ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Control the Startup Screen for a Published Project

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The screen (known as an Auto Play screen) is necessary thanks to modern browser security protocols that prevent multimedia (such as eLearning content) from automatically playing for a learner without the learner taking the extra step of clicking a Play button. by Kevin Siegel, COTP , CTT.

Putting the moo into mooc

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In order to meet all of these criteria, I have created an artefact comprising four images that relate to key concepts covered by my blogs, whilst giving a nod to the king of pop art, Andy Warhol. After combining the four images into a single PNG file, I uploaded it to ThingLink.

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How to Convert Flash to HTML5 at Scale

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Security threats: Hackers find it easier to attack Flash websites and games. HTML5, however, is not as vulnerable in terms of security issues as Flash is.

How to Identify the Best eBook Conversion Services


Multimedia files mostly include videos, audio, images and 3D animation. Check the file formats of the videos and images that the tool would support. For example, can the images be uploaded in jpeg format only or can you upload PNG as well? This information will help you while creating or searching for videos, images, audio files etc. Data Security: Ensure that the company offers data security and copyright protection.

12 Top eLearning Project Management Tools You Need to Try


You can strategize and enact everything from buying a learning management system to storyboarding your eLearning courses to designing your images. With Dropbox, you know your files and safe, secure and accessible. You and your team’s time is a precious commodity.

Camtasia 6: Why Won't Some Gifs Work?

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Suddenly some of my gif images won't go to the Timeline. These images used to work just fine--they haven't been updated in forever. According to TechSmith, the makers of Camtasia, the culprit is a recent Windows Security Update (KB975560). It seems that thanks to the update, some gif and jpeg images can no longer be added to the Camtasia Timeline. I received this email last week. Question: I'm using Camtasia Studio 6.

The Ultimate Glossary of eLearning Terms


Course builders allow you to combine elements such as text, image, video etc., Originally used to compress image files, nowadays it’s best known for moving images which are a lightweight alternative to video. JPEG is a compression technique for color images.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

You can import content from a variety of formats, including image formats (PSD, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF and POT), sound formats (MP3 and WAV), and popular animation and video formats (SWF, FLV with metatags, AVI, and MOV). Ongoing bug fixes, security patches, and other update releases that do not require full upgrades are made available through the Updater in the Adobe Application Manager, just as in the regular versions of Adobe eLearning software. On this page.

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