Effectus LMS For effective Employee Training Management and Tracking

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Learners can export and integrate the training calendar from Effectus into outlook or Google calendar, informing them of upcoming training events. Effectus LMS has excellent tracking capabilities, you can effectively track online and classroom training activities.

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5 Tips for being a Productive and Motivated Learner

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However, the point for being productive is based on concentrating on the major objectives of your deliverables, so that you have the chance to be on track and stay dedicated to developing the most effective eLearning experience for yourself.

What is Self-Education and How to Make an Individual Plan?

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Teaching yourself something can truly be a great experience and you can easily create a personalized plan to help you keep track of what you have to learn. Self-education had been a part of many people’s lives in our day and time and the truth is that many of us don’t every realize it.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


The many levels of project management that Trello offers – including cards, lists, and boards – makes it easy to coordinate input and track the status of different tasks. Tool: Google Drive. What it does: Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage at LearnUpon.

How to Boost eLearning Productivity with 10 EdTech Online Tools

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You can use the app with Google Calendar. It’s hard to keep track of all assignment due dates, webinars, and online lectures you have to attend. That can only mean one thing: you need an effective calendar that will remind you of important dates and tasks.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Trello makes it easier to coordinate everyone’s input and track the status of different tasks. Google Drive. Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage here at LearnUpon. Momentum is a to-do list extension that can be used with the Google Chrome browser.

7 Ways to Provide Student Support for E-Learning


With tools like Google Calendar, Hangouts, and Skype, you can easily post availability slots and allow learners to schedule a meeting with you via video call. When working with online students, particularly those who sets their own goals, reminders and follow-ups can help keep students on track. Online learning is harder than it looks. Here’s how you can support your learners.

6 Essential Organizational Skills for Leadership Success


Time management through scheduling projects, meetings, and other tasks by creating time blocks in calendars and keeping a list of tasks will help organization skills. Google Calendar is a favorite when it comes to scheduling– it is simple to use and there is an option to sync scheduled meetings with the calendar on my phone.

Where at Learning2006 is Brent Schlenker?

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I've created a public google calendar of the Learning2006 agenda with a general idea of where I will be if you want to track me down. Its very basic right now, but I will be updating it as we get closer to the event. This is just another experiment, so don't be afraid to mess with it. I've never done this before so let me know if the link works or not. There is also an xml feed. So subscribe and follow me via your feedreader. How cool is that

12 Top eLearning Project Management Tools You Need to Try


You can keep track of everyone’s role, tasks assigned and break bigger teams and plans down into more manageable sizes. Share resources – Keeping track of team members is difficult enough, but keeping track of the work they do can be impossible! Google Drive.

25 eLearning tools you need to have


Tool: Google Drive. What it does: Google Drive is our favorite form of cloud storage at LearnUpon. With teams working in diverse locations across the world, Google Drive provides a safe and central location where all team members can access the files they need at any time.

Tips (and Inspiration!) to Simplify Your Life


Hardly original, but I live by my calendar and my "To Do" list. at the end of the day I like to review my calendar for tomorrow, so that I know what''s coming up. I am a big fan of the Mynd calendar app ( [link] ) for iOS. It ties me in to my Reminders, to my gmail calendar(s), to LinkedIn (so their public profile can be linked to my appointments), and to Evernote so I can add more information and keep it stored in the Cloud.

100+ Learning, Design & Technology Resources to Help You Get Sh*t Done

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Picular is Google but for colors. Gallery.io – a collaborative tool for sharing design work, getting feedback, and tracking revisions – quickly and efficiently. Grammarly has released a beta that works with Google Docs in Chrome. Email & Calendar. Sunsama is what would happen if Google Calendar and Trello had a love child. Every week I include a few design resources and useful tools in my Learning, Design, and Technology newsletter.

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


G-Suite : Google sheets, docs, and slides for creating notes, summaries, presentations, worksheets and templates with the added benefit of being online and shared. Most of these employee training tools are able to integrate with Slack and Calendars, too.

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Keeping Up - April's Big Question

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I also like to make occasional visits to Google Labs and Adobe Labs to "keep up" with the tech tools they are working on and to test drive any beta versions available. When I do find interesting tools I will keep track of them using my Delicious account. Cloud Blogging Social Media Twitter Google e-Learning Cloud ComputingApril's Big Question from Learning Circuits is "How to Keep up?" This is in reference the immense and rapidly expanding technology tools.

Cammy Beans Learning Visions: My Personalized Personal Work Learning Environmental World

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I keep track of the phases of the moon. I use Google bookmar ks to manage links of personal learning interest. Google Reader. I have a huge wish list in Amazon to help me track all of the books Id like to read, when I have the time.this list spans e-Learning, parenting, fiction, spiritual.The ideal is that Id go check the book out from the library, but my schedule hasnt allowed for many library visits these days. UPDATE: Ive recently started using Google Notebooks. (OK,