Cammy Beans Learning Visions: The Value of Instructional Designers

Learning Visions

In the December 10, 2007 edition of The eLearning Guilds Learning Solutions magazine, Reuben Tozman (President and founder of edCetra Training ) gets into this topic in The Next Generation of Instructional Designers. Do you think instructional designers should be able to use the tools?

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

What’s an instructional designer doing attending sales training? Yes, I know haven’t posted anything interesting last few days. Yes, I was in sales for many years and know what to expect. Do you have a case study for me? Using the iPad in Sales Training: Case Study by Lora Davis - Learning Solutions Magazine , July 19, 2010 instruction, one sales training team has already been successful in using Apple’s new device in blended. Im looking for the Why?

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Instructional Designer as Consultant?

Learning Visions

See part one: Instructional Design as a Spectrum ) In eLearning Magazines predictions for 2008 , Patti Shank said this: Learning content, activity, and assessment authoring tools continue to improve. Youve gotten me to start thinking about what I do in a different way.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


Where do you even start? Those future trends include Spontaneous Learning Systems (SLS), Intelligent Mentoring Systems (IMS), and highly personalized learning services. We all know that trends don’t happen anew on January 1st. Frequently, this means doing more with less.

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eLearning Conferences 2012

Tony Karrer

link] February 13-14, 2012 Training 2012 Conference and Expo, sponsored by Training Magazine , 35 th annual, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. link] March 21-22, 2012 The E-Learning Foundations Intensive sponsored by the Learning Solutions Magazine, Orlando, California, USA. Clayton R.

eLearning Conferences 2012


link] February13-14, 2012 Training 2012 Conferenceand Expo, sponsored by Training Magazine , 35 th annual, Atlanta,Georgia, USA. link] March21-22, 2012 The E-Learning FoundationsIntensive sponsored by the Learning Solutions Magazine, Orlando,California, USA. link] March23-25, 2012 Learning Solutions Conference and Expo: Find the Spectrum of Solutions, sponsored by LearningSolutions Magazine, Orlando, Florida, USA.