Web 2.0 Applications in Learning

Tony Karrer

As such, I'm trying to: Report and discuss the results of an introductory survey that I conduct (thanks to the suggestion via Conference Breakout Sessions ). Adoption Opportunities (Survey Part 1) Prior to the start of the session, I handed out 100 copies of a brief survey. I received 41 surveys back from participants. However, a few things struck me: A big reason for the survey was to get people to think about where these tools might make sense.

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Jay Cross

Feature | Block TroyBrock @RealEstateZebra Im in the same boat with #googlewave you can go to #learntrends and get in on some waves. -12:46 Im really excited about this one. Im really excited about this one. Feature | Block rdeis 1 in 5 surveyed UK organizations are still offering text based eLearning. Feature | Block cynan_sez #learntrends 48% of surveyed uk orgs provide no collaborative support to learning ( @lauraoverton ) -10:17 AM Nov 18th, 2009.