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ILT vs. VILT vs. eLearning vs. Video Learning: Traditional or Digital Learning

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There’s the tried-and-true in-person instructor-led training (ILT). In this article, we’ll provide clear definitions of ILT and its digital cousins, and we’ll note important considerations for building a program anchored in each solution. Cons of Instructor-Led Training (ILT).

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Y R Some Vendors confused about e-learning?

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Are there vendors in the e-learning space who lack basic understanding around e-learning? Lastly, if the vendors, organizations and firms whose whole background, expertise and existence is tied to e-learning and they themselves are not fully understanding it, does this bode well for the industry as a whole? (I’ll I always tell vendors that they are supposed to be the experts and not the people inquiring about the information. .


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Google Wave - Learning Environments - Best of eLearning Learning

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Tips for Teaching Synchronous Virtual Classes. Convert ILT to eLearning - Estimating - eLearning Technology , October 14, 2009. Helpful — Free — Resources for Finding LMS and LCMS Vendors - aLearning , October 11, 2009. 5 great resources to find out about Google Wave , October 14, 2009. Google Wave (6). 5 great resources to find out about Google Wave , October 14, 2009. Google Wave Invitations Available , October 13, 2009.

A Look Back at E-Learning in 2012

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LMSs – Finally vendors took notice. Authoring Tools – With only a small sample of vendors that are SaaS based, pickings are slim. Sure there were exceptions on the desktop side – most notably Articulate Storyline, but overall until desktop vendors see the advantages of SaaS, especially with real time collaboration and peer review, tablets will be slow going. Synchronization has now been completed. Increase in number of vendors. Google Calendar.

Features that are must haves in any LMS

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End user registers for event (ILT, webinar, whatever) and receives an auto e-mail notification, then as event gets closer receives reminders (as set by the administrator. Classroom management – the capabilities within this feature set are gaining steam, part is due to the fact that many more people who have always used ILT are now zinging over to e-learning either by choice or force. Rather go one more step and include new popular ones such as Pinterest, Reddit, Google+.

A Look Back at 2020 for E-Learning

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From a vendor perspective there was a huge impact, but what was odd, is that some vendors still are living in the past, as though, this is a minor blip, and in 2021, everything will go back as it was – corporate wise that is.

How to build an effective online course

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I thought a few pages into Google and something would be viewable for everyone to understand. Who is still doing this – I know a few vendors have it, but still – most folks are unaware of all the steps, etc. I had a recent call with one vendor who was explaining that SCORM is the reason why people build linear-based courses with the next button (i.e. You go in a line – just like you would in any ILT course or seminar. I thought it would be easy.

The Corporate eLearning Ecosystem Explained


Google Analytics. One of the best examples of this is if your organization uses G Suite (Google’s business class), the admin can set up SSO so that you can gain access to your LearnUpon account from the app switcher on your Google profile, with the click of a button. Self-register : A user can create a profile on the login screen or via third-party profile like Google or Facebook. Regular updates of data ensures the records on your systems are synchronized.

Why You Should Embrace The Gig Economy For Strategic Advantage

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But, as knowledge workers, we now have email, Slack, Dropbox or Google Drive, and Skype that have collapsed virtual separation. Practitioners, leaders, and vendors should consider how they can best leverage this new take on employer/employee relationships, labor structures, geographic proximity, and employment options to capitalize on a global pool of talent. They turn into a one trick show— videos or simulations or ILT, for example—with rarely any crossover or blend.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

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The ability to move seamlessly from one device experience to another will be critical with complete synchronization of our learning progress, status, achievements, etc. Interest in the mobile web app approach remains strong with many organizations especially from those wading into the mobile learning pool for the first time (from both the customer and vendor perspective). And learning vendors (e.g.,