The Problem with Collaboration.

The Simple Shift

Misinformation aside, words paint a picture in our minds based on our preconceived ideas. Words are powerful and problematic. They can inform and educate but can also misinform (as we’ve all seen in recent years!).

5 Ideas To Getting Online Learners’ Attention

Dan Keckan

Getting learners' attention and holding onto it is a problem that most course creators and educators face. This article lists down 5 ideas that could work. So what can they do to bring learners in and keep them engaged? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Development Best Practices Learners Attention Online Learners Online Learning


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Quick Ideas about Problem Solving Games

Kapp Notes

Here are a few ideas about creating a game to teach problem solving and creating a game to actually solve a problem like FoldIt. To teach problem solving, design a game where the learner : Assumes a role. To create a game that solves a problem: Create a shared purpose. Partakes in meaningful in-game dialogue. Navigates a complex storyline. Feels challenged. Immediately is immersed in the environment. Manipulates variables within the game.

Six ideas in search of a problem to solve?


​The elearning industry historically has had a habit of putting the cart before the horse. For years everyone was saying they wanted to talk about mobile – but there were no users willing or able to use mobile devices for learning. Gamification has also been talked about for a long time, without anybody even being clear what they mean by it, let alone being able to point to examples of it being used in a corporate learning context.

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How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

5 Creative Ways to Solve Big Problems

Your Training Edge

Even as businesses grow, the leaders are rewarded for their ability to solve big problems smartly and maintain grace under troublesome situations and pressure. This is because the problems don’t end, even if a business has the product that earns millions of dollars a month. If you are leading a business, in either owner or managerial capacity, it is imperative to solve big problems creatively and efficiently. This article shares the top 5 creative ways to solve big problems.

Creativity isn’t coming up with a great idea, it is solving the right problem


Einstein replied, “I would spend the first 55 minutes identifying the problem and the last five minutes solving it. For the formulation of a problem is often far more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill.”.

Gamification of Problem Solving

Your Training Edge

Gamification of Problem-Solving: It’s a relatively new term and may be a little trendy, possibly overhyped, and tends to be misunderstood as a subject. In essence gamification presents an innovative way to solve real-world problems in a simulated environment. How can you solve problems through Gamification? This is where gamification problem-solving projects like the U.S. Another example of gamification related to problem-solving also took place back in 2011.

How to Find Profitable Online Course Ideas


Inspired by the idea of teaching an online course, but not sure what to offer? However, as enthusiastic as someone may be about starting an online course , thinking of good online course ideas can be challenging. There are plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs out there dying to start a business but without any idea of what to sell. But the more common problem is that someone does have some idea of their subject, but doesn’t know how to translate that interest into a course.

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5 Steps to Make your Problem-Solving Process Easier


No matter what kind of job you have, the chances of a problem arising at some point is almost inevitable. If the problem isn’t taken care of immediately with proper action, it could potentially get worse. Here are five steps guaranteed to make your problem-solving process easier.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

design a curriculum solution that: • has a clear goal tied to a well- articulated business problem, • meets the needs of your target. to solve the business problems that need solving. clear on your business problem and desired outcomes. problem? problem and desired result.

50 Marketing Ideas for Course Creators to Thrive in 2021 [Quotes]


Then again, if you are eager to learn what these professionals have said, you are giving you direct access to their top tips, ideas and proven success methods. The MBP is the missing step between idea phase and signature program phase. Course marketing ideas e-learning

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What Sharing Ideas At Work Does For Us

Nick Leffler

There are many benefits from sharing ideas at work. I thought it would be good to write this because I occasionally hear people talk about sharing creates stolen ideas and in return fighting over those stolen ideas. There are other thoughts on why sharing ideas at work shouldn’t be done but my focus on why it’s a good idea is based on this opposition. Every time I share ideas with others and have a discussion with them I get better.

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5 Steps to Make Problem-Solving Process Easier


No matter what kind of job you have, the chances of a problem arising at some point is almost inevitable. If the problem isn’t taken care of immediately with proper action, it could potentially get worse. Here are five steps guaranteed to make your problem-solving process easier.

Video Training for Learning & Solving Problems

Your Training Edge

Learning facilitated by information technologies and problem solving skill enhanced by digital tools, is gaining momentum since last decade. In this article, I would rather be specific and discuss some great findings I got out of my experience and latest research; the video learning and its role for learning and solving problems, specifically in corporate sector. This enhances learner’s engagement and, thus improves problem solving skills.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Content New Value @gomolearning A common problem for organizations who. These are just a few quick ideas that can visually. problems for you further down the line. solved major L&D problems by switching their model to one that. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

Where I Get Blog Post Ideas

Experiencing eLearning

They ask how I come up with ideas, especially when I’ve been blogging so long. My ideas for posts come from several sources. If you’re struggling with a problem and learning new skills along the way, that can be great blog fodder–even if you don’t come up with a perfect solution. It also helps to sit down sometimes and just brainstorm topic ideas or potential post titles. Image Credit: Idea!

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8 Reasons Why Refresher Training Is a Good Idea


The idea behind it is that you should prioritize tasks that are urgent and important first while avoiding tasks that are both unimportant and also not urgent. Either way, spotting the gap means you can fill it before it becomes a potential problem. The post 8 Reasons Why Refresher Training Is a Good Idea appeared first on LearnDash. Refresher training helps keep important knowledge fresh and current.

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Boost Innovation through Employee Idea Harvesting


Employees are one of the best sources for ideas and innovation on process improvements. They can bring fresh eyes to long standing problems and are generally more inclined to come up with preventive solutions to issues faced every day. Create a Place for Ideas.

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10 eLearning Game Ideas for Instructional Designers

eLearning Brothers

Here are 10 simple eLearning game ideas that even non-programmer eLearning Designers can implement into their course design: Put Some Skin in the Game: Before the learner does anything, tell them what they’re about to do and ask them to “lock in” a guess as to how many they think they can identify, answer, pass, spot, etc. Create Some Mystery: One thing gamers love is to solve larger problems or wars through smaller puzzles or battles.

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Developing Unique Solutions for Unique Problems: An Afternoon in Training Industry’s Design Thinking Master Class

Training Industry

Developing Unique Solutions for Unique Problems: An Afternoon in Training Industry’s Design Thinking Master Class - Read more by Hope Williams on Training Industry.

Ideas for Boosting Employee Morale and Motivation

Your Training Edge

Here are a few ideas for getting employees back to happy and your company back to the black. When an employee has a problem or question, it may be challenging to get through to the manager. When there is an underlying problem festering, assure your employees that you hear what they’re saying and that you will take reasonable action soon. Business owners succeed when their companies thrive.

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Problem based learning

Learning with 'e's

A slight correction here: During my webinar I mentioned PBL in the context of Problem Based Learning and offered an example of how I had used it online with Masters students. Essentially, ill-structured problems have no single correct answer.

10 Customer Service Training Ideas

Ed App

In this article, we’ll discuss customer service training ideas that you can use to boost your team’s overall performance and provide positive experiences for your customers. Customer Service Training Idea #1 – Product Quizzes. Customer Service Training Idea #4 – Mock Calls.

Gamification of Military Problem Solving

Kapp Notes

A new wrinkle for the military is to use games to solve military problems or to gain insights into how to solve hostile situations. The newest effort is a combination of crowdsourcing and the gamification of problem solving. military is crowdsourcing ideas for fighting Somali pirates. How could such an environment be used to solve business or societal problems? Image from the video game Call of Duty showing what the Navy's new Multiplayer game might look like.

Defining the problem: The first step to successful learning analytics

Learning Pool

And I wish it was, but we aren’t doing this to be in the data storage game (we’d be rich with over a billion data points in storage) we’re doing it to be in the problem solving one. What problem are you trying to solve? What is the problem I’m trying to solve?

To Train or Not to Train: Analyzing Performance Problems


However, believing that training can solve all behavior and performance problems can set an organization on the wrong path. So how do we know when training isn’t always the answer when an individual, team, or a whole organization is experiencing performance problems? A useful tool to help an organizational leader diagnose and solve performance problems was developed by Robert Mager and is described in detail in the book he wrote with Peter Pipe: Analyzing Performance Problems.

The Power of Questions in Solving Problems - Workshop Tip #230

Vignettes Learning

Application: Try this idea. Identify a problem at work. The worker is challenged on the spot to learn in situations of how to solve problems. John offered ideas in their article, The Surprising Power of Questions.

How to Solve Accountability Problems at Work

As a manager, do you struggle with recurring performance problems? Organizational expert Mark Graban points out that accountability can only thrive in an environment of trust and mutual problem solving. In other words, you have to strike a balance between letting your team solve problems on their own and providing the support they need to get there. There’s no one proven blueprint for solving accountability problems. Some of these ideas may work for you, some may not.

Musings on completing a PBL MOOC about PBL (problem-based learning)

The eLearning Nomad

Early December I completed the MOOC ‘Problem-Based Learning: Principles and Design’ organised by Maastricht University: a course where participants “learn about PBL by doing PBL”. It talks about problem-based learning (PBL) as well as the PBL MOOC and MOOCs in general. I find this frustrating: looking for information should feed into the process of solving a real problem – it shouldn’t BE the process.

9 Best Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas


Get all the information you need on kitchen cabinet design ideas. 3- Two-tone cabinet: If you like the idea of ??colorful 4- Glassdoor ideas for cabinets: Glass doors are not a new trend, but you can give them a modern look. While the idea of ??open

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Why You Should Research Your Online Course Ideas


Researching your newest idea for an online course isn’t just about proof of concept. Market research can help you nip potential problems early on, learn from the mistakes of others, and provide a better course. You may feel impatient about launching your course, but ultimately, a little work up front can save you lots of time down the road fixing a problem that could have been addressed at the beginning.

Idea Management and Design – You Mean PKM?

Nick Leffler

I started with crowdsourcing , the message I came away with there are so many problems that can be solved and tasks that can be completed, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Idea Management and Design, that sounds close to what I know as Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Breaking down idea management from the MSLOC430 blog, it’s very familiar to me: Sourcing – who contributes ideas, and how do you collect them (seek). Problems.

PKM 133

You can’t solve problems you don’t know about

Usable Learning

about reframing the design problem (soooo looking forward to those slides). - Dan Lockton’s article in the guardian about sustainable design , which talks about how, if people aren’t doing things the way we would like, we should figure out how to solve their problems, rather than treating them as the problem. Getting to the problem. I think designers are often given solutions to implement, rather than problems to solve.

Creativity: Personal Mastery for Business Success


Another process is Creative Problem Solving, which can help a person intentionally formulate creative solutions. Generativity Theory states that it can take a lot of failing and connecting of new ideas in order to arrive at the perfect creative solution. This can spark new ideas.

Microlearning Solves Real-world L&D Problems: 4 Use Cases


What matters now is that the popularity of the buzzword has given way to useful discussion about the best way to use microlearning to solve L&D problems within organizations. As an industry, we are moving beyond the buzzword and toward the problem-solving.

Three essential components of participatory e-learning

The eLearning Nomad

Few people can think fast enough to link new ideas to past experiences and make sense right there and then – and also formulate it in a way they find satisfactory. Problem-based learning provides such a framework. In the process of solving real-life problems, people tend to move away from the easy ‘talking about’ and ‘do’ something instead. And during or after the process of problem solving, it becomes more natural to step back and engage in some meta-thinking and reflection.