Training Optimization: How to Get an ROI from Your LMS


Why is it that some companies, like IBM in the 1990’s had the ability to make dramatic turnarounds while others like Blockbuster went out of business (regardless of the inevitability)? That’s why learning and development has had such a difficult time showing ROI for their initiatives.

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Does Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Increase ROI?


A recent IBM study found that the benefits of a skilled workforce are significant—and they affect all areas of the organization, from sales and marketing to support and customer service. And using VILT not only increases the training department’s ROI but the entire organization’s ROI.

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Takeaways from Learning 2017

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Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most commonly used metrics. IBM’s JoJo robot, powered by IBM Watson, literally fell off its pedestal during one of the general sessions. I recently got back from the Learning 2017 conference.

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Supercomputer's Win on Jeopardy: Little Comfort to Those.

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Matt Blum at GeekDad wrote an article this week called Why Watson’s Jeopardy Win is Mostly Meaningless saying: IBM’s supercomputer software Watson’s win on the game show Jeopardy!

The Top 2 Functions of a Learning Management System


After all, no company leader wants to invest money into training with a weak ROI. The article also said that “Cisco cut its overall training costs by about 40% to 60% when it transitioned to eLearning training” and “IBM saved big when it made the move to online corporate training. IBM actually cut its costs by roughly $200 million, which was approximately one-third of its previous training budget.”.

Guild 360 Synchronous Learning Report Available

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Kapp, professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA, and Tony O'Driscoll, Performance Architecture Analysis and Design for IBM Sales Learning, immerse you into the next generation of synchronous learning systems.

4 Benefits of an eLearning Platform for Employee Training


An eLearning platform, on the other hand, remains less expensive and provides a better ROI and higher retention rates.­ However, an eLearning platform remains less expensive and provides a better ROI due to higher retention rates¬—up to 60 percent, according to WR Hambrecht & Co.

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Online Product Training for Sales Reps – An E-learning Expert’s Insights

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Furthermore, e-learning courses are cheaper and provide the best ROI on training. A study by IBM showed firms that use technology-enabled learning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by up to 50%.

Why is the Corporate Training World Going the Online Way?

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E-learning Provides the Best ROI on the Corporate Training Dollar. A study by IBM showed that for every $1 a company spends on e-learning, it can receive $30 worth of productivity. Online learning is not the next big thing; it is the now big thing. – Donna J.

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Nearly Half of Fortune 500 Companies Use E-learning. Why Aren’t You?


Most Business Owners Aren’t Aware of Big ROI for E-Learning. As Bersin stated, the companies that are still using traditional forms of training may not see the ROI in making e-learning part of their day-to-day. According to statistics from IBIS Capital , 41.7%

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Learning Visions

2010: “excellence in execution” and “how do we grow the business” IBM Study: Capitalizing on Complexity (interviews of thousands of CEOs) [link] Common themes of study: global integration (can’t just take US learning solutions and plop them into another country) global climate chain talent “events, threats and opportunities…are less predictable” – Samuel Palmisano, IBM CEO – We need to be able to think through complex issues.

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15 Stats About Sales Training You Won’t Want to Ignore

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11) IBM saved $579 million over 2 years with video. IBM Case Study). If you want to learn how to use video as a sustainable learning tool that delivers on ROI, feel free to contact us at KZO Innovations. . 1) There is a $1 TRILLION global spend on sales training. Bureau of labor Statistics). With that said, video is the ultimate game-changer and a global trend. 2) 1 in 8 jobs in the US are full-time sales positions. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

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How to Identify Truly Exceptional Talent

CLO Magazine

Ozzie moved from Data General, to IBM/Lotus to Microsoft to the startup Talko — each time for a bigger challenge. Putting them in the same category as other high potentials may be convenient, but it is unlikely to produce a windfall ROI or give visibility to the next home grown genius.

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3 Reasons why online training is cost-effective


Since it’s so hard to see crystal clear ROI for how more knowledgeable workers increase company profitability, training budgets are among the first to be cut in hard times. Running a business is no smooth ride.

Will Artificial Intelligence bring real smarts to eLearning?


After all, isn’t AI a new, or at least a relatively recent, development, pioneered by such technological advances such as IBM’s Watson, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google’s TensorFlow, and the like? Intelligence seems to be making a comeback.

The 18 Most Interesting Articles and Interviews in 2015

WalkMe Training Station

This great article tries to show how companies can adapt their mobility policies and increase ROI, while still meeting the needs of relocating employees. In this article, IBM showed their abilities to use the open badges system and amazed the crowds, showing how the badges system can work.

Getting Buy-In for eLearning: A 3-Step Process

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IBM has already done this with its own eLearning program for managers. Article: eLearning Success- measuring the ROI impact and benefits, May 2013 ). In fact, Microsoft and IBM are making a lot of money out of customer training. Calculating the ROI of eLearning.

Serious Play Conference

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Patti Phillips , CEO, ROI Institute. Chuck Hamilton , Learning and New Media Program Manager, IBM. The Serious Play Conference, taking place August 23-25 at DigiPen Institute of Technology, has announced the International Serious Play Awards , a program to recognize and certify exemplary products for training or learning in the education, corporate, government/military, healthcare and consumer markets.

Enterprise mLearning Predictions for 2011

mLearning Trends

Case studies featuring accelerated ROI with tens of thousands of learners (or more!) We wouldn't be shocked to find Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 OS appearing on new Nokia handsets or tablet device, or RIM getting acquired by Microsoft or another tech titan like IBM Global Services in a deal akin to HP acquiring Palm in 2010.

2012?s Top articles on Working Smarter

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An IBM Global CEO Study conducted in 2010 concluded that complexity was the primary challenge emerging out of its conversations with 1,500 CEOs and senior government officials. Creating a Return on Investment (ROI) calculation for Enterprise 2.0

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Working Smarter eFieldbook $12

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If an organization is committed to Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM Lotus, Salesforce, SAP, or another proprietary solution for in-house communication and project management, the workscape designer tweaks that platform for optimal learning rather than trying to replace it. Traditional ROI 195.

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Enterprise Mobile Learning 2011 - Year in Review

mLearning Trends

Case studies featuring accelerated ROI with tens of thousands of learners (or more!) a.k.a. How On Target Were My 2011 Predictions? It’s time once again to take stock of what happened in enterprise mobile learning and see if any of my 2011 predictions hit their intended targets.

Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

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IBM I only briefly mentioned how other organizations are adopting these tools in a big way - The Wall Street Journal - June 18 2007 - social networking at IBM 26,000 registered blogs. Ranking, tagging, top stories Tags link back to the tagger's BluePages profile IBM owns more than 50 islands in Second Life. I've not really seen good examples of business cases (future ROI) for using these tools.

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LMS - Questions

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I wanted to capture this to be able to come back and talk about a few of these items later: What are the benefits, ROI, outcomes to be expected from LMS implementation? Is it a good idea to have an integrator handling the LMS (Accenture, IBM, ACS, etc.)? I'm about to present at the LMS session at DevLearn. Lance just asked everyone for the key questions they have given where they are.

Origins of “eLearning”

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Elliott told me he first heard it at IBM.

Origins of “eLearning”

Jay Cross

Elliott told me he first heard it at IBM.

‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


These honorees are: Skillsoft; Cisco; SuccessFactors, an SAP Company; Inxpo; IBM; Adobe; and Oracle. Award of Excellence: IBM Kenexa Talent Manager. The suite of IBM Kenexa talent products includes BrassRing, Skills Assessments, Talent Insights, Talent Acquisition Suite, Survey Enterprise and BrassRing Candidate Relationship Manager. Novartis, IBM, KPMG, Fortune magazine, Spark Interactive. The 2015 “Best of Elearning!”


Performance Learning Productivity

The CIPD Value of Learning study mirrored the earlier IBM/ASTD work. It found that managers are more interested in Return on Expectation (ROE) than Return on Investment (ROI) figures from the L&D department.


First Time Visitor Guide

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My background includes things like being the CTO of eHarmony (online marriage matching based on personality profiles and controlled communication) from its launch through their $110M venture round to working on interesting eLearning and tools for companies like Lexus, HP, IBM, etc. Update 2/6/2008 based on recent Top eLearning Posts It can be daunting to visit a blog for the first time. The author(s) have been writing individual articles for months or years.

[from gminks] Social Learning Measurement : eLearning Technology

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I like what Kevin Jones talked about in Objection #13: How Do You Measure ROI? Rachel Happe suggested some measurements of ROI. Ace showed a 500% ROI in under six months just by connecting dealers through discussions boards so they could share expertise. eLearning Technology Tony Karrers eLearning Blog on e-Learning Trends eLearning 2.0 eLearning Solutions Enterprise 2.0

Time Is Money

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Sun’s most vigorous competitors in the workstation market, IBM and Hewlett Packard, were training new sales reps for eight and six weeks respectively. Chief Learning Officer, April 2010. Time Matters. The sooner workers are productive, the larger their contribution to the organization.

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Learning Developments: WBT Development Toolbox

Learning Developments

Part 2: A four-level framework for evaluating social network ROI. Learning Developments. Thoughts and issues related to the development of eLearning content and general eLearning issues with an occasional diversion here or there. Dec 9, 2008. WBT Development Toolbox. The organization I work for has never formally offered web based training. My role is to help start up a web based training program. One of the tasks Ive been working on is selecting a tool kit for creating the content.

Workflow learning vs. the "me-focus" culture

The Learning Circuits

But the presentation on "embedded learning” by Michael Littlejohn of IBM astonished me. My surprise was not so much at what he said, but that it was being said by IBM. But how do you formalize, in a way that bean-counters will accept, the ROI from something as apparently fuzzy and informal as workflow learning? IBM advocates thinking small and running a pilot. The idea of workflow learning is surprisingly controversial.

Contents of the informal cloud book

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IBM, 24, 119, 120, 187, 188. ROI, 29, 31, 78, 79, 80, 81, 83, 128, 129, 130, 131, 132. Work Smarter: Informal Learning Enters the Cloud. 19.95. Index. ADDIE, 22, 23, 102, 106. Allen Interactions, 106. Andrew McAfee, 121. ASTD, 56, 66, 120, 183. Skinner, 66. balcony, 73, 106, 107.


eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

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Personal Learning Informal Learning Corporate eLearning eLearning Design Authoring Tools Rapid e-Learning Tools eLearning (e-Learning) e-Learning Software Blended e-Learning e-Learning Tools Learning Management Systems (LMS) e-Learning ROI and Metrics Search via eLearning Learning for first time visitors Thursday, September 10, 2009 eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology A reader sent a note asking my opinion on the vendor pricing in The Great eTrain Robbery?