Best Video Hosting Solutions for Online Courses


What video hosting platform should you choose? Fortunately, a video host can help address this issue by providing storage for your videos among other benefits. Why do you need to use a video host? Choose the video hosting solution that best suits your need.

6 Benefits of including live streaming into online training sessions


These instances are calling for collaborative live streaming. 6 Benefits of including live streaming into online training sessions. First and foremost, with live streaming, the audience can be a lot larger than in typical video conferences. However, engaging as these are, there is a certain collaborative aspect they are missing, and live streaming sessions can easily bridge that gap.


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6 Popular LearnDash Hosting Options (And How to Choose the Best One)

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

For any website, the choice of web hosting is a critical one. Requirements of any e-learning website tend to be a bit more tedious than other types of websites due to longer session durations and a host of other differences. Powerful multimedia hosting capabilities.

Aragon Research & Meridian Host Webinar on Changing Your LMS


Award-winning learning technology provider Meridian Knowledge Solutions will host a live webinar with leading advisory firm Aragon Research for companies who are considering a search for a learning management system that better meets their needs. The post Aragon Research & Meridian Host Webinar on Changing Your LMS appeared first on Meridian Knowledge Solutions. Reston, VA – December 7, 2020?

The Future of Streaming – Get Ahead of the Curve


Since Flash was now a potential security threat, the tech-wizards also deduced RTMP streaming protocol – the way video is carried from one place to another – also needed to go. While simple, on-demand video delivery is solved with HTML5, the industry is still attempting to solve for the use of HTML5 in live streaming. There are large technical hurdles that need to be overcome, and major video streaming content delivery network (CDN) providers are struggling to get up to speed. .

Host Your Corporate Training Videos on Your LMS – Why & How

CommLab India

There are many sites you can host your corporate videos on – for free. You can even host your corporate training videos on them. If you host them on public sites, there are chances of unauthorized usage. So, it’s better to host your corporate training videos on a Learning Management System (LMS). Some More Reasons to Host Training Videos on an LMS. Hosting your training videos on an LMS is an effective way of training employees in this digital age.

Delivering streaming video to mobile devices

TechSmith Camtasia

Easiest: Host video at YouTube. You might want to upload videos to a hosting site and use embed code to display them in your blog post or webpage. Photo credit: AdamKR. As you may know, the world of online video is going through some upheaval right now with at least two competing views of how embedded video should be delivered. And mobile video is at the center of the fracas.

Saffron to host webinar on Knowledge Management

Saffron Interactive

Saffron Interactive, leading innovators in the learning technologies sector, will be giving a webinar hosted by Don Taylor of the Learning & Skills Group on knowledge management on 4 September at 12pm. Revealing the shocking results of its recent survey, Saffron’s webinar will explain the shortcomings of the conventional knowledge management systems, and demonstrate how implementing semantic systems allows organisations to turn information into applicable insight.

[WEBINAR] Docebo?s Approach to Regional Cloud Hosting


Register for our upcoming webinar to uncover the performance and privacy benefits of regional hosting in the cloud. Cloud-hosting enables e-learning platforms to allow users to access their content from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. However, learning in the cloud is also an incredibly effective way to eliminate bandwidth-related issues by supporting big data collection and analysis, and multimedia streams.

How to Launch a Successful Online Course MVP, Generate Multiple Income Streams, and Build a Team with Divi Community Leader David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios


How to launch a successful online course MVP, generate multiple income streams, and build a team with Divi community leader David Blackmon of Aspen Grove Studios in this episode of LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. David Blackmon: It started with services and my mindset was I wanted, because I have an entrepreneur mind, I wanted five streams of revenue, because I knew that there would be lean times if you had one focus that you are focusing on. What are the other two streams?

TechSmith Tips – Getting Started with Video Webinars

TechSmith Camtasia

There are a number of ways to host a webinar, but most often they are live events that either inform or train the audience with the opportunity for the audience to provide input via chat. While setting up the system for live streaming video can be complicated and pricey, we’ve found it to be well worth the investment of time and money. Building an audience ahead of any live streaming is vital. Tips & How To's Live stream techsmith tips Video webinar wirecast

eLearning Development: 4 Tech Considerations When Using Videos

Upside Learning

Streaming – accessing videos hosted on the streaming server. If you are considering to use streaming videos, you can have two options – either setup your own server by buying Flash Media Interactive Server OR use services from third-party content delivery network (CDN) companies partnered with Adobe if there are hundreds of high quality videos to be delivered and your viewership is high enough.

FLV 157

Learning Events: 10 Ways to Level Up Your Content Programming

Talented Learning

And with the arrival of innovative virtual learning technologies like live streaming and webcasting, many associations are racing to offer continuing education in a variety of new forms. However, digital streaming capabilities have opened the doors for many more people to participate online in real-time. Historically, associations built educational content programming around live location-based events.

It’s Showtime! How to Enhance Conference Learning With Online Video

Talented Learning

According to Digitell, 20-40% of those who live-stream an event will attend in-person the next year. Here are some methods that work: 1) Live-Stream All Sessions. 16,600 more professionals tuned-in via live stream , and another 25,000 attended on-demand. But thanks to live-streaming and on-demand video , session attendance actually totaled a whopping 15 million, worldwide. Of course, live-streaming access, alone, doesn’t guarantee learning.

eLearning platforms follow top trends in L&D

Petra Mayer

In my experience with my clients in different types of organizations, I see varying needs for their course hosting platform, that are worth addressing here. There are a number of trends that impact which of the course hosting platforms are better suited for your needs. Do you plan to sell your programs directly from your course hosting platform? Some course hosting platforms offer substantial functionality for your learners to communicate with you and each other.

Understanding Video File Types: Codecs, Containers, and Outputs

TechSmith Camtasia

Like the “pinch” in an hourglass, compression helps devices and the internet keep up with a big stream of data. Occasionally you may need to use a different container depending on where you plan to host your video. Tips & How To's codec container file MOV mp4 quicktime resolution streaming types VideoIn January we posted about image file types. Now it’s video’s turn.

Free Webinar: Strategies To Create Compelling And Immersive Compliance Training—Featuring 8 Examples

Adobe Captivate

Join us for this free webinar hosted by Asha Pandey, Chief Learning Strategist at EI Design, to see how you can change this situation by: Making these pieces of training compelling and interesting to meet the compliance mandate more effectively. Blog Discussions eLearning blog compliance compliance training discussions Free webinar live stream WebinarDate of Event: June 21 st, 2018. Time: 11:00 AM EDT (8:30 PM IST). Duration: 60 Minutes.

Video Delivery Types in Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Captivate supports the following types of Video Delivery : Progressive download, RTMP Streaming, Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). RTMP Streaming. Video Hosting. Can be hosted on any Web Server or Flash Media Server (FMS). Hosting only on FMS. Hosting provided by Adobe partners. Alternate Web server for Video : Sometimes you need to host video on an alternate web server (other than the one which is hosting your SWF).

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Tips for Successful Event Capture


Between the venue, speakers, catering, and marketing, associations spend millions of dollars each year hosting continuing education events and conferences. This is particularly imperative if you’re hosting a virtual conference – because you’ll want virtual attendees to have access to all the same materials as conference goers in the room.

ID and eLearning Links 8/25/20

Experiencing eLearning

This would probably work best with an audience with at least some prior experience with Zoom (so they don’t do anything as co-hosts accidentally), but it wouldn’t take too much training to give people enough skill to manage it.

Tips For Creating Video-based Content And Choosing The Right Technology To Support It: Getting The Value Advantage Of Video-based Learning


Delivering Video-based learning with the ‘right’ Technology: Video-streaming technology has been under research now for many years because of the importance of this new tool in the delivery of video-based content to learners. Thus video-streaming is moving beyond the entertainment area into training and learning. The benefits of video-streaming for learning delivery are many: ? The hosting charges for a streaming server may prove to be expensive.

Video 159

Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

eLearning 24-7

Some types: slideshare presentation, event management, livecasting or live streaming, social network aggregators, social news aggregators (which is different then just news posts), video sharing (say YouTube) and this is just a few. Tags: LCMS LMS Plateau Product Review Talent and Performance Management Uncategorized e-learning e-learning vendors elearning hosted product review I’ll be the first to admit, that I was not a big fan of the previous versions of the Plateau system.

5 Ways to Interact with Your Online Students


Live stream on social media. Live streams allow students to feel like they are part of something that is happening right now. Watching a live stream can therefore be much more exciting than working through a series of pre-recorded videos. During a live stream on social media, students can also leave comments and questions that the presenters can respond to in real time. You can use either YouTube or Facebook Live to stream live content to your students.

Learning Pool’s top hints and tips for making your face-to-face event virtual in a few weeks or less

Learning Pool

Things to contemplate when considering to host an online event: . How will you host the live event? (We We used Stream LXP). Will you have a host? Our Learning Experience Platform, Stream was the backbone of the experience. Our remote speakers were then filmed using Zoom and this was fed into the Vimeo live stream. Realizing we were likely to host a larger audience than originally planned, we decided on an entirely new plan for the day.

How You Can Protect Your Course Videos


By far the easiest way to add security to your videos is to leverage a video hosting service. This is where someone gets the direct video URL to download or stream the video elsewhere. If you don’t want to use one of the programs above then you could consider modifying your.htaccess file to prevent direct linking to your videos that you are hosting on your own website.

Video 179

Events in Crisis? 6 Key Recommendations on What to Do Now & What to Do Next 

Blue Sky eLearn

While many organizations were already live streaming some content from their in-person event, recording sessions for on-demand viewing, and hosting webinars throughout the year, the recent months have seen many new ideas and creativity as we no longer have in-person experiences (for now).

The 5 Best Open Source Learning Management Systems

Your Training Edge

Free, but you may need to upgrade your hosting and server plans, as well as hire a developer to fully customize the tools. Otherwise, you can easily set up training content, install web hosting, track results, improve different learning modules, and offer visual learning tools on the platform as well. Track progress, get reports, share resources, review grades, and live stream content. Live stream videos and instruction tools.

This Week in MakingBetter: Getting Our Learn On


This week is busy, and we have a new Faith No More album to stream from NPR , so let’s get to it, gang! As part of the MOOC, on Thursday at 2pm Eastern, I’ll be hosting a Twitter chat on xAPI. Next Tuesday, the xAPI party bus descends on Taverna Opa for the xAPI/Tin Can Meetup hosted by Rustici Software and Saltbox. Thankfully, I just get to hang there while they do all the hosting, so I’ll be looking forward to it.

xapi 140

The 15+7 Best Webinar Platforms: Comparison Guide for 2020


7 Alternative Ways to Host a Webinar. Apart from offering remote conferencing services, it also comes with the ability to host live online meetings. Pro : $14.99/month/host for up to 100 participants. Business : $19.99/month/host (minimum of 10 hosts) for up to 300 participants. Enterprise : $19.99/month/host (minimum of 50 hosts) for up to 500 participants. Zoom Webinars : This is an addon starting at $14.99/month/host for up to 100 participants.

The Adapter’s Advantage Podcast: Episode 17 Featuring Frank Cespedes


They go through parallel streams of activity online, offline, back online, offline, et cetera. Host Mark Magnacca : “What do our listeners need to know about the new sales realities and the impact on sales management?”.

Coorpacademy will be attending the HRD Summit UK in Birmingham on February 5-6th 2019!


The HRD Summit hosts the most senior gathering of HR Directors on the globe. The 2019 Summit will welcome over 1,000 attendees, over 150 speakers across 8 content streams, over 80 Exhibitors, over 250 Match Meetings and 11+ hours of networking spread across 2 days. On February 5-6th 2019, the Coorpacademy Team will be attending the HRD Summit UK which will take place at the International Convention Center of Birmingham.

3 Tips for Taking Conferences and Events Online

3Play Media

First, decide if you are going to be hosting live sessions, pre-recorded sessions, or a mix. An accessible platform will also allow you to create a better user experience for all of your attendees, regardless of whether you are hosting live or recorded sessions. An accessible streaming platform should have: Keyboard accessibility. Before you cancel your upcoming event, have you considered taking it online?

A Training Provider’s Guide to Zoom

Arlo Training & Events Software

While Arlo integrates with all video conferencing platforms, including GoToWebinar and Demio, we’re focusing on Zoom in this article because it’s our preferred platform for hosting. This lends itself to running webinars and hosting online training perfectly for training providers.

Learning Pool positioned on ‘Best Learning Management Systems’ list 2020

Learning Pool

It is fully hosted and supported to deliver great learning, easy compliance, and clear reporting. Leading elearning solutions provider, Learning Pool, is delighted to have made the 2020 list for ‘Best Learning Management Systems’ by eLearning Industry. .

Google’s Stadia holds promises in Serious Games, VR and Mixed Reality

Playware Studios

Don’t get me wrong, cloud hosted games streaming has been tried before. The service is hosted on Google’s high bandwidth, low latency global network. It has features such as the Style Transfer ML and Stream Connect, that utilise real-time machine learning. Theoretically, Stadia hosted games could be streamed to tablets, mobiles and headsets directly. Google recently announced , It’s next-generation gaming platform.

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Presentation Tomorrow on Gamification

Kapp Notes

The event will be Live streaming and you can VIEW it HERE. Thanks to WAGenesis for hosting! Tomorrow I will be presenting ideas from my new book: “The Gamification of Training: Game-based Methods and Strategies for Learning and Instruction.”. This books shows how to design online instruction that leverages the best elements of online games to increase learning, retention, and application.

Learning Pool Live online: The summer edition

Learning Pool

Throughout February and early March, we hosted several of our Learning Pool Live local events across different locations in the UK. Life has been a little strange over the last four months since the UK was hit with the global pandemic, COVID-19.

Things to know about podcasting for employee development


Where to stream from? If the organization has a top-level LMS with podcasting capabilities and an internet connection with enough bandwidth to accommodate audio streaming for numerous users, the question above is quickly answered.

Learning Pool’s Boston team relocates to the Innovation District, Boston’s ‘welcome mat’ for entrepreneurs

Learning Pool

Moving a few hundred yards to the centre of the Innovation District will mean that we continue to afford easy access for both staff and customers whilst adding new facilities for hosting Learning & Development showcases and networking events in the heart of the city.

How Arlo TMS integrates with Coassemble to streamline your training management operations


You’ve got your eLearning content creation and hosting sorted – that’s where Coassemble comes in. While an LMS like Coassemble is built around eLearning content creation and hosting. So, your training management operations deliver online courses.