The Olympics – A Guideline to Continuous Learning


The Olympics – A Guideline to Continuous Learning. As heads of Training and Development programs, we need to be aware of this process. The post The Olympics – A Guideline to Continuous Learning appeared first on Gyrus.

Three Guidelines for Effectively Integrating Games in the Classroom

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Here are three guidelines culled from research on the subject. Games should be embedded in instructional programs that include debriefing and feedback so the students understand what happened in the game and how these events support the instructional objectives.

7 Game and Gamification Guidelines for Your Organization

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Here are some guidelines developed from multiple implementations of games and gamification within organizations. One: Be cautious of programs described as “gamified”; the term is being used in various ways, so be sure the program fits your purposes.

8 Guidelines for Designing Microlearning Resources

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More and more instructional designers purposefully break larger programs into smaller, more concise events and resources. Watch the entire BYTE replay here for Carla’s expert advice for creating microlearning programs and common use cases to clarify when and how to use these resources.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

adheres to your visual guidelines. colors to your exact brand guidelines, and then specify other details such as font sizes, backgrounds, and menu items. Where learning and development programs used to be seen as. report on the effectiveness of its learning programs.

7-Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 2: Convert and Create Content

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What special guidelines apply to e-learning delivery? The quickest way to fail your e-learning program is to use it as a catch-all. Along those lines, the accessibility of programs is a great place to begin questioning a possible vendor.

Ethics vs Compliance –  Compliance-Based Ethics Programs

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In today’s business world, it is essential to have a strong ethics program in order to form and maintain a positive rapport with customers. The two main types of ethics programs revolve around either integrity or compliance. Compliance-Based Ethics Programs.

Thesis/Dissertation Committee Policy and Guidelines

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Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members and Regular Committee Member: and carrying out all aspects of his/her degree program and thesis/dissertationDoctoral Committee Member Roles and Functions Print-Friendly Page. Add to Pages.

7-Seven Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 7: Regular Monitoring

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Now that your e-learning program is up and running, you’ve evaluated it, made changes, and the organization loves it. Your e-learning program requires a constant eye on various areas to ensure that nothing goes off track. This is a common misconception with e-learning programs.

3 Guidelines to Consider as a CLO

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Here are three guidelines to consider depending on the learning goal: The goal is to complete a procedural task. Training programs designed by Sharon have been featured inSimulations and the Future of Learning, Digital Game-Based Learning, Training and Simulation Journal, Time Magazine, New York Times, Washington Post, Washington Times and on NBC TV and CNN. When discussing training, the debate rages. How long is short enough and how short is long enough?

4 Fantastic Guidelines to Realign Your Sales Force with the Changing Pharma Landscape

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You can provide the IDN treatment protocols, guidelines, reimbursement models, rules and regulations in e-learning modules, so that pharma reps can enhance their understanding and skills. The Pharma landscape is changing fast.

Coaching in your Learning and Development Program


The Role of Coaching in your Learning and Development Program. Your great learning program could be even greater with just a little coaching. Utilizing those freshly established brand guidelines you have learned, you have really gone above and beyond the cause on this one.”

Discovering Instructional Design 8: Developing Material for Learning Programs

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Today, I'm going to outline some guidelines for developing material for learning programs. Continue Reading → The post Discovering Instructional Design 8: Developing Material for Learning Programs appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog.

How To Implement Spaced Learning Into Your Training Program


Here are the four way to implement spaced learning into your training program: Combine spaced learning with microlearning. How to Implement Spaced Learning Into Your Training Program. The way people learn at work has changed rapidly.

7-Steps to Creating an Effective E-learning Program Part 6: Modification

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Your e-learning program has rolled out and has come under constant evaluation. Every piece of data you receive, whether it seems small or not, can help you modify your e-learning program, keep it fresh, and move it into prominence with your organization.

Learning Program

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Developing a Successful Learning Program. A leading company in the cruise industry, working across several continents, knew they needed a new learning program. Specifically, a company to design, development, and implement a learning program for their senior leadership team. To avoid a knowledge and experience gap or sharp learning curve, important goals of the learning program were identified. The post Learning Program appeared first on Solo Learning.

Rolling Out a Global Compliance Training Program

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If an organization must think globally about its corporate compliance training and wants to evaluate the strength of its program, the first thing to consider is whether it is nurturing an “ecosystem” of compliance.

How an Online Employee Training Program Can Revolutionize Your Training

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You need a good employee training program to get your new employees started with the right skills and the right expectations. You also need a good training program for when you want your employees to learn new skills or to adopt new processes within your organization. Whether you want to develop your own training program or use one that is already commercial available, you should consider an online employee training program.

4 Major Challenges when Implementing an International ELearning Program


Over the years I have been fortunate to implement a variety of elearning programs for both large and small organizations. Design Consistency: Chances are that if you are on an international elearning program, then you are going to be developing a large number of courses.

How to measure effectiveness of an eLearning Program? Here is a checklist!

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It is a challenge for training managers to ensure quality of eLearning programs that are developed by internal teams or external eLearning vendors. Check following essential features of a graphic: The color – minimal color usage limited to branding guidelines.

How Leadership Skills are Being Taught in Modern Training Programs

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This is why; leadership training programs are organized all across the world so that the trainees can come to know what is it that is missing in them and making their life a bit difficult as a leader. Leader is not the ringmaster only any more.

Toolbox Tip: Creating Scenarios in Articulate Storyline—No Programming Necessary

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With Articulate Storyline, you can create your own scenarios quickly and easily—with no programming required! Independent instructional designer Jackie Van Nice offers step-by-step guidelines for getting started.

4 Tips for a Successful Company-Wide Social Media Training Program

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Most companies will give their employees some basic guidelines on how to conduct themselves on various platforms but often do not go any further. If you’ve been thinking about rallying your team to boost your social media results, here are some tips to launch a successful training program.

Resources from Webinar, “Develop the Elearning Your Program Deserves”

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We had a great turnout during our recent webinar, “Develop the Elearning Your Program Deserves—for the Training Results You Want.” Web Content Accessibility Guidelines). The post Resources from Webinar, “Develop the Elearning Your Program Deserves” appeared first on Microassist.

9 Strategies to Make Your Peer Learning Program Thrive

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If you’re sponsoring or developing a peer learning program, you know that professional communities of practice are a cost-effective way to leverage the collective wisdom and experience of a group of leaders with similar roles, challenges or interest areas.

Program Management Can the US Government Step Up

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In a couple of columns last fall, I highlighted the importance of program management for IT organizations, reflecting on the fact that the single most important factor affecting the perception of an IT organization is its ability to successfully deliver programs. I also outlined the five elements that are foundational for successfully delivering large-scale IT programs. The single most important element: the personnel leading the program.

10 Workplace Safety Training Tips


Workplace safety cannot exist on best practice guidelines and policies alone. How can you develop an effective safety training program that does what it’s supposed to and results in lower rates of illness, injury, accidents or property damage?

The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program

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The Building Blocks of a Successful e-Training Program. An authoritative whitepaper on how to plan, implement, and evaluate an e-learning program for your business. Like any corporate initiative, the training program should have a stated mission and a set of business objectives that are well defined. The plan will also need to include a business analysis that identifies the costs and benefits of the training program. Prepare a business case for the training program.

e-Learning Programs' Support Services to Learners


However, how do we support our learners before, during, and after an e-Learning course, program, and (or) certificate? The following list contains resources consider the e-Learning programs' support services to learners. The Strategic Management of e-Learning Support - Free e-Learning Book Finding from American Research Universities Guidelines for Creating Student Services Online These guidelines were the result of the U.S.

How to Run an Employee Social Media Ambassador Program


As a result, Adobe’s Social Shift Program , which shares guidelines for social sharing and brand advocacy, was launched; the Adobe Life blog , which shares an insider view of life at Adobe, and the companion #AdobeLife social campaign were created.

Toolbox Tip: Creating Scenarios in Articulate Storyline—No Programming Necessary

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With Articulate Storyline, you can create your own scenarios quickly and easily—with no programming required! Independent instructional designer Jackie Van Nice offers step-by-step guidelines for getting started. Click here to read full version

Why Is an LMS Key for Easy Compliance Training?


Behind every effective computer-based employee training program is an equally effective learning management system (LMS). However, it’s essential to do so to stay in compliance with regulation guidelines. 6 Reasons a Learning Management System Makes for Easy Compliance Training.

9 Tips to Use Images in your eLearning Programs


In this article, we bring forward some useful tips to select the apt image for your eLearning programs. Failure to obey the policies and guidelines of the marketplace may lead to legal conflicts. Be very very selective about the images you choose for your eLearning programs.

3 Tips for Effective Title IX Compliance Training


It protects people from gender discrimination in any education-related programs and activities that receive federal funding. When it comes to Title IX compliance, you need training that doesn’t just concentrate on what Title IX is.

Why Is FERPA Compliance Training Important?


For you, as a student, parent, or staff member, FERPA exists to give you guidelines to know what your rights are and how to keep sensitive information safe and secure. Institute a thorough training program that details what is and is not allowable for release.

How to Select the Right Authoring Tool for Your ELearning Program

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The decision can be made a little simpler with these guidelines to follow Choosing the right eLearning authoring tool can be difficult with the number of choices available. Trying to find one that meets the needs of the company without going over the budget can be a challenge.

eLearning solutions enhance homeschool programs


eLearning solutions enhance homeschool programs. In addition to serving as an supplement to traditional teaching programs, digital materials can open doors for children who are homeschooled as well.