An Inescapably Awesome Storyline Game Template

eLearning Brothers

It’s the pinnacle of individuality. Click on the image to view the template! To find this and many other awesome Storyline games , check our Storyline template library today! Articulate Storyline Resources eLearning eLearning Template Library Featured Products/Services ResourcesAt one point or another, we all love to play the rebel. There’s something invigorating about throwing caution to the wind and playing by your own rules.

Climb Every Mountain with this Articulate Storyline Course Starter

eLearning Brothers

Throughout the ages, humankind has sought to reach the pinnacle of these colossal mounds of stone, and the metaphor for climbing mountains teaches us about leadership, overcoming adversity, respect of the elements outside of our control, and how we seek to do only what is within our power. Click to view this template in the library! We even give you all of the source files so you can make changes to skins, images, and logos as you desire.


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The 34 Best Training Video Software – Full Comparison Guide


With Learnworlds editor, you can add any element you want, like overlay images, logos, titles, pointers, quizzes, external links, openers, videos, labels, navigational buttons, and more. The objects in the library may be images, sounds, and even videos. 21 Pinnacle Studio 23.

25 Tools to Create Training Videos That Engage Learners


They have a filmstock library with royalty-free videos and media you can choose from and add to your video for learning. Adobe After Effects has 60 million images and graphics to choose from and endless customization options. Pinnacle Studio . Video drives learning.

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