worldwide – global.

Reader Mail (Support, Rankings, etc.)

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While from a global standpoint the percentage of acquisitions is still below.1%, the pr you see, seems to indicate a massive upheaval in the M&A angle, especially in the learning system space. . Unless otherwise indicated, all can be found on, where you can search by filters, contact them, send them an RFP and schedule a demo. Yes, I hype the site, but I have focused on having the best systems in the industry there and we continue to add them weekly.

K-12 and LMSs are Broken, Who’s to Blame?

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Skinning your site. One vendor I saw in Saudi Arabia (they are global and based in Dallas), have a yearly competiton where students from all over the world (or in the country) compete for a chance to win prizes – with gamification as the cornerstone – think an academic bowl across the world – now that is cool. One vendor showed me a RFP form a large metropolitan school district that was 25 pages long, had lots of text on one side with comments and questions.

One of These Services Is Not Like the Others

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To select individual sales trainers with specific or high-level expertise, one might have to rely on information from speakers bureaus, authors of well-known sales methodology books or online research and reviews from sites such as In addition to insufficiently authored requests for proposals (RFPs), another barrier to understanding a service provider’s value is the morphing of the RFP into an electronic procurement tool.

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms Part 2


iCALENDER Is a global adopted format for sharing meeting requests. Learning Tools Interoperability is a standard created by the IMS Global Learning Consortium. In an eLearning context it is becoming more prevalent to simulate real world training for those who may not be able to travel to the actual site or to simulate otherwise costly exercises. . In part 1 of this list, we worked through the most important eLearning related acronyms that you are likely to come across.