5 Amazingly Effective Strategies To Convert Your ILT Program To High-Impact Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are now transitioning to a “working from home” model; a serious consideration to “learning from home” is imperative. In this article, I show you how to create highly impactful virtual trainings.

ILT 90

Stop! Before You Convert ILT To eLearning Do These 6 Things

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training From ILT To VILT Learning Objectives Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning EnvironmentCreating quick and effective online training from your classroom content has lots of pitfalls. Classroom and eLearning are not "one and the same."

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How To Improve Performance With Training And Development Content For The Growth of Employees

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Performance From ILT To VILT Instructional Design Challenges Virtual Learning EnvironmentDoes your current L&D approach help or hinder employee development?

8 Benefits Of Virtual Classroom Software Versus ILT To Face The Coronavirus Crisis

Dan Keckan

Learning tech brings everyone together and facilitates peer-based support without the risk. In this article, I highlight 8 reasons why you should consider virtual classroom software versus ILT.

Beyond VILT: How To Create An eLearning Culture Designed For The New Virtual Environment

Dan Keckan

Uncover information to maximize your employee onboarding process in the remote environment, and how to create an eLearning culture that's perfectly suited for the new virtual environment.

VILT Case Study: There Was Little Choice About Going To Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

Discover how the Director of an online learning company made the decision to switch to VILT and what she forecasts for the future of learning and development in a post-pandemic world. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks From ILT To VILT Remote Working Virtual Learning Environment

15 Tips And Strategies To Engage Remote Learners Through High-Impact Virtual Training

Dan Keckan

With a manifold increase in virtual training in the last few months, the focus shifts toward approaches to increase remote learners' engagement. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks Employee Engagement Employee Training From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning Environment

Guidelines For Converting Classroom Training To Remote Training

Dan Keckan

There is, however, no need to sacrifice learning as virtual/remote training is here to save the day. Learning And Development Editors' Choice Employee Training From ILT To VILT Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment

Teaching Online? How To Crush It!

Dan Keckan

Transitioning from an in-person to a virtual environment is riddled with potential obstacles. These best practices are effective if you are teaching an online class, leading a virtual meeting, or even presenting at a virtual event.

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Case Study On Transforming Instructor-Led Induction And Onboarding Training To A Virtual Mode

Dan Keckan

Due to the pandemic, businesses are moving their induction and onboarding training to a virtual mode. In this article, I use a case study to show you how you can effectively handle this transition and create highly immersive learning experiences.

24 Virtual Training Best Practices To Follow When Shifting To Remote Learning

Dan Keckan

If this is the first time you are moving to virtual training or you are looking for rapid conversion of your ILT to virtual mode, read on! In this article, I share 24 best practices as you shift from classroom training to a remote learning mode.

Why Virtual Learning Is More Than Just VILT: Myths And Truths

Dan Keckan

Virtual learning includes any form of learning that occurs with the assistance of computer technology. Although in this context we often think of virtual classrooms with a live instructor teaching somewhere at a distance, virtual learning is much more than that.

The Top 4 Virtual Training Blind Spots

Dan Keckan

Once an alternative to classroom learning, virtual training has become a necessity as companies try to keep L&D initiatives on track amidst the rise of remote work. Virtual Training Corporate Learning And Development Employee Engagement From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning Environment

No Travel: Now Is The Time To Create Effective Virtual Learning Experiences

Dan Keckan

Many organizations have been forced to rapidly provide Virtual Instructor-Led Training. Hit the ground running with these tips for turning your classroom courses into effective and engaging virtual learning experiences without sacrificing quality.

All About Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

Dan Keckan

Virtual Instructor-Led Training has been around for decades but spiked in popularity this year due to stay-at-home orders. But even in a post-pandemic world, it is clear that virtual education will continue to reign as the preferred learning method.

6 Immersive Self-Paced Learning Strategies To Maximize The Efficiency Of Virtual Training Programs

Dan Keckan

With travel restrictions and social distancing in play, virtual training is the most sought-after solution today. In this article, I share 6 immersive self-paced learning strategies to maximize the efficiency of your virtual training programs.

eBook Release: Remote Work And Virtual Training In Aid Of Corporations Worldwide

Dan Keckan

eLearning Solutions eLearning eBooks From ILT To VILT Remote Working Spotlight: Coronavirus Lockdown Virtual Learning EnvironmentSelf-quarantine is prompting many organizations to look for alternative L&D solutions.

eBook 94

eBook Release—Virtual Training Guide: How To Future-Proof Your Virtual Training Transformation

Dan Keckan

My eBook, Virtual Training Guide: How To Future-Proof Your Virtual Training Transformation, is designed as a guide in your Virtual Training Transformation endeavor - packed with tips, best practices, and ideas you can use!

eBook 88

Tips And Strategies To Convert Your Existing Training To An Immersive Virtual Learning Experience

Dan Keckan

Virtual learning entails a different training paradigm, one where learners are fully immersed in the learning—more so than other training forms. The COVID-19 crisis makes delivering immersive virtual learning experiences even more imperative.

8 Reasons To Outsource Virtual Instructor-Led Training Versus Developing In-House

Dan Keckan

In this article, I highlight 8 reasons to hire a virtual training provider who specializes in your sector. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality Training Solution

5 Proven Virtual Learning Solutions Every Great Leader Should Know

Dan Keckan

These proven virtual learning solutions will help you lead the way to meet your remote employees’ needs. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks From ILT To VILT Learning Solutions Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment Workforce Development

eBook Release | VILT Success For SMBs: How To Find Your Ideal Content Provider At The Right Price

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing From ILT To VILT Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning EnvironmentVILT outsourcing isn’t just for large organizations with a global workforce and bottomless budget.

eBook 84

8 Things To Look For In The VILT Vendor's Portfolio And Landing Page

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training eLearning Content Development Companies eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning EnvironmentFrom work samples to selling points, vendor portfolios and landing pages often induce information overwhelm.

5 Virtual Learning Advantages That Will Boost Your Training ROI

Dan Keckan

Businesses have little choice but to adapt to meeting a variety of Learning and Development needs virtually. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the inherent advantages of virtual learning that can boost your organization’s bottom line.

ROI 83

eBook Release: How Virtual Learning Meets Employee Training Needs In Today’s Remote Working Environment

Dan Keckan

Virtual training is one of the most useful tools when it comes to employee training. During the pandemic, it is considered to be one of the best go-to solutions for the remote working environment.

What To Consider Before Schools And Universities Conduct Classes Online

Dan Keckan

Most schools, if not all, are in a race to force-fit their existing programs into a virtual space and deliver it to their students. But there are things to be considered before you move your classroom content to an online environment. Learn more in this article.

Read Between The Lines: Tips To Use VILT Reviews And Ratings For Vendor Vetting

Dan Keckan

Here are 7 top tips to use Virtual Instructor-Led Training reviews and ratings for rapid vendor vetting. Virtual Training Content Providers Review eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning Environment

eBook Release: How Virtual Classroom Software Will Help You Overcome The COVID-19 Crisis

Dan Keckan

But what does that mean for organizations that still rely on ILT? Our eBook shows you how to choose the best virtual classroom LMS for your SMB. Virtual Training eLearning eBooks LMS Features Virtual Classroom Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality Training Solution

Training Tie-Breaker: 7 Tips To Hire A VILT Vendor For Sample Projects

Dan Keckan

Virtual Training Digital Learning eLearning eBooks eLearning Outsourcing From ILT To VILT Virtual Learning EnvironmentYou’ve whittled it down to your top 3 contenders. Which one is best for your bottom line?

5 Common Virtual Learning Issues and Solutions

Learning Rebels

COVID-19 notwithstanding, there are many benefits to consider when making the shift to a virtual learning platform from traditional instructor-led delivery. However, organizations encounter challenges that prevent employees from experiencing the best that virtual learning can deliver.

Issue 251

9 Planning Steps for Your Virtual Learning Program

Learning Rebels

First posted on Linkedin) As the need for widespread social distancing increases, the need to move from traditional training to a virtual learning program is becoming more the norm. Below are 9 planning steps to take before running your next virtual learning program.

Insights in a Nutshell: Converting Instructor Led Training into Engaging Online Learning Experiences

Infopro Learning

Converting your training materials into an online learning format is one of the most effective and easy ways you can remove training barriers for your employees. The good news is there are many ways organizations can convert the content from their ilt sessions into online learning.

Blended Learning: A Optimal Mix of Self-Learning and Instructor-Led-Training


Blended learning refers to a mix of different educational approaches that facilitate learning both inside and outside the classroom. A typical virtual learning environment fosters self-learning. Blended Learning – Different Models and Purposes.

ILT 52

Why Virtual Reality (VR) is the Best Training Tool for Your Company in 2020


With the number of risks rising in today’s world of technology and unprecedented changes, it is now more crucial than ever to train staff with Virtual Reality Training Technology to remain engaged and alert while in the workforce.

New Year Starting

Moodle Journal

The exercise will not simply be on how to create or convert existing Word documents, but equally getting everyone to start thinking in terms of Learning Objects and eLearning for future materials and their long term storage in a content repository; we have been running DSpace for some years now and it will be really rewarding to see it being used in earnest.

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Going Digital: How to Move from Instructor-Led Courses to Online Distance Learning

eThink Education

Times are changing and digital learning and remote work is becoming increasingly more common as organizations and institutions shift their policies to accommodate the convenience, wellbeing, and safety of their learners and teams. How to Move to Online Distance Learning.

Learning Styles and E-Learning

eLearning 24-7

This post is going to be somewhat different than in the past, specifically a result of the argument of the effectiveness of learning styles and if they even exist. No one mentioned e-learning which was part of the reference, specifically related to retention. Micro-learning?