The Olympics – A Guideline to Continuous Learning


The Olympics – A Guideline to Continuous Learning. Much like Track and Field superstars who spend hours agonizing over their stride length and form, we too have drivers that determine our abilities in the office place.

Guidelines to Accomplish Outsourced E-learning Projects Part-2 [Infographic]

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If you’ve made the decision to outsource your e-learning projects and have selected your vendor partner, you are on the right track. Well, check out our infographic for some guidelines to ensure the partnership works.

7 Tips to Keep Your eLearning Project on Track


Here are some tips on how to do an amazing job setting and explaining the right expectations to keep your project on track: 1) Set up a project kick-off call or meeting: In this meeting, explain the entire process and clearly define tasks, responsible parties and timelines.

Policy Management For HR Nerds…Wait…Am I Allowed To Say That?

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Human resource departments can be overwhelmed with creating, deploying, updating and tracking their policies. You can be so inundated with deploying policies that it gives you little time or resources to track policies.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

How it’s Viewed7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Pages Interactive8 The Sky’s the Limit with the Cloud9 Translate Your Learning into Hundreds of Languages10 Track and Analyze Exactly how. adheres to your visual guidelines. Track and Analyze Exactly. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Reflections on strategies of inclusive and engaging learning courses

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And more importantly, how do we keep students and teachers walking on that track and stay interested in subject areas they have to do to be successful at school, at the university, as an apprentice or trained employee at the workplace? Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

Reporting Flavors: CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts – And how they use Dashboard Reports

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OEM Training – Training tools, guidelines and resources from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with the CARSTAR network. Therefore, one of the biggest goals is to ensure and track enrollment and completion of training programs. CARSTAR – About & Mission.

The Importance of eLearning Style Guides

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It had their color palette, the guidelines for using their logo, the standards for images, and more. Then the organization started hiring contractors to update their existing eLearning courses, so they’d match the new guidelines. Do you have question formatting guidelines?

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E-learning Solutions in the Healthcare Sector: Creating Knowledge and Enlightenment


Regulatory bodies closely scrutinize the healthcare sector to ensure that every organization is working within the guidelines of the industry. Compliance trainings are put in place so that every employee understands the guidelines.

3 Super Simple ELearning Design Tips


With so many elements to keep track of when creating a course, how do you know which ones to pay attention to? If you have a tight timeline to create an effective elearning course, then it can become difficult to ensure your course adheres to the leading design principles.

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Performance Management Tools & Techniques


They need to understand what is required of them, what their personal benchmarks are and what the guidelines are for them to achieve them. The guidelines for measuring success must be clear and objective. Performance Management is a vital process for modern organizations.

Learning and the Brain

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And, you can learn some of his secrets by attending “ Practical Guidelines from Cognitive Science for Creating Awesome Learning ” at DevLearn in October. There’s a new movement called Organizational Psychology.

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Swiping or Matching?

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eHarmony has an impressive track record for creating long-term relationships. Here are some guidelines from Forbes that can help you make the best match: 1. How do you meet your next employee… swipe or match? Your department is way behind deadlines, and your staff is screaming for help.

Improving Professional Learning: 12 Strategies to Enhance Performance

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He then provides a list of guidelines to help his reader apply the concept in their own field and concludes with a series of questions to aid in reflection. With this in mind, Knox once again provides a series of examples and guidelines drawn from his decades of activity in the field.

Mobile Learning: A Manager’s Guide

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I have seen gamification work in this context, especially making memorization of guidelines fun. It allows a company to have it’s own application store, track usage, and provide security and upgrades. Brenda J.

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Quality Control: Best Practices in Online Course Design and Delivery


In their “ Hallmark of Excellence in Online Leadership ”, The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) has established some guidelines for best practices in distance learning quality.

The Learning Blockchain Emerges

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He was perplexed about why we didn’t just find a way to track the content or data that we needed — from a wide spectrum of systems — and call it up in real time when necessary. Localization of procedures based on global rules and guidelines.

Why Is an LMS Key for Easy Compliance Training?


The LMS also provides the digital space and tools necessary to educate, engage, motivate and inspire learners, while providing the means for learning and development professionals to guide, track and analyze training to make measurable business impact. Easy Tracking and Reporting.

How To Implement Spaced Learning Into Your Training Program


Track results with quizzes. Here are four guidelines to successfully implement spaced learning to improve the results of your training program. Track Results With Quizzes. It’s essential to keep track of how well learners are absorbing information.

Why SCORM Should Matter to You


As is the case with any major implementation, you would be smart to use a standard set of processes and guidelines to control the effort.


Ensuring Quality in E-learning Design and Development: Free eBook

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Want to get hold of guidelines that’ll help ensure quality and minimize errors in your e-learning courses? Check our eBook ‘Quality Management in E-learning Design and Development’ that provides quality guidelines and more: A brief introduction to quality.

How to Help Struggling Adult Learners


If you see that a learner is struggling, intervening sooner than later may be the key to getting that student back on the right track for success.

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5 Considerations Before Choosing an LMS

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For some companies, the answer is that they are looking to track the progress of learners for employee evaluation purposes. Others are looking to adhere to HR or OSHA training compliance guidelines.

Increase Course Performance with These 7 Tips for Bite-Sized eLearning


If you have a number of microlearning activities and modules floating around it may be difficult to keep track of your eLearning content. However, a road map can help to organize all of the bite-sized eLearning activities that are available and allow online learners to track their progress.

How does an LMS save your time so that you can train better?

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Trainers are continuously looking for the best ways to deliver training in a short amount of time which helps them track employee performance on training and help link it with on-the-job performance.

What should be in your next Certification RFP

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What topics should be included in a Request for a Proposal (RFP) for certification program development? Do you have topics to include that make an added impact? Do you have topics that help you in your decision making criteria? Here’s a list for your consideration, what would you add or delete? Certification Program RFP Topics: .

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How to Build Effective Mentoring Relationships

If your company has a mentoring program in place there will be guidelines to help you, but if not, you’ll need to set out some guidelines to get started. It’s tempting to get side-tracked on the “problem of the day.” Strong mentoring relationships benefit mentor and mentee alike.

Good Habits Make Good Managers

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It may be useful to provide managers and employees with suggested guidelines around how often they should be engaging in coaching conversations. “The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Samuel Johnson.

How to Assemble the Perfect eLearning Team

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Smaller projects don’t necessarily need a dedicated project manager, but they still need someone keeping track of all the tasks. There are many options for this, from MS Project, to tracking spreadsheets.

Going off road

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Veering off the beaten track is something I often do. Beaten tracks are too 'safe' and restrictive for me. They should be used to interpret content and activities, and as a guidelines rather than as rules to follow regardless of whatever is happening.

“Ninja” Trick For Better ELearning Plans


While these guidelines are great, they are pretty dense in theory. How are we tracking attendance and performance? Creating an online course without a plan will ultimately lead to failure.

LearnDash and BuddyPress Use Cases


Progress and badges are tracked against the user’s profile. Franchises are successful because they have a set of guidelines in place that their franchisees must follow. Just recently we announced the announced the a new BuddyPress integration to LearnDash.

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Analysis Elements to Introduce Gamification to an Organization

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So here are some general guidelines I use when conducting a needs analysis related to gamification. The other day I was asked this question about gamification analysis.

Best Practices for Selecting an LMS

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Whether you are getting ready to select your first LMS, or are looking to make a switch, there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you make the best decision for your organization. Selecting an LMS is a big decision. Check out our best practices for when you make your decision!

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At the moment all systems are go

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I went along to a JISC event today in London in order to discover the details regarding the funding opportunity and guidelines for the latest bid call.

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