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Gamification of Learning and Training

Kapp Notes

In 2006, Google created a game to help it tag pictures and photos on the web. Search engines have a difficult time with image searches, and while facial-recognition software has made strides over the past decade, a new computer can’t scan a photo of, say, Robert Pattinson and tell you who it is. Google’s solution: Tap the manpower of the web by making image-tagging a game.

6 Reasons Why Associations & Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


This is where digital publishing and digital archive solutions come into the picture. All your files can be scanned and stored into a database. So, when you digitize the old papers, reports, images etc., See if they have the expertise in scanning and digitization.


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Capturing the moment

Learning with e's

An old friend was good enough to scan them and post them up to Facebook so we could all share the memories. The picture of me on the left was taken around 1980 (from another photo collection), capturing a personal moment in time for me. It is now so much easier to create, edit, and share images over social media. Sites such as Picasa, Flickr and Facebook are full of shared images, many that have been posted to the web within seconds of being taken.

2008 - MMVIII eLearning Year in Review

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

For so many years we've placed higher value on reading and writing than on creating images. I'm sitting here writing this stupid blog post wishing I would have just drawn some pictures, scanned them, and posted those instead. There MUST be a compelling reason to scan one of these codes or else people won't take the time. MMVIII (2008) started off visual and mobile to be sure.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2015


Marqueed — Images are finally getting the markup options typical to text documents. Marqueed is a free tool that allows you to upload an image for feedback, similar to a document in Word or Google Drive. Plus, drag images from the web into Marqueed to create image boards and generate ideas. The tool also includes rooms to share images and discuss topics. Historypin allows you to browse thousands of images and stories by date, or location.