Adobe Captivate 6: Scalable HTML Content

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Take the  Scalable HTML content  check box for instance.   The  Scalable HTML content  option is off by default, leading me to believe is wasn't necessarily a good idea to use it. When the lesson opened in my web browser, the value of the option became clear. If the learner maximizes the web browser, the 800x600 lesson keeps its original size, and continues to float (the learner will see more white space to the left and right of the lesson).


5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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If web accessibility issues for disabled users aren’t accounted for and addressed at the outset of the design process, the back end of a project can morph into an imposing labyrinth of alt-text, tabbing, transcript, and template color contrast nightmares.

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Course of the Week: HTML and CSS for Beginners


HTML is intricately involved in everything we do on the web. No matter what work you’re doing, from blogging and building pages to simply sending email, HTML is involved. Through September 25, save $40 and get "HTML and CSS for Beginners" for only $10.


Responsive Web Design: Creating Content for Better User Experience


According to the leading news and information resource site Mashable 2013 is the year of Responsive Web Design (RWD). With HTML, mobile content can be created and displayed across all devices – PCs, tablets and mobile phones – and is compatible with different OSs as well.

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Adobe Captivate 5/5.5: Removing The Web Page Margin

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In fact, you will need to edit the published HTML file in a text editor. To begin, publish your lesson as a SWF and ensure  Export to HTML  is selected from the Output Options area of the Publish dialog box. After publishing, open the HTML file in a text editor. (If   Save and close the HTML file and then open in your web browser.

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Easygenerator to launch new free web based eLearning authoring software at #DevLearn

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This Wednesday (October 23rd) we will launch a completely new web-based free eLearning authoring tool. This web edition will be the start of a whole new generation of solutions by easygenerator. We want users to use easygenerator’s web edition without ant training what so ever.

E-learning Developer vs. Web Developer

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How do you know if you need a web developer? This includes developing for web, LMS, and even DVD distribution. So you may be asking why would I pay extra for a web developer? To answer that, let's look at some of the abilities you will gain in a web developer : Knowledge of the underlying technologies of e-learning development tools. E-learning development tools are usually based on HTML or Flash technologies. A web developer is the answer.

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The web at twenty

Jay Cross

Tim Berners-Lee invented the web. The act you’ve known for all these years, The incredible, mind-expanding world wide web. Twenty years ago, pre-browser, I remember logging onto the web, not quite sure why. And HTML. And Sir Tim’s amazing World Wide Web!

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13 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 25

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The mLearning flavor spills over into this week too as we scour the web for the best in mobile everything. 13 Helpful Mobile Web Design Tools & Resources. We recently concluded a great show at mLearnCon 2011.

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What is HTML 5?

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I have been hearing more and more about HTML 5 during the past year. It has received A LOT more attention in the last week since YouTube released an HTML 5 Beta program. So, what is HTML 5? HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML. Tools HTML 5

Learn Basics of Web And Mobile Content Creation with these FREE Beginner Courses

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Learn HTML Basics Learn Javascript Basics Learn Android Basics Learn […]. Looking to create and/or deploy courses as HTML5 or Apps in your organization? We have a bunch of FREE resources to help you get started in HTML5, Javascript, Android App Basics and Swift (iOS) Basics.


The Magic of HTML (and C++)

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All the smart communication devices that are succeeding in the market place have a web browser that supports HTML (and Javascript). On the surface it looks like what computer scientists where trying to accomplish years ago with C++ and Java is now happening through HTML. If you want to write an application that will run on multiple devices and work the same way, you use HTML. HTML is building off the back of great work done using a C++ framework.

Course of the Week Highlight: HTML, Diversity, and More!


This week, save on a variety of subjects from HTML to diversity training. . . . . Introduction to HTML Training. New to HTML? This course begins with an introduction to web technologies and goes on to cover how to create forms, links, tables, and add images. Through December 10, get more than 24 hours of HTML training for only $30. Gain valuable skills in HTML while learning the basics of web development.

The 3 mindsets of m-learning

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If you base it on HTML so it will run across operating systems, you can make the course device agnostic. Responsive web design may render my argument moot – but only when rapid authoring tools adopt the protocol, enabling Average Joe to implement it.

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HTML 5 and eLearning Development

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Now we have HTML 5 coming up – this makes the race hotter. Those of you have heard of HTML 5 will know it’s a new version of HTML and XHTML being promoted by Google and Apple in a bid to move the web away from proprietary technologies like Flash, Silverlight and JavaFX.

The Semantic Web cometh

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A simple search of the web using a search engine like Google reveals a fantastic array of information. This sort of rudimentary search and pray approach isn’t effective, and grows more ineffective by the day with the growing size of the web. It can – Web 3.0 or the Semantic Web holds that promise. The current web is organized around mostly around HTML. Web 3.0 Users of web 3.0 Ultimately, Web 3.0 The level of data integration web 3.0

Is HTML5 Ready for eLearning Development?

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Clearly Apple is backing HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript for developing future web applications. Internet Explorer ( IE 6, 7 and 8 ) the most widely used web browsers has no support for HTML5.

5 tips for translation-ready web content

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Special characters – To display special characters which feature accents, or are not taken from the Latin alphabet (the one we use in English) in web pages, we have to specify them as HTML codes.

Is Your Design Really “Responsive?”

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In May 2010, Ethan Marcotte coined the term “Responsive Web Design” (RWD) in an article he wrote for A List Apart where he suggested using a fluid grid system to enable webpages to “respond” to the device viewport. Serves different versions of the HTML page to different viewports.

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Flash Dead for eLearning

Tony Karrer

Well, I believe we've seen continuing signs of this with Adobe moving its tools towards HTML 5. You must adopt tools that do not rely on Flash as a delivery mechanism or at least delivery solutions to Flash and HTML 5.

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Mobile Learning and the Continuing Death of Flash

Tony Karrer

I pointed to Scribd switching from Flash to HTML, and pointed to their CTO Jared Friedman saying: "We are scrapping three years of Flash development and betting the company on HTML5 because we believe HTML5 is a dramatically better reading experience than Flash. The mobile version is HTML 5.

Accessibility: How to Order Title Objects in Lectora


In many cases, a learner is using a screen reader software like JAWS, so in order to develop an accessible Web eLearning course, the order of the objects placed on a web page needs to be read in a logical order by the screen reader software.


Host Student Websites with Google Drive

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I’m a science teacher by trade, but I also dabble in writing HTML, CSS, and, more recently, some JavaScript. You can break them down into three roles: HTML ? A little detail about Google is that you can now host web pages using folders in your Google Drive account.

Have You Heard of This MOOC?


To date, the courses offered by CodeAcademy include: Web Fundamentals: How to build websites, CSS, and HTML. JQuery: Interactive websites, web animations, manipulate HTML and CSS. Projects: Combine HTML/CSS/JS, build web apps, share projects.


The Top 11 Tools for Mobile eLearning Development


To help you out, I’ve aggregated 11 of the top development tools to help you easily put together either native, or web-based mobile LMS software apps for your workforce. Tools for Web-Based eLearning Apps.

[Video] 5 Steps for Using GreenSock Animations in Lectora

eLearning Brothers

When I first started programming it was back when Flash was a big player in web development. Not too long ago, I was thinking about how cool Lectora is that it produces full HTML courses, so it got my wheels turning wondering if there was a way to somehow use GreenSock in Lectora.

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Enterprise Content Needs to Be on HTML5


Within the last year, we’ve seen the biggest players moving towards HTML5 to provide rich, cross-platform web applications – Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and YouTube just to name a few. HTML is a flexible language that provides the infrastructure to allow content to be readily displayed on any screen. Unlike content found in files, HTML content flows and reformats to each form factor, avoiding the pinching, zooming, and side scrolling when viewing PDFs.

Thinking Web : Voices of the Community - Free eBook

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If you are new to the world of web, then this is the article for you. Chapter 2 - Designing in the Dark by Alex Dawson Alex examines the ideas of web accessibility and talks you through the process of identifying your audience and ensuring that your sites meet their needs and expectations. Chapter 3 - Everything Must Go by Alex Dawson Alex is back, this time discussing the concepts of web accessibility in more detail.

17 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 15

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For all you Tech savvy folks, get the scoop on how technology wires the learning brain and how HTML 5 aids cross platform development. Disparate platforms have created the need for a unified way to develop web and mobile apps. Apps Continue To Overtake Mobile Web.

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Dev Corner - HTML 5 Video Player with multiple video streams

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Well just with a little bit of javascript (yawn) I was able to create a PIP (picture in picture) player with opacity for the web. So you might want to check it out here: HTML 5 PiP Demo ( Works best in Chrome ).


Adobe Captivate

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to utilise the Adobe Captivate Web Object to design and create a more responsive mobile experience for your colleagues. Using the web object functionality, we’ll show you how to: Create basic HTML and CSS pages with Adobe Captivate.

Easygenerator Adds TinCan Support, a New Editor, More HTML Question Types and Course Templates.


This version has a complete new editor, we have TinCan support, we added three more HTML question types and we added a new concept: course templates. Another important thing is that our old editor was a windows editor, this editor is web based. Three new HTML question types.

Easygenerator adds Tin Can support, a new editor, more HTML question types and course templates


This version has a complete new editor, we have TinCan support, we added three more HTML question types and we added a new concept: course templates. Another important thing is that our old editor was a windows editor, this editor is web based. Three new HTML question types.

Our secret world of learning

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Of course computer-based training had been around for decades, but when the World Wide Web took off in the 1990’s, it transformed education. how have you learned from reading on the web, reading books or attending conferences/courses).

Affordable e-Learning: How to bell the cat?


7 Amazing Things You Can Do With eLearning Templates

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This tool converts HTML, CSS, Javascript into iOS code for mobile development. Use Our HTML5 Source Files to Make Great Web Content. Since you already know you get the source files, you can tinker around with our HTML 5 templates.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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extension – Toolkit for CreateJS – that allows rich animation and drawing outputs to be created in Flash and published for HTML. code into HTML (though no Flash games yet). with a standard web browser.

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