Raptivity Presenting on M-Learning at eLearning Africa 2012 in Benin


Manager – Business Development of Harbinger Knowledge Products will be presenting on the topic “Interactivity Paradigm shifts to Mobile Learning” [.].

xSMART – The Framework to Drive Your Content Modernization Initiative

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Harbinger has built a framework to aid modernization. As part of the xSMART framework, Harbinger has built custom automation utilities which can extract content at a page level for all the courses, even if the source files are missing.

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ILT Trainers– Are you leaving something on the table?

Harbinger Interactive Learning

ILT will work best if it is part of a blended learning program that supplements ILT with eLearning, making it a more cost-effective, and hence, justified proposition. From Harbinger's Thought Leadership ForumThe way learning is delivered directly impacts performance and retention.

ILT 72

Can Flipped eLearning be Effective for Continuing Medical Education?

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Are you a Continuing Medical Education (CME) provider constantly on the lookout for ways to create value for medical practitioners through your education programs? From Harbinger's Thought Leadership Forum #continuing education #Continuing professional development #JustinTimeLearning #Training elearningSince these are already practicing physicians with long and unpredictable working hours, it is quite challenging to cater to their learning requirements.

Five Reasons Why You Should Go Digital for Compliance Training

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Such situations demand compliance training programs to be easily customizable and in control of the organization. From Harbinger's Thought Leadership ForumIn the modern-day workplace learning, there is nothing trickier than dealing with sensitive subject matter. This subject matter could range from topics like sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, cultural competence, to, information breach and security.

An Instructional Designer’s Experience with Automation Testing

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Harbinger organizes an annual inter- organization event called Automathon. The Automathon primarily focuses on testing through an automated framework called Harbinger’s Integrated Hybrid Automation Framework (HIHAF). Before I participated in this event, I always felt that writing test scripts doesn’t require a great deal of programming knowledge. This event primarily focuses on automation testing, wherein participants write test scripts on given scenarios.

Recent Research on Interactive Learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

This list of existing research and articles on interactivity in learning was put together by Janhavi Padture, Director of Research, Analysis and Strategy at Harbinger Knowledge Products.

Template Based Rapid Interactions: Overcome the Myths

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Seema Chaudhary, President at Harbinger Knowledge Products, was speaking at the 2009 Online Learning Conference held in New York on Sept 23-24, 2009 in a session on Optimizing Rapid Development co-presented with Bryan Chapman. "Are you shopping for a ginger bread cookie or a wedding cake?"

Twelve Ways to Add Value to Open Source LMS Systems

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

So, when I sat down to talk with Dr Asheesh Choksi, technology consultant and architect, about Moodle, he gave me a 12-point program to add value to Moodle - which was quite an eye opener. This can be done using Google Gears to some extent, or with the Harbinger Offline Player all the way up to SCORM compatible tracking. This is when code optimization, caching and other expert solutions from Harbinger - ranging up to cluster server deployment- come handy.

mLearning in Africa

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Vinod Ganjoo is an e-learning enthusiast who works as Senior Manager - e-learning Business Development at Harbinger. Three, programming skills required to produce mobile learning are limited.

Top eLearning Development Companies for Enterprises & SMBs

Hurix Digital

Their team of Instructional designers, learning strategists, graphic designers, and software developers combine their skillsets to create interactive eLearning programs that engage learners, speed up skill development and improve overall business performance. Harbinger Interactive Learning.

Informal Learning For Startups: Preparing For Internal Social Collaboration


Informal learning helps in attaining a massive amount of organizational knowledge, through a varied and exciting learning program which enables learners to make advancements in their careers. Make use of a game-based learning platform to create a meaningful program for them.

Why MOOCs? Why Now?

Your Training Edge

Many people see MOOCs as a harbinger of changes to come. An organization that does not offer cutting-edge training programs may have difficulty attracting the next generations of workers. I suggested above that MOOCs are harbingers of things to come. “MOOCs will destroy education!”. MOOCs are wonderful / terrible / game changing innovations / over-hyped gimmicks!”. MOOCs are the future!”. MOOCs are dead!”.

Best of Elearning! 2015 Finalists Revealed


Awards program is the industry gold standard for excellence. The program is a User’s Choice Award whereby learning professionals vote with their ballot for best-in-class solutions. Eighty-five percent of professionals have personally recommended a learning solution to a colleague over the past 12 months and this awards program formalizes this personal recommendation process. Awards Programs. Harbinger Group.

Building Simulations in eLearning – Articulate Storyline Versus Adobe Captivate

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Learning programs that let your employees’ practice a real life situation would help retain knowledge well and apply it effectively when the actual situation arises. Harbinger has been building simulation based training for many years now. The primary objective of delivering corporate learning is to develop skills that could be applied to the actual course of work in an organization. These skills could be best developed by ‘doing’ and ‘practicing’.

What is Rapid Interactivity?

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

This is done not by programming, but by customizing interaction models, templates where someone has already done the programming for you. Using this interaction model, you can make the changes and deploy several labeling exercises quickly, and without programming. Raptivity Harbinger Knowledge Products has recently announced the release of Raptivity, the world’s first and only rapid interactivity builder.

An Infographic on Raptivity’s 10 Years’ Exciting Journey


In April 2006, Harbinger Knowledge Products launched Raptivity, the first of its kind rapid interactivity builder, with an aim to help Instructional Designers and course creators in building effective eLearning content without any programming.

Ad-hoc Social Learning Environment - How a Blog Drives Learning

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

I recently conducted a one-month leadership development program at Harbinger Group. The program, dubbed BaseCamp 2010, addressed 40 participants drawn from the senior and mid-level ranks of the company. The goal of the program was to expose participants to selected ideas in innovation, strategy, leadership and vision: all of them set in the context of high tech industry. The program, conducted over five weeks, was a great success.

How to Help Managers Avoid Burnout and Stay Productive


One program tested the effect of weekly meetings with facilitators for six months to hash out communication difficulties. Managers lead teams and product development, project deadlines and communicate between departments, all while working to “meet the bottom line.”

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

E-Learning Provocateur

Faith umbrellas these principles under 7 steps: determine the goals of your training program; smooth out the technologies and systems you will use; plan who does what during delivery; promote the event; execute the training; follow-up the training after delivery; measure and report.

Informal learning hot list for February 2009

Jay Cross

OERs shining light, new textbook model, or harbinger of a new imperialism. We are programmed to be interrupted. Wouldn’t it be cool to let the wisdom of your crowd suggest things on the net that merit your attention? It beats threshing a barrage of chaff to locate the kernels of information you want. It’s a time-saver, time is money, and most of us could use more of it. Enter smart aggregation.

Oasis 36

10 Advantages of e-Learning in higher education over Traditional Methods

Hurix Digital

Here are top 10 Reasons Why Institutions Should invest in Online Learning Programs. Here’s all you need to know about The Making of Future-proof Online Learning Programs and Courses. Related: Online Learning Programs: Why Every Institution is Going Digital.

My 2012 Enterprise mLearning Predictions Recap

mLearning Trends

SAP’s planned takeover of SuccessFactors and Oracle’s move on RightNow (approved this week) all are harbingers of more market consolidation as larger companies look to flesh out their cloud, mobile and social strategies.

Learn by Doing: Get Faster Every Lap

Marcia Conner

Arrogance is a sad harbinger of a has-been. GE’s manager development program has used business simulations for more than 40 years, most authored by David Sims. Few people ever recall who finished in second place.

Top 60 eLearning Posts for October 2010

eLearning Learning Posts

The approach to strategy development depends on several factors such as your organizational structure, existing learning programs, organizational learning culture, and the value executives place on informal learning. Recent Research on Interactive Learning , October 8, 2010 This list of existing research and articles on interactivity in learning was put together by Janhavi Padture, Director of Research, Analysis and Strategy at Harbinger Knowledge Products.

Hot List - April 1, 2009 to April 11, 2009

Tony Karrer

She is in a graduate school program and is a great self-directed learner: I’m learning about things like instructional theories, learning theories, how to tie learning to performance, how to tie learning to business requirements, and ways to measure all these things. Coming back after a week of being mostly disconnected I'm woefully behind on email and even more so on my reading.