Don’t Ransack My Movies (DRM): Options Around Securing Online Video

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In this post, we take a look at the range of possibilities for securing your video content. methods of securing video content are implemented, more technically advanced roadblocks can be placed to stop individuals a wholesale download of the videos.

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Why Microlearning Is An Effective Way To Provide Cyber Security & Online Safety Training

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Cyber security and online safety are essential to understand, particularly in corporate organizations where cybercrime has become commonplace due to technological advancement. However, most corporate organizations train their employees on cyber security and online safety once or twice a year and expect them to remember each and every thing. This is exactly why microlearning is an effective way to provide cyber security and online safety training in corporate organizations.

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The eLearning Security Leak

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Words and images spread fast online. offers many tools for sharing a status update or image with a network, which can then share with a larger network, and when something goes viral, it seems that everybody knows. Is elearning a hot spot for internet security and corporate privacy?

Verizon Snafu Underscores Importance of Security in Training


But apparently a few too many companies are forgetting an important training step: Securing it. Anyway, Verizon is the latest company to learn, the hard way, the importance of training-material security. Image used under Creative Commons by Flickr user Robert Scoble.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

accurately describe images on first sight. handle any secure external API calls, which means. Google AI Blog (2014), ‘A picture is worth a thousand (coherent) words: building a natural description of images’ 4 Give Your Video. image of their workspace.

5 Reasons to Blur Images at Work (When in Doubt, Blur it Out)

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There can be ways to get around this type of security, exposing what you want to hide. This flattens the info to a static image file, completely stripping out all underlying data and removing any chance that something could be uncovered later.

Fastest Growing Jobs in America: Information Security Analyst


With recent security disasters such as the Heartbleed Bug and the Target Security Breach , the need for strong information security has never been more pressing. These cyber heroes are known as information security analysts. Becoming an Information Security Analyst.

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I rolled back the most recent Windows, non-security updates. Discussion Screen Capture Software Simulation Background Images discussion screen capture software simulationI am recording an application e using cp

The benefits of responsive learning

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The module focuses on cyber security and is designed to work on any platform which has a web browser. In our cyber security example a learner could bookmark the relevant course and return to it if they have a query about an email they’ve received.

Geoff Stead – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


The technologies you mentioned are all ways to do that (NFC / AR / QR-Codes / iBeacons / Image Reco / GPS, etc, etc.). Work with your IT team to make sure you get the optimum balance between security and openness. ABOUT GEOFF STEAD (Head of Mobile Learning, Qualcomm): Geoff Stead and his team at Qualcomm use emerging mobile technologies to explore, innovate and champion how they should be used to enhance learning, and working.

5 Articles on Using Video in ELearning


In them you will find tips for increasing effectiveness, security, and presentation. Video Security In Your Online Courses – A quick look at some of the more popular options for protecting your video content.

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): Owning the path and flow.

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I was reading this interesting post on Owning Your Own Learning Path and I came across this image and just thought it was one of the more succinct and understandable explanations of flow.

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ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Control the Startup Screen for a Published Project

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The screen (known as an Auto Play screen) is necessary thanks to modern browser security protocols that prevent multimedia (such as eLearning content) from automatically playing for a learner without the learner taking the extra step of clicking a Play button. by Kevin Siegel, COTP , CTT.

How to manage the LMS certificates feature in your Paradiso eLearning software?


Text options – determine the date, security code, grade outcomes, credit hours, teachers names, custom text. Design (and image) options – select certificate type/print orientation, select images for the border, lines, watermark, signature , seal or say no to any or all of these options.

Compliance Learning Management System to Meet Your Training Needs


These offer multimedia courses which incorporate graphics, style sheets, animations, image maps, and more. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance helps to secure personal information of LMS users.

Why an LMS is a Safe Business Investment


Obviously, the financial future of the eLearning market is secure. TOPYX is an award-winning eLearning system that big-name companies Like Honeywell, 3M and Intel Security use. Quality LMSs are secure business investments. Image courtesy of

At the coalface

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At the security of our desks. Image source: I’ve said before that the role of learning and development is to support the people in our organisations who do the actual work. This isn’t to dismiss our work as unimportant but: We’re not on the phones speaking to clients.

DEVELOPMENT TIP OF THE WEEK: Quickly Hide Desktop Icons

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Does the image below remind you of a desktop near and dear to your heart?  Besides being a security risk, nobody really wants to see your icons.

The 5 Types Of Cyber Attacks To Protect Against In 2018

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However, it did affect imaging files like X-rays along with other documents such as email attachments. The unfortunate reality is that many IoT devices are riddled with security holes which smart hackers can slip through, usually without notice.

Artificial Intelligence And How It’s Changing E-Learning

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Moreover, AR/VR is including gesture and voice recognition and image rendering experiences for differently-abled students with special needs.

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This Week on #TalkTech: Microsoft’s Nightmare, Training at Facebook and Google Shortens Attention Spans

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image: In order to teach employees about the dangers of security breaches, Facebook launched a series of security threats and fake phishing sites to see how employees would respond. Image:

Gamification, Rapid Search, Scalability, Personalized Learning & More: Key Features Supported by Video-based Learning Management Systems


In today’s age of visual information, where the majority of people learn better by accessing visual content; images and videos have gained immense popularity in online courses, enabling the modern learners to engage more and retain for long. More secure platform.

e-Clippings (Learning As Art): The Social Graph.shaping up to be the hot summer song of 08

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e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « A Couple of Lists of Sites to Start the Day.

10 Features to Look for in Corporate Training Solutions


Images, videos and audio files are equally important to keep the training module engaging and diverse. Content Security. Ensure that the training tool offers data security. A platform that offers content security must be one of your topmost priorities.

PDF or ePUB- Which is the Better Format for ePublishing?


Multi-Dimensional – PDF allows you to integrate various types of content including graphics, images, and videos without altering or changing the format of the document. Security feature – PDF offers greater security from hackers and unauthorized access as they can be password protected.

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15 Golden Rules You Should Follow to Create the Perfect Online Test


Add Images to Your Questions & Answers. Adding relevant images within questions & answer options will make an online exam or test engaging for learners. You can directly upload an image from your local system, or you can search the web to add an image.

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No Fun League? No Longer! The NFL Is Now Embracing Social Media


In fact, the league recently secured a deal with Buddy Media to advise all 32 teams on how to properly use social media to their advantage — and their social presence is growing rapidly. click image to enlarge).

eLearning is now created by people with no e-Learning background

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Image from: [link]. Security officer; compliance training. A security officer at a large plant uses easygenerator to push all the knowledge people have to have about security to his employees and test them.

Significant Signs To Measure The Effectiveness Of Microlearning For Your Corporate Training Strategy


If images and narratives are to be used with e-courses, then learners need to communicate with those channels directly as much as possible. To organize campaigns for awareness and security of organizational workforce.

How to Create a Quiz


Use our Quiz Library and find 15+ question types loaded with 100,000+ ready-made quiz questions, audio & videos, add-on images, explanations, etc. You can also upload an image to the description or add one from our image library or Google Images.

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What You Need to Know: GDPR & xAPI


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a set of regulations designed to accomplish two primary objectives: ensure the privacy and security of European Union (EU) residents and their personal data (any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person), and.

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Steps to Create a Graded Quiz for Your Online Course


Click on “Change Image” and add an image to your quiz by uploading the same from your computer. You may even choose an image from image library accessible to you or search on Google. Keep image tab “off” in case you want no images.

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5 Reasons You Should Check Out Upside2Go’s New Version

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Upside2Go’s Ask an Expert feature acts as the perfect Advisory Component , while its support for various learning elements like images, graphics, videos, podcasts, documents, flash cards, quizzes, polls, etc. 5.Enhanced Security.

8 Best LMS Options to Enable Online Course Creation for your Employees

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Image source – talentedlearning. Image source – learningrevolution. Image source – finances online. Image source- elearningIndutry. Image source- Moodle. image source- elearningIndustry. Image source- learnupon.

5 Possibilities for Blockchain in Education Technology

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Imagine if an infrastructure which is available, and everyone can securely process transactional code and access the data that can never be tampered. It could be used to avail education data, qualifications and credits in a more secure and transparent manner. Secure Payments.