Illustration vs photography for elearning

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Choosing a visual style for your elearning often comes down to illustrations versus photography. Early images in learning This cave painting is thought to have been used to show young hunters where to aim their spears when hunting mammoths. Images can offer a direct route to the learning outcome. Stock images Most stock image libraries include photos and illustrations. Any stock images need to be chosen carefully for consistency and relevance to your content.

What's Wrong with Traditional Stock Photography Sources for eLearning

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Back in 2007, I provided a long list of sources of stock photography for eLearning. And there are lots of other posts available on eLearning Learning Stock Photography. I had coffee with Bryan Jones, the founder of eLearningArt ,last week in Los Angeles, and it led to a discussion about images/stock photography and eLearning. At the start of the conversation, I wasn't quite sure why a company would focus on stock photography specifically aimed at eLearning.


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Top 15 Websites to Get Free Stock Images


Visual content makes all the difference in a site’s appearance. Images, videos, infographics, and other media-related material are amongst the most important elements your site should include. So, what exactly is stock photography and how can you use it to your benefit?

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How to Level Up Your Marketing, Web Design, and Photography with Consultant and Business Coach Jean Perpillant


Learn how to level up your marketing, web design, and photography with consultant and business coach Jean Perpillant in this LMScast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. That’s when he started to work more with the design aspect of site development for people.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


News from the e-learning frontier Pages Home About Community Free e-Learning Resources Contribute to the e-Learning Community 10/24/2010 Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning As an e-Learning developer I had to invest a lot of time to find images for my e-Learning projects. To take a digital camera and take my own images wasnt an option. As a result, I had to do a research and find the best FREE stock photo sites. Morgue File An easy to use free photo site.

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Updated – Multimedia Resources For Your eLearning Projects

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I’ve also experienced this when working in an organisation also had similar expectations but no budget for stock photography, background music, or video. Music can be a challenge, but many sites offer free music under a creative commons license. For photography, I was fortunate to be a pretty good photographer. I’ve found some significant resources for stock photography. They have over 100,000 completely free images which you can use without attribution.

Design Dos & Don’ts: Images and More


Take a look at a few important design dos and don’ts that they recommended for eLearning developers: Do: Use custom photography. Invest in a camera and take your own stock photography,” says Trivantis designer Anthony LaQuatra. “It While quality stock photos can save time, custom photography has its own advantages. For some tips on taking your own stock photos, read this post: Be a Stock Photography Model! Don’t: Use low-res images.

Angela Brown’s Recurring Revenue Niche Membership Site Journey and Success Story


Learn about Angela Brown’s recurring revenue niche membership site journey and success story in this episode of the LMScast podcast hosted by Chris Badgett of LifterLMS. Well, the actual term is called warped image stabilization.

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Where to get high-quality, low-cost photos for your eLearning projects

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While you or your organisation might subscribe to one or several online image libraries such as Getty Images, iStock Photo or even Adobe’s own photo library, in this post I’d like to highlight three low-cost (or even free) photo resources that let you search for and access photos instantly. Unsplash is a well-known photo library that lets you use images for free (and without attribution) for personal, as well as commercial projects.

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

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Weird - after posting, I just saw a post in my blog reader from HeyJude - Find free images online - my list! Mashable's 90+ Online Photography Tools and Resources. 10 Places to Find Free Image FlickrCC - offers pictures from around the world, including America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Pacific. has over 2000 free images that you can use in commercial and noncommercial work. You do not even have to credit the images.

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New book published (second edition)

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But it is a bustling centre of activity most nights, and I like the image I selected because of its movement and the colours that are reflected on the wet pavement from the illuminated advertising screens. book London NHS charities photography Piccadilly Circus poetry publication

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Capturing the moment

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Photography took time. With the introduction and rapid take up of digital photography, a lot has changed. Photography is now more or less instant. It is now so much easier to create, edit, and share images over social media. Sites such as Picasa, Flickr and Facebook are full of shared images, many that have been posted to the web within seconds of being taken. Tags: digital camera Flickr digital photography FaceBook Picasa

Really…Were These the Best Images We Could Find?

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How many times have you seen images like these? Images are an important part of online courses. The trick is that the images we use must enhance the instructional qualities of the content. The images must also look professional and give the learner confidence that the material is accurate. The images above do not look professional and certainly do not give me a feeling that I can trust the course content. So what types of images could we use? Launch Site.

Shutterstock vs. iStock for presentation photos


Shutterstock was cheaper, it had better model continuity, and Shutterstock’s Spectrum search was a super easy way of finding coloured images. Read to the end to discover where we find our favourite free stock photography too! Corporate vs. lifestyle: Image selection.

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Stories without words

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They were given two days to complete the project, and the first day involved a 6 hour history walk around the city, where they were given opportunities to capture still and moving images and do some research. On the second day of the project they assembled their images and videos together, added sound effects and music, and then presented their videos to their peers and the module tutors for feedback. This week I gave my first year education students a new project.

How to Capture Screen Images in Under a Minute

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A screenshot, sometimes referred to as a screencap or screengrab, is an image that shows the contents of a computer display. How to Capture Screen Images in Under a Minute. So now that you know how screenshots can improve communication and productivity, here’s how you can capture screen images — and fast. The complete guide on how to capture screen images. Take a quick image screenshot, or even record a video. Take quick image screenshots.

Czech this out

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Digital photography is a many splendoured thing. The travel guide blurb says: Rising up from the centre of the castle grounds, the Gothic cathedral dominates the Prague skyline and is one of the defining images of the city and its tourist centre. The cathedral's foundation stone was laid in 1344 on the initiative of Charles IV (1316-1378) on the site of an earlier 10th century rotunda dedicated to St Vitus. Blimey. I'm a published photographer, me.

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19 Kick-Butt Tools for ELearning


Creative Commons: The never ending search for stock photography – may as well start at the source! Google Image Search: Great for getting ideas for your elearning images. Images are in high demand, especially free ones. Morguefile is another place to find some pretty sleek free stock images. Font Squirrel: Great little site to find the font you need for your templates, be it PowerPoint or another form.

The best free PowerPoint templates online


Slidesgo also has some lovely photography-heavy free PowerPoint templates. However, you can’t always swap out the default images for your own, which is likely to be an issue. An effective presentation uses photography intentionally to tell a story, not just to make slides look pretty.

Designing Member Engagement into your Website

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Get rid of the stock images. We are all guilty of over-use of stock images, and as a web visitor – do they really grab your attention? Try these options to enhance the visual experience of your site: Be Strategic with your Typography. Use large type to stand out, replace images with bold, emotion enhancing type. Higher Logic (below) does a good job of enhancing their current images by adding their tagline in large, bold type. Take Real Images.

10 useful Skills Help to Build a Successful E-commerce Business


However, if you want to convert real customers to your site, you must know skills; otherwise, all your potential customers won’t be interested in your business. So, before making the product photograph, you need to think of them (product images) as superb quality.

Personal learning environments

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My first module is live now and can be found at this link and also in the embedded image below. It's currently live and free to take so - do take a look and let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments box below, or on the ZilLearn site.

11 localization ideas for global eLearning that go beyond translation

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The scenarios, videos, and images you put into your content could be sending learners mixed messages. 2) Reconsider your photography, visuals, and other media. A good example of this is making sure that your photography and your videos help your audience feel like they’re represented.

Top 43 Websites for Free & Paid Stock Video Footage


Apart from royalty-free videos, many of these free stock video sites offer premium and pro plans also for commercial purposes, make sure to check their pricing plans out as well. Regardless of the type of online course you offer, you always address people to get sales or enrollments.

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Online Course Marketplaces and Their Business Models: Everything You Should Know

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

There are many such sites in the world, but we shall talk about the 5 most popular ones among them. The courses can include everything – images, videos, animations, PDF files, audio files, ZIP files, – anything it takes to create a great course, and learners can learn from it.

Seeing the Brain Through the Eyes of an Artist: Elizabeth Jameson


When it comes to art – whether it’s painting, photography, sculpture or some other medium, the results are similar. On her web site, Elizabeth talks about how she turned to art when her MS no longer allowed her to practice law. She decided to make her own “imperfect brain” a source of inspiration, combining science, technology and art in the way she transforms her own brain scans into mesmerizing images.

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7 eLearning Design Trends for 2017

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Illustrated Images. As with last year, designers are still seeking ways that they can create unique images from scratch rather than using stock photography to tell their story. Hand-drawn or illustrated images can be tailored to match your messaging in a more thoughtful way that will have your clients singing your praises. Save some time by grabbing a vector image as a starting point and then tweaking it to meet your needs.

How to create custom social media graphics in PowerPoint


As a portrait image or video takes up the most space on the screen it’s a good option for engaging causal scrollers. Bear in mind that you want your slide to be nice and big, so the quality is high when you export it as an image, video or GIF. Prepare your images.

How to Build an Online Course Landing Page [With Examples]


The landing page presents essential pieces of information that help site visitors understand what it is all about. From this perspective, one misstep in the visitor’s path online might make them leave your site. Homepage vs. Landing Page (Image Source: Unbounce ).

How to Build a Beautifully Designed Training Based Membership Website with WordPress with Melissa Love from the Marketing Fix


The Marketing Fix is a membership site where Melissa teaches website builders and business owners how to get on top of their marketing and make the process a whole lot easier. And then she will get into the browser and build out the site from there. Chris Badgett: Photography.

Insights from a design doyen: Q&A with Mark Heaps


We were lucky enough to meet Mark at the inaugural Click event in 2018 and knew that our blog readers would be blown away by his photography, Photoshop, and presentation expertise. I was definitely from a more traditional graphic design background, and forever have done photography for people. The agency we have now in Austin actually also has a photography and video studio, so I’ve always been on the technical side of things. I could incorporate photography.

How to Start an Online School: Step-by-Step Guide (for 2020)


A landing page for a photography school created with LearnWorlds page builder. A landing page for a photography school created with LearnWorlds page builder. Choosing the right templates, especially for the header image, is crucial because it is a make-it-or-break-it move.

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Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

Bottom-Line Performance

Quickly iterate by publishing directly to Articulate 360 Review (you can even publish a single scene or slide for review) or jumpstart your project by importing a theme, images, and characters from the included Content Library. million images (including characters’ bundles, illustrations, icons, and more), the content Library is another handy addition to the Articulate 360 Suite of tools. This is a great supplement to your current stock photography and character sites.

Holiday Wish List for Corporate Training Professionals: Part 4 - Software for Content Creation


Sometimes we write it out in text, and support the ideas with images and pictures as well. You'll notice that nowhere on their site do they brag about being SCORM compliant. Up your image game significantly by applying stock photos to all of your work. Even if you are simply needing images as placeholders in story boards or other designs, the quality is important. There are a few places to find free stock images but I recommend shutterstock.

How to Shoot High-Quality Videos With a SmartPhone

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In photography terms, you are aiming for the picture to be shot in landscape (see Figure 1). The only exception to this is when you are shooting video for social media sites that require the video to be in portrait. However, most learning management systems and video sites like YouTube and Vimeo will require a 16:9 aspect ratio. Digital zoom leads to a more pixelated image with less detail.

20 Free Educational Apps

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Flashcards+ makes it easy to create flashcards and add images, making test prep fun again. Behance features new work from incredibly talented individuals in design, fashion, architecture, photography, motion graphics, and many more fields of work and passion.

"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

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Facebook : While the platform gained traction as a social networking site where individuals find and stay in touch with lost friends and far-flung family members, I see it increasingly being used as a learning and sharing platform by various groups including passionate photographers, wildlife lovers, travellers, artists and such. The group features encourage #wol in various ways as highlighted in the image below.

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27+ Best WordPress Development Companies Based on their Specialization, Location and Cost

The Be-all and End-all Guide to Creating a Supreme LearnDash LMS

Hall focuses on creating highly responsive and user-friendly sites with a priority towards targeting high conversion rates. They also provide managed social media services, Email Marketing, Public Relations, and even Photography services to support your marketing campaigns! .

Media-rich interactive eBooks can provide virtual tours


According to, "National Geographic" photographer Chris Hill and writer Colin McCadden worked together to capture images from all over Ireland , seeking sights from areas less commonly traveled and approaching landmarks from fresh perspectives. Its interactive features and crisp images take readers on a journey through the island, presenting them with a first-hand glimpse while telling a stories about Ireland's sites and landmarks. . "In

Black Friday Checklist: 9 Tips and 5 Treats To Prepare Your Online School


If you haven’t done this before, now it is time you create a few email sequences planned to bring customers back to your site! Creative arts like painting, sewing, knitting, music, and photography.

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